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Bunny's Tales

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I think Mom tricked me!

September 27th 2013 3:04 pm
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So this morning, we get in the car ( not my favorite thing) and Mom stuffs me with cheese. We get to a little park, we walk around it, then we take another little walk .... to the Vet's! We did the same thing about a week ago. Hmm, car, then park, then vet. There is something wrong with this picture. Of course, Mom gave me lots of cheese in the waiting room and in the exam room. I was fine with all that till the vet came in. Then I wanted to leave! No such luck. After she put a muzzle on me, she poked and prodded my mystery lump. It had gotten a lot smaller, so the vet said to get keep me on the antibiotics. She thinks it's a salivary gland infection and she wants to see me again in another week. I have been to the vet this year almost as much as I have been in all the years that came before!


Yet another visit to the vet

September 16th 2013 5:58 pm
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Last night mom found a lump on my throat. Its exactly the same as last time, so back to the vet we went . The vet put me on antibiotics for three weeks this time. She thinks its an abscess and if it comes back again after this round of antibiotics , I may have to have surgery :(


Scary lighting storm!

September 4th 2013 3:36 am
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There was a huge sheet lighting storm last night that woke me up and scared me. Mom knew I would bother Dad if I tried to sleep with them, so she brought me out in the living room and helped me calm down. At first I hid under one of the tables, but then she got me to come up onto her recliner so she could hug me really tight. I finally stopped panting and fell asleep in her arms. The lightning is more scary than the thunder!


Recent vet visit

August 19th 2013 3:29 am
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Last Monday, mom noticed I had foamy drool coming out of the side of my mouth. The next couple of days after that, I yelped when eating treats. On Thurs, I was yelping when I tried to eat my breakfast. Mom called the vet and brought me in. The vet didn't think that it was my teeth because although I have some tartar , it is not enough to give me that much pain. She gave me antibiotics and said to come back in a week if they didn't work. She also gave me painkillers, but Mom only used one ( the vet said to only use it if needed). At first mom thought that there was swelling from my mouth but then she found a lump on my neck. She figured out it was my lymph nodes. She spent a worry filled weekend of "What if?" She revisited some decisions she thought she had made regarding me and any serious illness. She came back to the same conclusions. Let's just say that physical pain is not the only suffering and I am a horrible patient. The car and the vet stress me out A LOT. The good news is, the foamy drool is gone, the swelling appears to have gone down and I woke her up at 6am to go outside this morning, as per usual bol. I will be sorry when the antibiotics are done, because they are very tasty. Mom is just happy that they seem to be working.


Mom just got one of the biggest scares of her life. I , on- the other hand, am fine.

August 2nd 2013 7:00 pm
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I will let Mom tell the tale:

There is a trail behind some houses in front of our house. I use that trail to come back home from the park. There are a couple of dogs that Bunny reacts to, who are confined, so sometimes I go by there to work on Bunny's reactivity. Tonight I went by a Yellow Lab who was in his dog pen, clicking and treating Bunny when he would look at me. The Yellow Lab climbed up on his dog house barking, like he always does, but this time he fell out of the pen!!! My first reaction was OMG, he is OK? because it was a drop of 8 feet. As I was thinking, I better get Bunny home and go back and tell his owners, he come tearing out of his yard. He was coming after me and Bunny so I started screaming " Go home, get away!" at the top of my lungs. I tried to swing Bunny up in my arms with his harness but he slipped out of it and went after the Yellow Lab! Everything happened so fast, all I can remember is Bunny rolling on the ground and getting back up and the two dogs going after each other. The next thing I know, Bunny is finally listening to me screaming his name. I grab his collar and attach his leash to it , while in the back of my mind I am amazed that the other dog is off to the side, leaving us alone and that Bunny sees him but lets me leash him up anyway. As I was screaming Bunny's name, I was thinking where the bleep are this dog's owners? After I got him leashed up , I saw the owner with the Lab by the collar. As I start walking away with Bunny, shaking, with my heart pounding, someone yells out from the nearby apt building "Whats going on out there?" I manage to gasp out "Their dog got out and came after mine" as I walked away. I look down at Bunny and he is acting like nothing had happened at all! I am not even sure if the 2 of them actually even had physical contact. I feel like I should have gone to make sure the other dog was OK after I got Bunny home but I was just too shaken up. Then I started thinking, maybe they should be the ones asking me that! I still cant get over the fact that Bunny didnt seem shook up at all. The last time a dog tried to get him, he jumped in my arms and cried like he had been hurt. This time, it was like we just went out for an uneventful stroll.


Mom just learned the hard way *not* to take me in the car- just after supper

June 9th 2013 4:37 pm
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I went with Mom to get B to do his laundry this morning. I was barking and whining a lot. Mom thought it was probably because she left me alone in the car to get some food the night before last. No worries, it wasn't hot , she could see the car, she ordered the food and came right back. But her leaving me in the car alone kind of freaked me out, so I seemed to regress a bit this morning. B wanted to go home right after supper and Mom thought she would take me with them. Both she and B were very surprised that I didn't bark and hardly whined. Mom thought that maybe I was finally getting the hang of this car thing. She dropped B off, drove down the street , looked back to check on me and I was , well, getting ready to do my business . By the time it was safe to stop, it was too late. * red face* She stopped to dispose of the evidence and I was still pretty quiet for the rest of the drive. She looked at me again and I was starting to drool. Mom remembered that I used to get car sick. Thankfully we were home before that could happen. She said from now on the car trips will be at least 2 hours after meals!


Yum , ice cream

June 7th 2013 5:29 pm
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So, I heard Princesse got a doggie ice cream last night. Tonight Mom took me in the car to get one too. She had to eat the cone because I am allergic to flour, but I loved the ice cream.


Grocery store trip

June 6th 2013 6:30 pm
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So once again Mom had to drive my furless brother somewhere. Tonight it was the grocery store. So Mom decided to bring me for a walk and to the dog park before our drive, hoping that maybe I would burn some energy and be calmer in the car. Mom took me to pee in the parking lot of the grocery store and then sat in the back seat with me while my furless brother was in the store. I am doing so much better in the car! Mom is thinking of taking me with her every week when B does his groceries.


Making progress

June 3rd 2013 5:35 pm
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Mom has been working with me on my car anxiety. Partly because she got a new doggie seat belt called the GoFer and partly because my groomer is moving . For the last few weeks she has been driving me 5 minutes away to the little park for my walk. She gives me lots of treats and throws some in the back seat for me to find. Today she decided to take me with her when she went to get my furless brother to do his laundry at our house. He lives 10 minutes away. That means I was in the car for 20 minutes straight! I only whined and barked a little bit . I got lots and lots of treats! She is so happy that she was finally able to run an errand with me in the car , like other people do with their dogs :)

I am also doing really well on our walks with my barking and lunging. She got a harness for the car and I don't pull nearly as much with that on either.


Groomer visit

May 11th 2013 6:38 pm
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I went to the groomer today.I am looking good! Mom fed me piece after peice of my kibble in the car so I hardly had a chance to bark, whine and pace. Good thing the groomer is only 5 minutes away or Mom would have run out of kibble bol. She is going to need lots more in a few months because the groomer is moving 15 minutes away. Eek!

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