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Beamer's Life

~RIP~ My Sweet Boy....

March 3rd 2012 7:42 pm
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It is with tremendous sadness that I have to tell everyone that Beamer has passed to the Rainbow Bridge. It was sudden and we miss him so much. If I could just hear the pitter patter of his feet again. Life is too short, hold your furbabies tight. I Love you so much, Beams.......


Happy Birthday to me!

November 18th 2007 4:11 pm
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Just wanted everyone to know that its my "8th" birthday. I have the best family ever and so happy that they adopted me 5 years ago. Sometimes I wonder how I have made it here living at this house. The problem being is that I love to chase cats. I dont care how big they are, I chase them. We have three that live here, and let me tell you thats plenty. I hate everyone of them! I was hoping that we could go to the park in honor of my birthday, but its so darn cold here, that it wont be happening. I will just keep snuggling in the bed with my bro. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


Oh my gosh!

April 1st 2007 4:28 pm
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Im so mad!
My Mom got this brilliant idea of cleaning my teeth yesterday, and she has this thing she scrapes my teeth with. Well, she got a little wild and her hand slipped and made my mouth bleed, bad! I was soo mad at her! Than she decides to give me a bath! I had the Saturday from HELL, let me tell ya. I sure get picked on for only being 4 pounds! I just wanted to share that with all of my friends in case anyone wants to fill bad for me. BOL!


Hi Guys!

October 23rd 2006 8:46 pm
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Being the shy one of the bunch, I thought it wouldnt hurt to write a little something in my diary. At least I know I wont get stepped on!!! LOL- That happens at my house sometimes because Im so little. My big brother Stewart, protects me and I love him so much. We even get the honor of sleeping in my Mom and Dad's bed. (Under the covers) Unlike the girls. Tinkerbell might have a accident and Tessa, well she has issues. Have I ever told you how much I hate the bloody cats that live in my house? I try to bite them every chance I get. Abby the cat slapped me so hard one time that it threw me across the kitchen floor. My Mom was soooo mad! Anyways, that about all I have to say. Oh, I almost forgot, my Mom bought me a fishing vest and hat for a early birthday present. Like she honestly thinks Im going fishing with my Dad? NOT! I do look really handsome in it. Maybe I will hold still so my Mom can take a picture of me in it and we can post it on here. I hate being in the lime light.
Peace Canine Friends,


It too cold here for me!

February 26th 2006 3:49 pm
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Hi !
Im back and Im tired of winter! Its bad enough I have to outside in the stuff but then my Mom puts these furry sweaters on me. They really arent that bad, I just like to complain. I hope everyone had a great valentines day. Im still looking for my valentine. I really just like hanging out with Stewart. I guess he was kinda like my valentine. He is a great BIG brother. Tinkerbell drives me crazy, I try to bite her all the time. She is as bad as those darn cats we have living with us. I HATE CATS! Well nothing more to say from this 4 pounds of joy. I will check in with everyone later.



Happy New Year !!

January 7th 2006 7:54 pm
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Hi Dogster Pal's,
Can you believe its 2006? So far the year has been good. I miss snuggling with Chelsea. I hope she is ok at the bridge. I do miss her. She was nice to me. We do now have that new "child" named Tinkerbell. She is a pain, let me tell you. I bite her every chance I get. I hang with Stewart all the time. I taught him to bark when my human brother's come in the room. My Dad is really mad at me. I heard him talking about sending me to Nana's house. I really dont think Mom will let him. Im really loud and bark for no reason. I pretend like im charging somebody. My Mom says its rude. Stewart's been doing it with me. We both get in BIG trouble. Its been raining here so much. I hate the rain!!! I dont like going out in the rain to go potty. My Mom has to threaten me. I guess I will go for now.
Your friend,

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