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B.J.'s Fight against Cancer, Lymphoma

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B.J.'s Two Year Anniversary

May 28th 2008 2:35 pm
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A Sad day around here, as today marks the two year mark that
B.J. left us. He had fought his cancer, Lymphoma, couragiously, for 2 1/2 years.
He died the Saturday, right before Memorial Day. May 28. 2006.
This Saturday, before Memorial Day, we adopted a Seen year old Male Miniature Schnauzer, Amos, who looks like a young B.J.
Amos's owner , is older and not in good health and wanted Amos to have a good home. His son lives on my old mail route and I had met Amos, about two years ago, or so, when he was up visiting from Florida. So, this was a very easy decision, on our part.
Will be adding Amos, to the Dogster Family shortly.
WE MISS YOU B.J.!!!!!!!!!


Sad day today

May 28th 2007 7:22 pm
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Last year today, B.J. lost his fight against cancer, Lymphoma.
He had fought it for 30 months, but, the cancer and chemo took its toll.
We had a quiet day today, remembering what a great dog he was.
We miss you B.J.
Dad, Mom and Butkus


B.J. lost his battle with cancer

May 29th 2006 11:54 am
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Yesterday, about 4:15 pm, our B.J. died. I was driving him to the vets, after a couple of down days, from his cancer and chemo.
He had just celebrated his 30 th anniversary, since being diagnosed with Lymphoma.
He was a good friend, one heck of a cancer warrior and even in death, took the decision, I dreaded to make, from me.
Dad, Mommy and Butkus


My Anniversary

April 26th 2006 10:58 am
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Hey Everyone,
Well, today 29 months ago, I was diagnosed, with cancer, Lymphoma.
Had my checkup today and CBC looks great and the lymphnodes are down.
This week I am on Procarbazine and Prednisone, which I get daily, at home.
Off to catch some squirrels for dinner


Still doing good

April 22nd 2006 4:58 am
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Hello everyone,
Sorry its been so long since I posted, but, a lot of things going on.
I am now in my 28th month of treatment and just back into remission. I slipped out, but, Dr. Mann got me right back in, which is my third remission.
I lost a little bit of hair, this last couple of weeks, but, it is starting to grow back already.
I am still having fun and enjoy chasing squirrels and chipmunks and "splashing" the geese.


Angels Rocco and Sweetness

February 11th 2006 8:47 pm
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Our Dad added two of our three Angels to our family tonight.
I know Rocco from when I was just a puppy, coming into the family.
She took to me like one of her sons. She taught me a lot in the three years we knew each other.
I never knew Angel Sweetness, but, I am named after him, as Rob, called him Buddy,,,,and I am Buddy Junior.
Our Dad says we are just alike....quiet, laid back,,,,but, mess with us and you have to pay.
As far as me, I am still doing good in my cancer fight!!! This is now my 26th month of treatment and I still feel and look good......
I wish our Dad could get all of the sweet gum balls out of our yard, as they hurt my paws,,,,he tries but there must be millions of them.
Got to go now,,,,,way past our bedtime



December 26th 2005 3:58 pm
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My Dad could have just said, sorry B.J., it is over for you and had me put to sleep.....but, he is a fighter and told me to fight it with him.
A lot of folks told him, hey, he is JUST A DOG!, just put him down.
Well, I am more then JUST A DOG, to my family and the fight was on.
We have a great vet team, a huge support family and a lot of prayers helping me.
I eat mostly a homemade diet, some supplements and a lot of love. Plus, I have Butkus, one of my sons, who helps me quite a bit.
Dad decided to go against the norm, which is taking a break from chemo and we went to non stop chemo....why give the cancer a chance to come back and hurt me?????
Presently I am on the CCNU protocol and get treatments every three weeks. I feel like a puppy and enjoyed being with my wife and one of my other sons, Brewski for Christmas yesterday, in Lafayette Ga.
Please keep the prayers coming my way.....they help


How I am doing

October 27th 2005 6:54 pm
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Sorry we haven't written lately, but, a lot of things going on.
Yesterday, I completed my 22nd month, since being diagnosed with cancer, Lymphoma. I am still in remission, maintaining my weight and my CBC looks excellent.
At our last vet visit, Dr. Mann noticed an irregular heartbeat, so we did some additional testing. We did a Holt Monitor test, for 24 hours and it came off today, thank goodness, as it was heavy and on too tight. I couldn't even chase squirrels with it on, what a bummer.
We should get the results early next week. My Dad is feeling comfortable, as well as my vet, that it was not caused by the Adriamyacin treatment, but, still switched me to the CCNU protocol. We will continue that, till my two year mark, 12-26-05 and then take a break from chemo. Dad elected not to take a break, from chemo, for me, which is kind of the normal thing to do. Well, fighting cancer is not a normal thing to do, so whatever My Dad says, I do.
I still look good, feel good and am so glad that we decided to fight this cancer, instead of not trying at all.
Dad says we might all go, He, Butkus and I, and get all of our pictures taken with the Hooter Girls Saturday night..
Butkus has never been to Hooters, well, not when they are open, so it might be a nice treat for him, as he is my son and my best friend.


Super CBC Results

August 25th 2005 6:22 pm
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Well, Dr. Mann called our Dad today. The CBC showed that all my bloodwork
is normal!!!! Plus, the pathologist said that there were many new redblood cells being formed, with is excellent news.
Our Dad is happy, so is our Mom, so, of course, Butkus and I are on cloud nine.....Yeah!
But, I could have saved all of them the time and trouble, as I know when I feel good or not....just ask the squirrel today, who almost didn't make the tree, casue of me.. Hee Hee
Got to go take a nap, so I can stay up all night, guarding the house....if you believe the staying up all night,,,,,Hee Hee, your dumber then the squirrels.


Interesting Day, at the Vets

August 25th 2005 3:39 am
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Well, yesterday, I had my recheck and bloodwork drawn, for a CBC, to check
my system. Well, one of the old time techs, came in with a "rookie". THey took
me, to get blood from me. Well, they had problems finding a vein and ended up not drawing enough blood, for the CBC .
So, the tests came back showing all kind of crazy things going on with me.
Our vet, Dr. Mann, asked my Dad, if he could draw more blood and send it to the lab, to make sure, it was done of charge.
Then, we were checking out, Dad got some Frontline, for ended up, they double charged him.
When he went to get an appointment, for two weeks from now, for my Adrianmyacin treatment, he was told there weren't any appointments, available. The regular woman, interrupted the conversation and explained that our Dr. Mann, was in charge of dropoffs, that day and just for Dad to bring me in, between 7:30 and 8:30.
When we got home, Dad called and got the second Frontline credited, to our account.
I was pround of our Dad, as he works for the Post Office and I was glad, that he didn't go "POSTAL" at the vets, or on the phone.
We had a good dinner, of Homemade meatballs, cut up roast, some Solid Gold Chicken over Solid Gold, Hollistique Blendz, dry.
Then Dad entertained Butkus and I, by weedwacking, down by the lake.
He actually got time, to fish a little bit, from shore.
Then, our neighbor dogs, finally got into chasing squirrels, with us, on their side of the fence. Heh Heh, the squirrels really got confused, as normally, they can just run from our yard to theirs, and get away.
Life is good!

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