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The Life of Riley

My ear is a pain in the neck. Teeth hurt.

November 24th 2004 10:25 am
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I hate this thing they wrapped around my ear at the vet place. It is heavy and I can't hear very well.
The girl and boy think that I only have hearing in one ear, and that is the one that the vet people worked on. I'll let them think that. Really I am just ignoring them.

The girl gave me a thin treat yesterday and it hurt my teeth. That's because the vet people did something to my mouth when I was sleeping there a few days ago. My breath isn't as cool as it was before I went there. The girl said they 'cleaned' my teeth. I prefer them dirty if this is clean.
Clean teeth hurt.

I tried to chew off my leg bandage yesterday but the girl caught me before I could get much past the licking stage. I have to lick things to soften them before I chew them.

The boy and girl have been really nice to me since I came home from the vet place. We'll see how long I can make them feel guilty for what they did to me.

Time for a nap.


Girl and boy are home. Went to vet place.

November 23rd 2004 6:11 am
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The girl and boy got home on the day before yesterday. They were gone for many feedings. The polack stayed with me. He is a good stayer-wither. He read all of the girl's notes and took care of me.
The girl left all of my treats in labeled little boxes for the polack. I know that they are pills but the girl thinks that I think they are treats. I can tell the difference.

Yesterday I went to the vet place and they hurt me. I had some lumps on my ear and back leg and they put me on the table, made me sleep and when I came to, the lumps were gone. Now I have a huge bandage on my ear and leg and I hurt a bit. The vet people told the girl not to feed me last night but she gave me food anyways. Fat humans always feel bad for starving dogs.

Today I am with the boy in the big place with lots of people. I think he works there because he is nice to all the strangers. I like to smell them. They smell funny.
The polack will be there I think so that will be good.

I'm tired and I'll sleep now.

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