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Doodle Love story...

The beginning...

October 27th 2004 4:44 pm
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I never fit in when I lived in Berrysville, Virginia. It was a hot summer, and all the other puppies called me fat. They played dumb games like 'bite the tail', 'roll in pee', and they 'number-twoed' e-v-e-r-y-where. One day Mrs. Hahn took me and my older cousin, Stinky, outside to meet a new lady and her friend. Stinky was all over it. He did the belly-up, the jump and twirl and all the stupid stuff you're supposed to do to get adopted. The friend actually picked up Stinky (brave girl!) and kiss him...yeeeech! I just kind of checked the other one out. No wag. No cute tricks. No yippety yip. I'm a thinker. I used the 'look in the soul' test. I didn't break my gaze, My eyes started to cross, but I picked up on something. She wanted me to like her FIRST. That was weird. I'm not the fluffiest Doodle in the litter, and I'm kind of round. But I take after my dad in that I'm real smart. We had a stare down for a LONG time. I thought it might be over when Mrs. Hahn told her I was 2 weeks younger and 2 pounds bigger than Stinky. But she held my paws and felt how soft they were, and let me put my arms around her neck. (I am fastidiously clean). She never asked how big was I going to get, what kind of hair I'd have, or even if I had worms! She turned to Mrs. Hahn to say she'd be back tomorrow to fly me to California. And then she introduced me as Noodle. That would be my name. The soul gaze works both ways, because I was hooked too. I broke down and gave her one kiss. Just one. But I was a pretty happy Doodle. With a name!

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