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Butkus, or "Sir Barks A Lot"

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It's my Birthday

March 17th 2009 5:25 pm
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Well, today I turned 7 yrs old,,,,,yikes!!!
Our Dad sang Happy Birthday to me, first thing this morning, while we all were still in bed....
We all got extra treats in both our food dish and again when Our Dad went to work.....
It stopped raining finally, so was able to grab some sun, while laying out in our dog run.
Thank you everyone for the nice thoughts and gifts


My new friend

June 7th 2006 12:39 pm
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Our Dad picked up Buddy today, he is a five month old miniature Schnauzer, My Daddy B.J. knew I needed a playmate, since he is gone,,,so, he chose Buddy,
He made a great pick....
I miss the heck out of my Daddy, but, Buddy is making me run too much to be sad, like I was...
Thanks Dad and B.J.


Another squirrel bites the dust

April 22nd 2006 5:01 am
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Well, everyone thinks my Dad B.J. is the ultimate hunter, in our family. The other day, I caught my second squirrel, of the year.
It sure helps having Dad show me what to do and cheering me on.
Oops, there goes another one running accross our backyard



October 27th 2005 7:19 pm
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My Dad B.J. had his picture taken, with the Hooter Girls, when our Dad bought Jimmy V foundation, cancer research bracelets from Hooters, back in March. Well, they have that picture at all of our vets offices and anywhere anyone will put it up.
They both agreed, that I have been supportive of my Dad's (B.J.) cancer fight, that I can go with Saturday night and get in the picture with them..
WOW! Plus, Our Dad will be in the picture with us, so maybe, it will be a little clearer, then the one of just B. J. and The Hooter Girls, that Our Dad took.
He couldn't decide whether to focus on the girls or B.J., so, he didn't do real well....I like it, but, I like everything B.J. and Our Dad does.
I know, if I get in the picture, I can only talk about it here, cause our Dad says we shouldn't post it here.
If I get in a picture, then, I might post it, while our Dad is at work. Hee Hee


Ride to the Bank

July 5th 2005 6:51 pm
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Well, while B.J. was at the vets, with my girlfried Traci, I got to
go to the bank with Dad. Not a real long drive, but, I got to get out
of the house.
Normally, I go with Dad and B.J. to the vets, but, I had to stay home
the last couple of times.
Well, today, I got to bark at all of the construction workers and any
one else I could see. Who cares if the windows were up and the radio was
on,,,,,I still got to bark at them. I don't think they heard me, but, I
gave them what for..... Felt good, real good!!!!
I miss seeing Traci and giving her kisses....maybe next time


My Dad B.J. is now off chemo..Now what

June 26th 2005 5:24 pm
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My Dad B.J. has cancer and has been on chemo for 18 months. Some problems
came up and he needs to stop doing chemo.
Well, at first it scared me, cause I don't want to lose him, but, not anymore.
B.J. explained to me that our Dad, will do everything he can, that it won't
happen without a fight.
Check out B.J.'s diary entry for today about the food we ate today.
The neighbor dogs think we are kidding them about the food we eat...Hey
we are not........this is the real deal...
I am so glad that I am B.J.'s son and that we live with our Mom and Dad who
love us like one of their own..
Gee! I guess we are one of theirs


New Vet Tech

May 26th 2005 3:29 pm
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B.J. got another new vet tech, yesterday. These new ones don't
give me the attention, Traci does.
So, Dr. Mann got Traci to come in and give me and B.J. some lovin.
We got new dogs on both sides of our yard. To the left are Chow Chows and to
the right is a rescue dog.
B.J. has them understanding who the boss is in our neighborhood...HIM!
Da squirrels just can't escape through the fence anymore, like they used to.
It is nice to have help chasing them down. I caught one, a couple of weeks
ago. Our Dad says, I don't have the "killer instinct" like B.J. yet, as, I just
wanted him to play some more.


Food strike

April 6th 2005 5:36 pm
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I went on a food strike tonight and did not eat anything, when
our Dad first put the food down. In fact, I just walked away and laid
down. Why should I have to eat cooked lean hamburger meat,
stew beef, brown rice, broccoli over Solid Gold Holistic.
Well, my dad B.J. ate real well and took me outside and explained that
our Dad busted his butt cooking all of this today and I better go back]
in and eat. Well, the food strike ended with that and I came back in and
ate all of my food. Wow! it was great!!!!I guess I don't realize how good
that I am eating now, as , my dad B.J. tells me about only eating dry dogfood
when he was my age. How primitive it must have been five or six years ago.
Yuk!!!!Only dry must be like humans only getting bread and


Hooters Boo Boo

March 20th 2005 6:14 pm
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Dad took B.J. to Hooters today and came back with orange wrist bands.
Plus, Dad had the pictures developed and had them framed.
My daddy B.J. was in those pictures with some real cute chicks. Why didn't they take me????
I bet they ate chicken wings and drank beer there....
I am not pleased about this


Today is my Birthday

March 17th 2005 6:05 pm
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Yeah/////// Woke up this morning and found out that I can go to
Hooter,s with our Dad and B.J. now. They go every once in awhile and eat
hot wings and drink some beers.
They make them sit outside, so tonight is out,, cause it is cold and
rainy...Boo Hoo
Well, at least I am 3 yrs old and that is 21 yrs in human yrs....
Our Original Dad and Mom, Rob and Kristie called and sang Happy Birthday
to me...they need to take lessons....Heh Heh
Got some extra treats today Solid Gold L. A. treats, dehydrated lamb lungs and
Solid Gold Lanb Jerky treats yum yum
Got to go, got another call...maybe it is my mommy Baby

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