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Good Girl Gone Bad

June 17th 2007 11:05 am
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Dear Diary...

My Mom wrote this in her blog the other day. It's all about me (and Ben...)

"This is not a blog about those cheesy info-mercials about wild girls... on the contrary. My normally placid, obedient Cora.. the one who I can depend on to always be good, the one who visited sick children in hospitals, the one who would let a troubled child brush her for hours despite the fact that she absolutely despises being brushed, has been a bit naughty. And please realize that I'm in no way suggesting she's a perfect angel.. because she has her mischevious moments. She is, however the closest thing to an angel I've got.

But today, she got a burr up her butt. I was outside with both Cora and Ben. Ben was on a leash, and Cora was loose. Ben was being a good boy and going about his business. Initally, Cora was doing the same. But then she got that look. And I knew.. I just KNEW! She looked this way, and then she looked that way, and then in a flash, she bolted. She took off into our neighbor's yard. I called to her to come.. but she either didn't hear me, or chose to ignore me.

At this point, Officer Benjamin Kramer-Fife arrived, and ordered in a "loud barking fashion" for Cora to cease and desist... in other worlds FREEZE! Cora didn't pay any attention- she views Ben as a "young whipper-snapper" and pays him no mind. She's actually like Aunt Bea refusing to listen to Sherriff Andy Taylor. And so, I moaned and grumbled, and took Ben inside. Of course, he didn't appreciate this at all. I then hurried back outside, and went to retrieve my little delinquent. She was happily moseying along, sniffing this, sniffing that. When I approached her, she just looked at me, almost happily... with a 'Oh.. you meant me?' expression on her face!

As so I scolded her and then escorted her inside and into her crate. I went about my morning routine... taking Kira & Yelda out.. feeding and watering the entire crew.. and getting ready for work. At one point, she tried to "make nice" with me, and I tried hard not to respond, thinking that maybe she'll understand that I'm really put out! HA! Yeah, like right! She know's I adore her.. and she may have known I was annoyed, but she also somehow knows that all will be forgiven. And it was. However, when I got home at the end of the day, she went out "on leash" and just sort of rolled her eyes at me. And then she kissed my hand."

I didn't mean to be naughty.. .it's just that I KNOW Jack the neighbor dog has good stuff to eat and I thought I'd go over and see if he would share. Mom & I are all made up now... and I'm being very good...

for now!


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