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Life with Beatrix Potter

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Thank you...

September 30th 2010 3:18 pm
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Thank you to all the little best friends who have sent us rosies, pretties and stars, these mean so much to the whole Fun Loving Family and the humans too.

Your kindness, love and caring and prayers are helping us through a very difficult time.

God bless you...we are thinking of a way to share Beatrix's funny stories...


From the Octopus

September 28th 2010 4:30 pm
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Dear little Dogster friends,

You all know who "best friends" were, and Beatrix always claimed I don't know about Dogster, but I always did. Yes, it's me the Octopus, writing on behalf of Beatrix.

Beatrix has not been on Dogster in sometime. She has been very gravely ill and it was hard to write her silly stories when all I could do was hold her close, rock her and tell her everything would somehow be okay.

Last night Beatrix lost her battle with a brain tumor. I haven't stopped crying because Beatrix is part of my heart, my arms are empty my hours stretch before me with no little girl to rock, to hold, to pray for.

Beatrix never wanted best friends to be sad, make hearts hurt and so she confided her pains, fears and sadness to me. She asked me please not to dwell on all the ways she was afflicted but to tell her little friends how very much she loved them, how much she cared and that she always remembered best friends in her prayers. (She had VERY long prayers)

Beatrix was my silly willy who would do anything for a laugh and that's how she wants to be remembered...with a laugh and a smile.

Here are a few Beatrixisms...

You so sweet you rot me teefs right out me head
Me no worry an me no cayuh me gonna eat you undaweya
You not sharpest crayon in box huh Octopus?
What doing?
Oh okay then
Why you say me this?
What mean that?
Jut like that huh?

and best of all Me LOVE you!

Thank you for sharing Beatrix's days, laughing with her and making her special. For a dog that everybody gave up on, in the end Bea sure had a lot of friends.

Please bear with me in writing to all of you, as I am heartbroken, weary and just devastated. I am trying to help the humans in the house cope and comfort five little dogs who are wandering about looking for "MamaBea"

Thank you for your prayers for us.


What doing?

May 28th 2010 6:47 am
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It best friend Beatrix, me ask you this...What doing?

It am almost summa time!! WooHooo huh? Time for flip flop!! *Beatrix salivating* Nothing say summa time like fresh new rubbery flip flop in me mouf!!

So HOW in world me get flip flop? Me fink about this lot when me sun think up several plan...

Plan A...Wait til that mean ol' Octopus sit at computer slip off flip flop...then BAM me grab run chew!!

Plan B...Jut rip right off her foot...take off run like wind...chew fast

Me have already try plan A & okay but this am NEW plan for Summa ready this?

Plan C...jut go online click click...truck back up to house bury best friend in tasty, rubbery flip flop heaven!!! WooHooooo

Happy Summa!! Eat all flip flop you can!!


Oh okay then...

December 14th 2009 10:30 am
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Oh Okay then huh?

So this whole be good for Santa Paws thing always have best friend in knots okay?

Like WHO in world ABLE be good? Mud jut beg be roll in, poo beg be eaten & roll in, antique thing uglee need be destroy before it burn up you eyeballies, have more money in bank if me shred bill immediate huh?

And what mean good anyway? Appawently ME idea of good not same same as the Octopus!

So this year me all in knots huh? Me daddy sit me on lap say "Bea, sweetie what have you all upset?" So me confide in me sweet sweet daddy how Octopus hum that little song about "better watch out, me tell you why..." Daddy VAWY upset wif the Octopus say her NO sing this for BB.

Say, Bea, you jut be you sweet sweet self, you no worry WHO buy you whatever you want. You jut tell daddy WHAT want & me get it!

ROFBOL...Look on Octopus face PRICELESS!!

So me say WooOooooHoOoo for Howliday!! Me Whoop it up do WHATEVER ME want an' PFFT to the Octopus an' Santa TOO!


Me ask you this...

September 15th 2009 11:05 am
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Dear Diary,

Me ask you this...

How 'portant it is tell trufs? It ever time just keep yap shut say nothing or it always good give little guidance?

Me tell story...okay, between you an' me huh? Trufs be told this Octopus not 'xactly pick of litter, few apple shy of bushel that thing huh?

Whole entire summer it a thing...she go out in garden, hum little song...*Beatrix stuffs cotton in her ears and covers them with her paws* it horrible song but me digress. Octopus bring in flower...ugh! It flower on table, in little vases...then she photograph flower...ugh! Okay, me patient about all this. She say "Beatrix look these flower, me like you smell it cheya you up." Ugh me say...look stinky flower not cheya self up...bring in little cat THAT cheya Beatrix up. Pffft

So now me KNOW Octopus slip gear...she draggin' in dead everything from garage. Sing this little song it Barney song so bear with best friend okay? Brace self...

It season after summer it before the winter it the fall it the fall it the fall...

Okay, me say you this, teenagers NO like Barney song! Sorry...they roll eyes huff, puff like little dragon see Octopus theya in her Hello Kitty outfit (that whole nother story ugh) sing little song drag in all kind dead jimmer jabber...

Not bad enough this stuff dead...oh NOoooOoo she gotta strew it ALL over me nice house. Little leafy thing belong in weedeater that what ME say!! Dead leaf belong in bag at CURB...dead flower...UGH ugh and UGH

She say "Beatrix, Jack Frost gonna' nip you get cold now" ROFBOL It cold in Los Angeles it because Suzy turning up air conditioner too high!! Whoever this dog Jack Frost me say you not excited he gonna' bite best friend on nose!

Now this me final exhibit that Octopus go completely mad this time...she CLAIM it TRUFS..."leaf fall from trees." Me swear!! me not lie even little bit! Octopus belief leafs all gonna' fall off trees!! ROFBOL Who ever heya of that!! Me four year old in all me life me no see tree wifout leaf!! Silly, silly Octopus!!

So heya back to call men in little white coat try to get help for the Octopus? Or me brace self hope this blow over? What think?


Who invent this thing?

August 27th 2009 1:54 pm
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Hello me diary...

Me heya ask you this...WHO invent this thing? *Beatrix holds up a flat moose dolly* Lookee this...*Beatrix tosses it up in the lands limply*

What kind human ding dong this THIS a toy for woof? It got NO stuffing!! NOt even little just limp furry thing...PFFT what me say.

That crazy Octopus drag this thing home from store a MONF ago!! me have this thing WHOLE entire monf!!

She holler when she coming in "BEA !! BEA...HONEY BEA" Ugh...that me new name!! *Beatrix rolls her eyes* Honey Bea? You kidding me? The Octopus think this name SOooOooOo clever...but me digress huh? She holler for me like she have REAL prize something like that...

There she is in doorway hair all a shamble from shopping...eye all bulgey like some kind crazy squirrel wif nut in actually feel sorry for her see her so excited over nothing so me do fake happy.

"OOoooO" me say..."OooooOoo" Me say twice because need time think up WHAT gonna' say huh? "For me?" Then me clasp this lifeless piece of limp furry to me chest like it prize...what that get me? Big ol' sloppy kiss right on me mouf!! PFFFT Me sure hoping me not get sick from that~!!

Me even rip little hole in top see if maybe stuffing all squish sniff it real careful like make sure it think maybe it old icky one some other dog already kill you know? Nope it new...

That beg question...WHO invent THIS thing?

In the end somebody pee on the thing!! ROFBOL...Not know if it me little son Honey Beya or best friend OttO (pronounce this Uh TOE) but whoever do it agree wif Beatrix WHO invent THIS thing?!?

And so the lie continue...ugh...everytime the Octopus come by me gotta FAKE me LOVE this thing an' it not look like it wearing out anytime soon! What about pee? Ugh...washing machine take care of that...*Beatrix shakes her head sadly* Yep, it clean heya me sit wif weird little destuff furry thing...maybe me stick it on head wear for hat? Maybe me hang it in garden scare away any creature about...think same same happen to them for steal vegetables huh?

Ugh!! Me LOVE you diary!! XOXOXO BB


Into the Sunshine...

August 4th 2009 2:45 pm
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Dear Diary,

It Beatrix again...little happy pill finally kick in!! Me moving self into sunshine again...

Me have many best friend who stand by Beatrix. It touch heart know so many woof care. Best friend Sabrina even volunteya be me own service woof! now that good friend ME say! Many prayers for BB...

WHEN? Well, the Octopus have this surgery on her mouf huh? There she sit look just like skawy puffer fish now...all of sudden me see her theya think how funny she look!! Oh yeah!! Me leap around on bed wif wild eyed, make woo woo woof, waggle tail...Octopus not even able holler wif delight just make bloody bubbles wif mouf!! ROFBOL...Bloody human spit tasty treat!! Oh yeah!! me a helper!!

Then she saying me head gonna' explode! This kick best friend into high gear setting up video camera! Me SURE me get this on YouTube entertain many wif explode head Pufferfish mum huh...ugh...she not explode yet. PFFFT to that.

So me taking little happy pill. Octopus set up whole master suite thingy be Beatrix happy hang out place! Oh yeah!! Even Suzy room not as nice as ME one!! Me bring in me crate, get me some new fat and comfy pillow for it too. Since me not chew anymore me can have many fatty batty pillow! Me even know how open crate door wif me paw. Sometime me just need little chance get away. So me open door go in, close door. This mean Hey! Leave me alone huh? But me not sad. Me glad.

Me thank all best friends who help Beatrix out...Me LOVE vawy much!


It Beatrix heya...

July 30th 2009 4:04 pm
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First, me want say you this, it from bottom of heart


Me never know me have so many friend. Beatrix have many letter, rosette so many nice woof say prayer...It touch me many letter me not able respond all so me gonna' say you all this heya okay? But many best friend ask many good me try to answer heya okay? Okay!

You think me get break? NO way! The Octopus hauling back an' forf to vet. Me sure neighbor think me having little fling wif vet way me always on way to vet or way from vet! Have vampire guy working theya. Suck the blood right out me neck!! Octopus just stand theya...not stop him!! Nope...suck me blood, tell the Octopus everything show that me okay...all me organs working real good. Now heya scary part; me not have organ. Organ belong to teenager, me have piano an' they not mention piano. UGH...what a run around at vet huh?

Yep, woof can be bipolar beyas just like human. Us similar medication to what use in harder treat because woof not do alot blah blah talk talk. Woof too cool for that. Woof just woof.

Yes, it true in middle of all this drama Octopus have three hours of oral surgery yesterday! BOL She all swell up like puffer fish!! She not gonna' eat for days!! An' you wonder why me askert? Even on good day she this. Upside? She not able sing like fog horn! BOL

So me an' the Octopus curl up in bed together. Us snuggle, hug. Me think meds helping Beatrix. Now me up ON beddy bye instead under.

Me an' Octopus read all message together. Octopus pray wif Beatrix and give little happy pill. Today me hold stuff toy. Who know maybe tomorrow me tear something! BOL

Me got paws full wif me Octopus, so me not able respond all messages, but make heart smile, say me LOVE you!! thank you for be Beatrix best friend!! Thank you for say prayer...



Darkness...Please read diary entry BEFORE this first okay?

July 27th 2009 7:03 am
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Me not been around on Dogster too dark, VAWY dark right now for best friend. Me only want lay in dark wif head under bed. Me no want play toys, no want rip toys...even flip flop not look good right now.

Me little son Baby confuse an' lonely...he want play. He come find his not recognize. Me snap at me son, Octopus grab me before me able bite. Me not self, not know what doing.

Octopus calling me name, but she sound so far away, me not able respond, just want darkness eat Beatrix. Just swallow best friend. Me climb deeper into darkness, try lie still as can.

Again, there she is, that horrible Octopus not even respect when me need this darkness eat self. She drag out, haul to rockey chair, sing, hug, rock. Me not even care me Octopus sing like fog horn. Somehow the rockey chair calm self, somehow sing song help little bit. But when sing stop me slink away, look for darkness again.

Me not know self at do unwoofable acts. Me not even able woof this. It not Beatrix at all. When me realize what me do me hide, tremble, shake, beg darkness eat Beatrix.

Octopus giving little happy pill to Beatrix but me not happy. Octopus calling many places. Do everything can...everybody say "must wait, give little happy pill time..."

And so us wait, Octopus hold most of day, sometimes lie on bed wif Beatrix wrap body around Beatrix. Say me again and again, "You're all right Beatrix, me heya wif you. You LOVE you Beatrix." Right now, that what me got and that what me take. An old, not too sharp crayon the Octopus who want rock, cuddle and sing.

So now me reveal biggest secret of me life, you ever tell this diary me say you liar, Beatrix love vawy much the Octopus an' the Octopus love vawy much Beatrix.

Me hope by me woof this heya it say how me recover from illness...So me little friend, if you read this know me LOVE you vawy much.

If me not able woof back to best friends right now, it because me vawy sick, need rock, sing. Soon me be okay again, then us all laugh, sing everything.


Me a polar beya..

July 16th 2009 5:24 pm
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***From the Octopus***
I have been on the fence about Beatrix posting the next two diary entries, they are very honest and may make you sad. If you don't wish to read them, please close the window now. Rest assured I am doing all I can at this time to support Beatrix as she finds her way. I am in close contact with her personal physician. There are things going on that I have purposely omitted, for the sake of Beatrix's dignity, I hope you understand. If you wish to send a rosette, Beatrix is asking you please to send them to "new little doggy who not have friend yet"...I won't be able to respond to all of her mails as my time is consumed with Beatrix. Beatrix says those who read her diaries mean everything in her heart. Best friends make heart smile and Me LOVE you for it too! Please keep Beatrix in your prayers...Thank you, "The Octopus"

Hello Diary,

It me Beatrix an' me say you big SHUSH huh? You breave woof of this an' Beatrix OFF Dogster...Dogster for DOG okay...

So many things happening wif Beatrix. Not have attention span say you all this heya okay. But it got the Octopus all upset have poor best friend Beatrix back an' forth wif vet. Much blah, blah stuff. Like WHO care about blah blah...smell like woof in heya before Beatrix who pee on floor now THAT interesting!! Now THAT type of thing blah blah should be about huh? Who pee wheya and why!!...smell like kitty do something over theya, an' me mention you about this? Have LIVE black kitty cat at vet too!!

Me like sit quiet on me bottom, tip me head this way an' that say "hello Oscar" in me heart...but Oscar? Ugh...he NOT want make friend!! He just strut away say "HmmmphF, you a dog! Me no like."

So after much visit wif vet who VAWY nice BTW wif Beatrix, vet say me this...Beatrix a polar Beya...not just any kind polar beya a BI-Polar Beya. Me think this mean, Beatrix sometime living in south pole and sometime living in norf pole. Something like this huh?

So me have little pills me aposed to keep you posted on this okay? Not know how it gonna' work, not know about it huh?

Octopus say not matter about polar beya, poles am her little woof an' she love vawy much best friend Beatrix. Today? Today, me taking that from her, today me say okay why not, you pet best kiss, snuggle hug...that make heart happy!

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