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A day in the life of a Shoppe Dog

There were ducks in my pool

June 17th 2010 6:29 am
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OK so I am in my yard and minding my own business...sniffing and squirting around and then a duck comes and lands in my pool...he just swims around ignoring my barks...before I could get a woof out then here comes two more...what is up with this? The world is going to the ducks.


Spring is here and bleech wet paw season

April 29th 2009 7:13 am
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I really hate to get my paws wet...I am a city dog with an acre to sniff but I like my acre dry...I get a little depressed when I have to stay in or pee in a confined space (like the patio overhang area) so rain, rain go I can run outside and play.


Changing my discerning tastes and things I won's tolerate

August 26th 2007 9:19 am
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I used to hate it when my mom would put any egg in my food...but lately I like them...I must be getting older or something but who knows??? Some things don't change, though.

It's like my ability to tolerate folks coming up and down MY street. Don't they know they should get my permission to walk or drive in front of my house? I am the protector of this house and though I am small, I am mighty!! Protecting my family is paramount! So if you walk by my house and I see you, you will get a good talking to (barking to) So here I am sitting on the couch looking out the window and watching for the next perpetrator.

I am Alpha, I am male, I am Elvis!


Just another woof in Paradise

July 13th 2006 3:27 pm
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Being a Texas dog is no picnic...we have fleas the size of flies....flies the size of birds and birds the size of small aircraft....everything is big in Texas except me. My mom brought me some coconut from her visit to Hawaii but I prefer briskit. (plain no BBQ sauce and hold those Jalapenos partner)

Summers are hot here and my mom has threatened to shave me to keep me to keep me cool but so far she is just threatening. We have great A/C here in Texas and my life is good...stay tuned though as I am due for my annual trip to the Vet....woof!


Hurricane Dennis meets Elvis

July 13th 2005 6:06 am
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My mommy and daddy put me in this little soft box which I cannot stand up in...I do not like it as they are carrying me around and I have to look through these little screen like windows.
I got bumped and jostled until they took me out for some strange people to look at me....then back in the weird box...carried onto a place that had lots of noise and feet. Then the pressure in my ears got weird with a loud engine sound. After hours and hours we arrived in a place with different weather than mom says Florida. I had to stay in a strange apartment with strange people, then with my mom and dad, then everyone scrambled to pack their boxes again and take a long drive to get on another loud engined vehicle....

The weather was sunny, rainy , and there was a lot of water that rocked back and forth and back and forth and back and forth...the wind was loud and then silent. I like Texas is always hot, then it is hot and then hot something that I understand being a Texas dog and all.

Later my mom says we excaped Hurricane Dennis...actually I never met him but I think I could hold my own...


Something's Up!

July 4th 2005 6:34 pm
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My mom and dad are throwing their clothes into a box...they are washing everything..they keep looking at me sadly...I do not like the feel of this. Something is up and they are up to something...stay tuned ...woof!


The Scary Place

June 23rd 2005 4:15 am
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I guess it started at the end of last week...this terrible itchy feeling on my back so I attacked it with my teeth. Mom and Dad kept trying to get me to stop but I am sneaky. I would go to another room or in my cave and bite that itchy spot to make it go away. Then there was my ear...ok I do have big ears, I admit it; mom says they're cute, though. My left ear started bugging me, hurting and I did what any self respecting Chi would do, swat it with my paw. There it stayed though, and mom stuck me in the car and we went to a building with too many animal smells to elaborate on. This activated my shake reflex and so for one hour I sat and shook except for when that Doberman came in and then I went into attack mode. (I know I could take him!) Finally we went into another smaller room and after another 1/2 hour this man came in...I was too tired (from the shaking) to put up much of a fuss as he poked and prodded me and then he took me out of the room away from my mom....HEY! That was not the ultimate humiliation, I have a little shaved spot on my back so it can heal where I attacked the itch. I think it looks punk, maybe a little butch.
Well soon they took me back to my mom, gave her some medicine and we are back in business. She told me she would not take me there again because 1 and 1/2 hours is too long to wait when you have an appointment. I agreed more places like that!


Fathers Day

June 19th 2005 9:02 am
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It was a great day with my dad today...BLT's for breakfast and sleeping with Dad on the couch...playing ball with mom and chasing some squirrels...we do not have to go to work today...WooHoo!! My parents are thinking about going to the movies, though....I hate being here alone for a couple of hours but they need their "Human Time"....


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