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Dear Diary

End of Vacation

August 25th 2008 3:35 am
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12 July 2008 - Im back in Berlin. My vacation is over. I miss my sister Pearl, and my other mommy. I wasnt able to write in my diary, because i had an operation in Manila. I cannot have babies now.

Its back to work for me. Back to house watching when my mommy is at work.


Back in Manila

June 13th 2008 6:20 pm
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7 June 2008. I'm back in Manila. I saw my other Mommy, and met my new sister, Pearl. She's tiny. I didn't like her at first, and got mad at her a few times, but we're friends now.



March 27th 2007 6:17 am
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I'm going on vacation!!! ---
27 March 2007 -Yipee, I'm going to Manila in June. I'm visiting my mommy. I will be there for 1 month.

My Arrival in Manila
1 June 2007 - Whooeee!. I arrived in Manila after an 18 hour trip. Good thing I lost some weight and I was able to travel in the cabin. I just love riding anything that moves. My Mommy1 let me out of the bag when we were in the plane, she went to the bathroom and I tried to follow her. The kind man sitting next to her ran after me and put me back in the bag. He said I wasnt supposed to wander around in the aeroplane coz it was dark, and someone could step on me. When the aeroplane landed, Mommy1 put me back in the bag and we started walking, then we waited for a loooong time, with me still in the bag. Then we started moving again and after a while, I heard a familiar voice... 'POOODIE'. OMG! It's Mommy2! I'm here Mommy2. I haven't seen her for 8 months. I thought she left me forever. 'I'm in the bag!' Then the bag opened, and there was Mommy2!

It was hot and humid, and full of new smells. Mommy2 gave me lotsa water, and then took me to a grassy area to do my relieving. And boy was I relieved.

It was good to see Mommy2 again. When we got to Mommy2's house, it was different, but it was full of the scent of Mommy2. I was so hungry as I didn't eat much before and during the trip. Mommy2 gave me fried rice and pizza. That was a treat! Then we went out for coffee at Starbucks, and there was lots of grass, and since there weren't much people around as it was 1am, I got to run without my leash. It was a nice first night, I' so happy and tired, I will go to bed now, beside Mommy2.

Back to Berlin
7 July 2007
I had a strange feeling something big was happening. Mommy1 kept busy with her gigantic bag. Putting things in and out of it, and putting in on the thing that says if its heavy. Then she put me in my other big bag and put me on that thing too.

They all started getting busy bringing those huge things and putting them in the car, Mommy1 took me out for a walk and forced me to peepee, then we all went into the car. We got to this place and we brought all the big things down, and they put me into the bag. There was a lot of activity and finally we got into the aeroplane again.

After a long time, I got out of the bag, and was again surrounded by the smell I knew. I was so happy to see Mommy1's daughter, Heidi. After a short ride in the car, I was back home! Wow!!! I thought we moved to that other place, but now I know, I have two homes.


Umzug (Moving)

January 20th 2006 12:33 pm
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The day we moved out, I didnt know what was going on. Everyone was going in and taking these big boxes out. I just watched. Then when the house was almost empty, we went to this other place, and I watched these people bringing boxes in till night. I just sat in front of the door, looking at these poor people lugging these huge cartons.

We slept that night in the new house surrounded by cartons. Then, I realized something was missing!!! My FISH!!! WHERE'S MY FISH? I asked my mommies, but they didn't answer. They were acting weird, taking things out of the boxes. After all these days they spent putting them in the boxes, why are they taking it out?

The next day, we went back to the other place, which was empty except for my mommy's office clothes, then I remembered! MY FISH!!! It was under all my mommy's clothes.

I dug through the pile, and there it was. MY FISH!!! No way are we leaving this behind this time. I dragged my FISH to the door, then my other mommy picked it up and put it in a bag. HEY MOMMY!!! THAT'S MY FISH! What's with the bag? I tried to dig it out of the bag, but mommy would't let me.

Then they picked up all the bags (including the one with my FISH) and the clothes and put it in the van.

I am now happily reunited with my FISH. I sleep with it every night.


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