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My life as a Bichon Frise!!!

:( I got really sick :(

August 17th 2007 2:15 am
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Something happened to me...and no one knows what. I had a temp of 103.00 and I started bleeding from one side of my nose. My family was so upset! I went to the vet, who did all kinds of no avail...I finally started to feel better, I'm OK right now, but no one can figure out what went wrong!


Pita :)

We love our Pita girl. She is our baby. I thought she might was that bad.

She is doing okay now, back to normal, but I have no idea why this happened.

I can accept my dog passing, my Winston lived to almost 16, but at 2 1/2, I hate that I don't know what was going on..and still don't know :(

Pita is such a princess :) We love her so much!!!!'

She won't even walk on the grass!!! LOL !


Summer's going fast!!!

August 22nd 2006 8:41 am
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Boy, summer has sure gone by pretty fast! There was lots of rain here, in Ohio, which I really don't like very much. I hate getting my paws wet, on wet grass, and getting rained on in general!!

I have went camping in Mohican twice this summer, and I love riding in the canoe! I am such a experienced camper now! I did get my very first (yuck!) tick there, which my Mom promptly removed. I get really dirty, too, which is fun! Not for Mom though, who has to make her little brown dog, white again! ;)

I'm still a very spoiled baby, but my family can't help it. They love me so much!!!




My First Birthday! I'm One!!!

December 5th 2005 12:25 am
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Well, I'm finally One! I had a birthday on December 4th, 2005. My Mom got me all kinds of TOYS, some sweaters, a crystal charm for my collar (which I really needed, cause I'm a PRINCESS!) and did I mention TOYS? I love destroying my toys and playing!

I am loved very much! I get tired of all the brushing, though. My Mom got me some stuff for tear stains, called Angel's Glow. You mix it in with some yogurt or cottage cheese (which I love!). As you can see in my top picture, I have NO more staining at all! I gotta look good ya know! Did I mention that I was a Princess?

I hate all of this snow we are having here in cold Ohio. My little paws don't like it one bit! I cannot wait for spring!




8 months old :)

August 5th 2005 3:15 pm
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I am 8 months old already! And they finally got that damn hair out of my eyes! Check my last two pictures out~aren't I so cute!!!

I got to go to 'Pet Supplies Us' afterwards! I got to pick out two new toys, to add to my managerie of ones that I have already! :) I even got some more cookies! Right On!!!


p.s. I got to play with the neighbor dog Buddy, boy did I give him a run for the money! It pays to be young! ;)


I'm feeling much better :)

August 3rd 2005 9:16 pm
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It will be two weeks tomorrow since my surgery. It only had me down for a day or so, and I was back to myself!

I will also be 8 months old tomorrow, and I am going to the Groomers. As you can tell in my bottom pictures, I need a haircut!! I am one fluffy girl!!

I still weigh 8.5 pounds, and haven't gained any weight in over a month. Mom thinks I will be a fairly small Bichon.

I'm really like car rides lately, can't get enough of them!!!



I'm not feeling very good :(

July 22nd 2005 9:49 am
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Well, my Mom took me to the Vets to get me spayed :( yesterday. I am not feeling so well. My family hopes to see me happy with my tail wagging again very soon! Right now, I'm not feeling it!!! They are all lavishing me with attention though, which I do love. I'm even getting extra treats!



My first 4th of July!

July 12th 2005 9:21 pm
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I had a grand ol' time. My family and I went camping and canoeing in Loudonville, Ohio...home of the Mohican Wilderness campground. I was such a good camper! It is about a hour from my home, and I loved the car ride there.

The best part was, the canoeing. I loved riding in my canoe! When I got tired, I curled up and went to sleep on the cold bottom of the canoe, which was great on such a hot day!

I can't wait to go camping again! Boy, did I have fun getting so dirty!!!


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