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I'm Too Naughty for Myself.....

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Santa Paws was Here!!!

December 27th 2005 7:53 am
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Christmas is great!!!! I got so many new toys/stuff and this after all the naughties I've done since living with my mom. This Santa Paws guy is pretty forgiving....much like my Mom.....hmmmmmmmmm......interesting. Well, anyways, lemme tell you what I got. I got a new Kong, a black one (Mom's hoping it lasts longer and keeps me occupied longer than my red one). BOL, crazy woman! I also got some new food and water bowls, the raised kind cause I'm a bit bigger now...just a bit. ;-)

I got so many new treats that Mom had to rearrange the cabinets. And toys!! Oh boy!! I got so many new toys that Mom has to go buy another toy basket to hold them all! My grandma bought me this leather squeaky toy cause she knows how much I love the taste of leather (why didn't she just buy me a piece of carpet? I love the taste of carpet also). Well, that leather toy didn't last long, in fact it lasted all of 5 seconds. Mom and Grandma just stood there with their mouths gaping open while I smiled at them showing off my handiwork. I even desqueaked it! I kept hearing this voice in my head, kill, kill, this thing must be destroyed. BMTO!!! Destroy it I did! It's now but a memory.

We had family come in town and it was nice to see them. I met my mom's cousin's kitten...they thought I was trying to eat it, but really I was just trying to give it a Christmas kiss. ;-) Since my family's Italian, I got some baked ziti and meatballs as well as my Christmas bone - Thanks Grandma!! You feed me well!!

So, now New Year's is coming up and there's talk of Mom going out of town, where's Shreveport? And what's there that she can't take me? I've never been away from my mom overnight before......this is really starting to worry me. Maybe she'll change her mind and just stay home with me. There is no better company than me anyways!!! Please Mom? Either take me with you or just stay home.....please, please?

Mournfully yours,


Without a Winter Wonderland

December 9th 2005 10:50 am
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Okay, so I know we live in North Texas but this is ridiculous. All day Wednesday there was talk of how we were gonna get hit with snow and ice so people left work early and schools starting listing closings for Thursday. I made Mom take me outside to potty at midnight and there were patches of ice, but nothing else. Mom said, well maybe it'll be here when we wake up.

NOPE!!!! Yes, it got icy enough to cause the majority of school's to close in the metroplex, but no snow. Nothing to romp around in. I did pull mom a bit on the ice when I made a mad dash for my potty spot. I really had to go. ;-p
She screamed so loud that I looked back at her like what? tehe I just love tormenting this woman. It's funny.

Mom says we may still see some snow as winter is just starting so I'm keeping my paws crossed. I love seeing the pics of you fellow dogsters playing in the snow. I want to experience that too (course, I'm only eight months so I'm bound to at some point in my life......if we move up north *hint, hint* Mom).

I better log off and sulk some more. Only in Texas can it be (with the wind chill) 5 degrees on Thursday and 63 degrees on Sunday.



My First Trip to the Bar.....

December 6th 2005 1:08 pm
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Mom took me to a bar last night. I couldn't believe my lucky stars! And this after she came home to find I chewed up more of the leather loveseat.....again! I thought I'd be in the doghouse for sure after that, but nope, I even drank Mom's beer. Again, she wasn't pleased with that but, still no dog house. :)

This bar place is too cool. You can bring you dog so long as he/she is leashed and not aggressive. Well, Mom wouldn't think to NOT leash me as I'd run away and I'm not aggressive at all (I know, strange for an Akita, but really, I'm not). I love to play with other dogs and I love to meet new people. Mom's been taking me out with her since I was four months old though.

What a life I lead! Beer, bars, blondes (yeah, Mom's friend is a blonde and boy did she have a thing for me - heheh), football, what more could a guy ask for?

Tail wags,



November 26th 2005 7:04 pm
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This is by far my favorite holiday!! I can't even begin to tell you how much food there was and I'm a sucker for food. I'll do damn near anything for it....even stop chewing up the furniture long enough to get some. ;-p

I got stuffed.....literally.......with turkey and gravy, stuffing, cookies, pie, you name it, I had it.....well, so long as Mom didn't think it would hurt me. And now there's talk of this Christmas holiday coming up.....MORE food and with my family being Italian and all, we don't have the typical ham and trimmings, we have baked ziti and mouth is salivating just thinking about that. I love Italian food too especially the meatballs! *drool*

I did find out however, that with this Christmas holiday, Mom says no tree this year. Bummer! When I finally found out what a Christmas tree was (from my dear friends in the Naughty Pup club), I was beside myself with glee......a six foot tree with tinsel, sparkly lights and balls hanging from it.....why on earth would my mom think that we couldn't have one? I'm such an angel, aren't I? BMTO!!!!

Demon Dog a.k.a Keno


I have a girlfriend!

November 18th 2005 2:20 pm
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So, Mom's taking me to daycare the other day and we run into another mom (who I've met before but Mom hasn't) and she stops to pet me and say that Lucy's waiting for me. *Giggles*, I have to admit, my tail started waggin' and I got a little pink in the face. I just couldn't wait to get in there to see her. She's a Shepherd mix and has these really beautiful brown eyes and this gorgeous smile. *Sigh* She's just beautiful. We have so much fun.

Mom was a bit surprised at how eager I was to see her. Lucy's mom told Mom that Lucy looks forward to seeing me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Isn't Lucy great?? I'm in love!! *Sigh*

Now Mom thinks it's funny to call me to her and go, "where's Lucy?". And then she laughs and laughs when I start trying to find her and my whole body's wagging. Not to worry though - I'll get even for that, just you wait and ;-p



I can't help it Mom......I'm an Akita!!

October 21st 2005 1:50 pm
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Mom's wishing she had her sweet, loving, LITTLE Akita puppy back. I've been so naughty lately she's getting ready to put stamps on my rear end and send me off. She got this idea from another mom of a naughty pup in the naughty pups forum on dogster. :) These moms are funny, huh? Do they really want to go back to life before us? When they didn't get the constant laughs they do now? Mom says she needs to make an appointment with her stylist to cover the gray hairs I've caused her to have. I think she looks fine!!

Well, to curb my destructive behaviors, Mom's been sending me to doggie daycare a couple of days a week. Although, I *do* enjoy the naughtiness I create, I *am* having a blast at daycare! I have made quite a few friends - Guinness who's a Chow mix is my buddy. The girls there LOVE me (at least that's what Mom was told today). BOL I *am* too irresistible for words! Even Mom can't resist me!! I totally have this woman wrapped around my big paw!!!

Gotta go see what I can destroy today....hmmmmmmmmm.....Disco, you're looking a bit yummy today.

Tail Wags,


The Dog Park

September 18th 2005 4:15 pm
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Today, Mom took me to the dog park for the first time. She's been a bit nervous about it which is why I haven't gone before. I get along great with other doggies, but she was worried another dog might hurt me. Quit worrying Mom!!

I was soooo happy to be able to run free with other dogs that wanted to play with me! I played with a really cool Siberian Husky (didn't catch his name though). And I met a pit bull mix named Molly. She was soooo cool! But, she kept trying to go for a piggy back ride on this Retriever named Buddy. What's up with that? He was okay with it though. ????

No other Akitas there, but Mom says we are going to go back again tomorrow after she gets home from work. Oh, but I did meet this BIG DROOLY St. Bernard! My human sister, Kalli, would have LOVED to have met him. His name was Mufasa! He was just too cool. This other lady, Pam said he's the most playful St. Bernard she's ever known!! And he was, he ran around all 160 pounds of him. He was a BIG boy!! I liked him.

Well, I'm tired after my full weekend of activities so I think I'll go take a nap now.

Sleepy Tail Wags,



September 18th 2005 4:09 pm
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Yesterday Mom took me to Dogapalooza! They had booths out there for various rescue organizations of Texas and every booth had treats! I love food so that was the highlight of my day. I met all kinds of other doggies, Samoyeds, an Alaskan Malamute, Golden Retrievers, Labs, a chihuahua, a Boston Terrier, and lots of others. We couldn't be off leash cause it wasn't an enclosed area, but it was still fun! Mom was so proud cause everybody came up to me and told her how beautiful I am! Some couldn't believe that I'm only five months old. They said to her, Wow, he's gonna be a big one! She'd say yeah, but he's an Akita so that's to be expected. Then, as we were leaving we saw some Mastiffs! OMG!!!! THAT is a big dog!! Mom says thank goodness I won't get to be that big, but she said they were very well behaved and good dogs.

Well, that's it for that news.

Tail Wags,



September 12th 2005 8:38 am
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I didn't know I had cousins!! Yesterday, we went to Grandma's house and Mommy's brother and his family came over. I'm used to seeing them so didn't really pay them much attention until I saw two dogs follow them in! Woof!!! I have two female cousins. One is a Jack Russell Terrier who wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. What's up with that? Mommy kept saying, come on, Murphy play with Keno and I sat there expectantly, but she wouldn't. The other is a Doberman mix and her name's Thunder. She's the biggest scaredy cat I've ever met!! She ran with her tail all the way between her legs to hide behind her Daddy!! All I did was bow to her. I thought I was being a gentleman!, I met my cousins of which neither like to play. Mommy's just beside herself. She wants me to have friends, but how come nobody wants to play with me (besides her of course)? Don't get me wrong, I love my Mommy more than anybody in the whole wide world, but she can't play like other doggies can. :-(

In Tears,
Keno Bear


Soccer Dog

September 11th 2005 12:13 pm
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So, my human sister started soccer again yesterday. Boy, was it hot! But, how cool to watch all these five year old girls chase after a ball. I wanted to join in so bad, but Mom had a tight grip on my leash. I finally settled down to just watch. My sister's pretty good. Best defensive player they have (I listened to all the parents so this is how I know all this). ;-p And then afterwards, they get snacks! How cool is that?!?!?! Of course, I gave all the girls my sweetest Akita face so I got plenty of goodiess too. heh I'm just too cute. Mom just rolled her eyes at me. She's hooked too so she has NOTHING to say! hahahahhaha

Tail Wags,

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