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A Tribute to Brandy

A Tribute To Brandy

December 15th 2007 1:22 am
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Dearest Brandy,
The tears haven't dried yet that we cried for you. Robyn and Stacey found you playing in the snow on a busy street and brought you home. We know you came from a shelter, were adopted by some people who didn't want you so we took you to live with us. You always loved the snow and would run around in it even when it was almost as high as you were. You had friends all around. You used to walk with people a little way down the path, and then come back. You are the only dog that had play dates with the children across the way who came to play with you, and often asked to take you home with them. You always loved to sit and look out of the bedroom window. I never forgot to open it for you and left it open many times at night for you to watch-I don't know what probably rabbits and had dog friends that came to play too. I'm sorry I didn't take you for the walks you loved after Spartacus got too big to walk. I think you had the most fun when Spartacus was a puppy and you could chase around with him. You teased him with the tennis ball. You would let him get very close to it then you would pick it up –shaking your head back and forth as though you were laughing and run away. He sure got big. You were never too happy when Pandora came over to our house. If she got a treat you would run from the other room to bark at her because this was your house. Thank you for being so sweet and kind. You never bothered anyone- even when you died. We knew you were having trouble breathing and didn't want you to be in pain. Then you went out and seemed to be watching someone I couldn't see-daddy brought you inside because it was cold and damp. I went over to take off your little sweatshirt you looked me in the eye and I know you were saying good-bye then you laid your head down and went to "sleep". Our hearts are broken now that you are gone. Spartacus watches for you and doesn't know where you went. I hope that you are up over the rainbow with your friends. Unlike the other dogs, we have lots of pictures of you, but I still feel sad when I see them. Pandora went up last night as you must know. I hope she is with Loki, her puppies, and all of you. Now don't fight. Thank you Brandy for choosing us to be your family. We couldn't have had a better friend. I feel that we have been blessed to have such a wonderful girl like you. Don't chase the little rabbits you found and watch over Peso and Bijou .You will always be our special girl-from the day that we saw you with your cute little face, you grabbed hold of our heart and never let go. There is snow here tonight and I wish I could see you running in it.
One day I will again when we come to pick you all up at the Rainbow Bridge and go on to our evermore home.

Love and Lots of Kisses and Hugs,

PS-Spartacus-take care of your sister and make sure she has frosty paws for her party.
I love all of you so much!!!!!!

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