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Scruffydoodle O

Playing Dress Up

May 3rd 2005 10:22 pm
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Scruffy was such a good sport! Id dress her up & take her picture whenever the mood would hit me. She would wear the clothes, hats, scarves & glasses without complaining. I think she kind of liked it! I'll treasure my dress up pictures forever!


My Babies

May 3rd 2005 10:18 pm
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Well, when she was still a stray, she came up to the house with 2 of the cutest fat puppies! It had been raining earlier & they were damp & whining. They only stayed a few minutes. I was ready to go & get them & bring them in when she took off with them. We didnt see her for awhile, & never saw the puppies again. Apparently they had her spayed after she had them, because she had already had it done when we let her in. Nobody ever came to look for her, so when we moved 6 months after taking her in, we just took her with us.


I Know My Name

May 3rd 2005 10:15 pm
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Every time Id see her, Id say, "That scruffy little dog is out there again" So when we let her in the house & our hearts, I naturally kept the name. I dont know what the other people called her, but she answered to Scruffy right off. She was already housebroken, I was half afraid when I let her out, she wouldnt be back. We lived up a holler in the woods. But I neednt worry, she always came home.


Combat Gal

May 3rd 2005 10:09 pm
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When we first let Scruffy in the house, we put her in the spare room with a doggy bed. After a few days, she would venture out. I could see down the hall to the room she was in from our room. Eventually she would come out, & crawl on her belly like soldiers in combat, towards our room. Id say in a completely normal tone, "I see you" ____ And boom, she'd run back to her room as quick as she could. She was so cute, it was just another way she pulled on our heartstrings.


Holy Smoke Alarm!!

May 3rd 2005 10:04 pm
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Scruffys hated the smoke alarms. Any time one of them would go off, she would come running , wanting to be held. If the batteries would get weak & the intermittant beeps would start, she'd let us know right quick. Once, she woke me up at 3 am. I had to hold her & sit under each smoke alarm waiting for the beep to discover which one it was. It took some time, as we had 5 of them, but we finally got a new battery put in & got back to bed. I think of her every time I hear one. She is very much missed.


Scruffy is in Doggy Heaven

April 24th 2005 10:33 pm
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Scruffy got sick and had to have several teeth pulled. She had a heart murmur. She went several days without eating , so the vet decided to keep her overnight for IV's. She went to Doggy Heaven on 4-22-05. Six months to the day since we lost her brother, Snuggles.
This is one very quiet house now. We will never forget you , Scruffy. Although we may invite another of your 'cousins' into our hearts and home, you will NEVER be forgotten. You made it impossible to be in this house alone, and I know you will forgive us when the time comes. Mommy and Daddy love you always. O: D


Keeper of the remote

November 13th 2004 11:21 am
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Scruffy stays on the bed with us. When we watch tv, we always lose the remote. But its never hard to find, Scruffy always lays on it. If we move it, she moves to where it is. She cracks me up! LOL



November 13th 2004 11:17 am
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When she was still a stray, Scruffy would get the biscuits, cookies etc that we threw out. She'd take one up the hill, then one down the hill, then across the hill. She'd take them all directions & bury them. Later , we'd see her with a brown dirty nose eating her treasures. She sure knew how to take care of herself.
Once, she got down into the garbage can of our landlord. He was ready to yell at her, but she was so pitiful, he just got her out & told her to go away. This was also when she was a stray. She had some hard times.


Lost a brother

October 20th 2004 3:38 pm
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More stories later. Just wanted to say that Scruffys lost her big brother, Snuggles this morning. He was just a few weeks shy of being 18 people years old. It was very peaceful at the vet. She is lost without him.

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