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My life as Stewart


July 25th 2007 9:37 pm
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Hello Friends and Fans~
Guess what?
I gave my Mom and Dad a heart attack! This is how the story goes...........
My Mom took my BIG sister Sarah for a walk on Monday eve. She noticed when she got Sarah out of the backyard that someone had dug a big hole. My Mom told my Dad, so he could fix it. So here we are walking down a road by our house (pretty busy road) and this man drives by quite slow in a white car. My Mom noticed there was a little white dog on his lap looking out the window the opposite way from us. She said to my human brother "gosh that dog in that car looked like Stewart". My Mom couldnt call home to see if I was missing because she didnt have her cell phone on her. They were almost home (45 minutes later) and My Mom told my human brother to go ahead on his bike and see if I (Stewart) was at home. Well, I wasn't. It was awful. My Mom was frantic she got in her car and zoomed around the neighborhood. My Dad took his car and was looking too. They couldnt find the man in the white car who had me. My Mom talked to alot of people that the man had asked if they were missing a dog. But they never caught up with him. My Dad was putting "LOST DOG" signs everywhere. My Mom was crying her head off talking to Jesus to just make me safe and bring me home. They had to sleep without me in their bed that night. Beamer was very sad because he loves me so much and we sleep right next to each other every night. My Mom couldnt sleep that night hardly one bit. She called in sick the next day at work. She also put a add on Craigslist and thought she was gonna have to put one on Dogster. That morning about 8:30, my Mom got a call from Animal Services saying that I was there and she could come get me. She was SO HAPPY! She got the name and phone number of the man that picked me up and she called his home to thank him. I was running down the road when he saw me following a lady walking her big dogs. What was I thinking? I almost got ran over! That man stopped his car in the road and picked me up and than spent a couple hours looking for my owner. It goes to show there are kind people in this world and my pawrents are ever so grateful!


Your not going to believe this!

March 11th 2006 8:27 pm
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Hello Canine friends,
Guess what? Its about a week and 1/2 from spring and guess what happen here in Olympia, Washington? SNOW!!!! Yep, thats right. I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw the white stuff in my backyard. We never get snow here and especially in March! None of us little critters like it, except my really big sister, Sarah. I just wanted to let all my dogster friends know. Im still hoping summer is right around the corner........IM COLD!


Hi Guys! Is it summer yet?

February 26th 2006 3:40 pm
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Hi Furry Friends,

Its me, Stewart. Im so ready for summer, I cant stand it! I think Ive caught a cold or I have allergies. My Mom is taking me to Dr. "B" tomorrow. ( I love that lady) It has been raining here for 35+ days straight! We did get a break in the rain finally. My brothers and sisters are doing well. Tinkerbell is still wild as ever. Is she ever going to grow up? I miss Chelsea. She was my friend. I know some day we will see each other again. Well, thats all from me. Until next time.............


A little about me

November 30th 2005 4:24 pm
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Hi Dog and Human friends,

I cant believe it almost December. My old lady friend has almost been gone a month. I still really miss her even though she was mean to me. Chelsea really loved me down deep. I took care of her in the end and she appreciated that. I made sure she was ok. She has all her rainbow bridge friends now and my Mom really appreciates all the wonderful friends she has met here at Dogster! Someday we will all be reunited. Its been really cold here in Washington but my brother, Beamer cuddles with me so it makes it all better. Well friends, thats all for now. I hear my Dad callin me for dinner. Peace out......

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