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Life's tough when you're an Eenie Weenie!

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I've Been Slimed!

October 13th 2006 6:50 am
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If I promise not to lick incessantly will you not put that ointment on me Mah-ahm?

Smoke, itchy puppy


Patriot Paws Coming Up!

October 12th 2006 3:00 pm
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It's almost time for the Patriot Paws Dog Walk. I can't wait to meet all the Dogsters that are going to be there!

We didn't get a chance to go scope the place out to find a good meeting spot. I'm sure you'll be able to find me. I'm kind of hard to miss! Mom's going to humiliate me by entering me in the swimsuit contest! *glowers at Mah-ahm*

Smoke, practicing his dog walk



October 11th 2006 8:00 pm
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Geeze Louise Mah-ahm! Enough of the *poking* already!!!

*hides from Mah-ahm under the chair*

I tell ya' she is making me crazy. It was one tick. ONE. UN. EIN. UNO. Less the two! *stomp* It's all out war around here. She's vacuuming and cleaning and *poking* on me!

Since she read on the Internet that ticks are related to spiders, she's lost it. Watch it Mah-ahm! Those are my spots! Remember, I'm a Dog with Spots and Dots. Those are NOT ticks! *stomp*

Watch this. I'll get her!

Hey Mom.....what's brown, fuzzy, with spindly legs and is crawling across your lap?

Smoke, *watches Mah-ahm twitch*



October 11th 2006 7:03 am
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There's a tick on me! Heyeeeeeeeeeeelp!

*runs around like a weenie-ac*


Smoke, ticked off


Sad Sad Day

October 9th 2006 8:11 pm
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Today is a very sad day. Our Pal Oscar Meir journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge.

I feel so very honored to have her as a Pup Pal. I am also very lucky to have her pawprints immortalized in the Dog Majal Art Gallery. We will miss her and remember her always!

Smoke, sending Super-Bionic hugs to Oscar's Pack in this time of sorrow


More Walking!

October 8th 2006 6:38 pm
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Mom was at White Rock Lake on a walk today and found out they're having a big dog event there! October 21st is the Walk and Wag! We're going to try and make it to this one too. Hope to see more Dogsters there!

We're still set for the Patriot Paws Walk this coming Saturday (Oct. 14th).

Smoke, practicing his walking


We're #1 1 1

October 8th 2006 12:00 pm
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*woofps* I forgot something rather important.

In Saturday's dog walk, we were #1 1 1 and Bou and his Mom were #1 1 2!

Our official walk/run/jog/stop/sniff/circle around time was 17 minutes and 25 seconds!

We didn't finish first and we didn't finish last. We came toward the middle!

Smoke, gets sidetracked


From Shreveport to Slobrador

October 7th 2006 9:00 pm
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As if going to meet Gonzo and pack wasn't enough, I was sitting on Jake the Slobrador this weekend as well. He was so excited to see us but I just wanted to take a nap. He was all wound-pup and wanted to play ball all night. Then he wanted to go inside and play chase. Dog Alive! What's a Weenie got to do to get a little shut eye?

Smoke, *glowers at Jake through sleep-slitted eyes*


The Saga Continues

October 7th 2006 4:15 pm
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Welp. After a good night's rest, we loaded up the truck again. It was time to head down to the Red River Revel Dog Walk!

I was so excited I kept wanting to run to the start line. I had a little trouble negotiating the way. Mom is now worried about my eyesight. So I ran into a couple of curbs and a lamp post. That darn sunshine was so bright I was all squinty!

*squint eyes shut and walks into a curb*

< ooooof > I'm OK Mom! Let' go!

There were so many dogs! I got to meet a bunch of Boudreaux's furriends! Everywoof knows that big ol' Goober! We even made a couple of new furriend Greyhounds, Sally and Spencer. They're very nice even though they towered over me!

We started the walk. Of course, I did what any self-respecting Eenie Weenie would do in this situation....

*rushes off to try and be the lead dog*

Unfortunately, we lost Sally and Spencer in the crowd. With those long legs, I figured they could keep up. *raises eyebrow* Bou and I just HAD to get out front. Those otherdogs were running and beating us! The Moms wouldn't let us run the whole way no matter howl hard we tried. I made Mom get blisters on her feet because she had on her sandals instead of her stiiiiiiinky shoooooooes! *shakes head at Mom*

Anyhowl, when it was all over, we took some more pictures and said goodbye to Sally and Spencer and all the otherdogs. We headed over to the dog park. I mean.....Gramma's house. Guess who was there? Yup! *nods head* Gonzo, Gabby and Goldie were waiting for us to play!

We had some more fun playing and wrestling. I got scared every time they all started barking at the dog next door. *hides under patio furniture like a weenie* Gabby was relentless. She never gets tired. We all spent time in and out of the crates. I felt like I was in a shark cage with Gabby circling around outside the crate with those needle sharp puppy teeth. < insert theme from Jaws here >

Our Moms took lots of pictures and videos. I was so tired after a while. I wanted to just curl up on the table and take a little nap. I liked being on the table because I could walk over and give Gonzo's Mom some kisses! She's a very good puppy kisser! *smooch*

Pretty soon it was time to say goodbye to Gonzo and his pack. We got back in the truck and Mom stopped at Sonic for some lunch. They don't have the Smoky Supersonic on the menu any more. I was so tired I didn't even beg for fries! *shocking gasp of horror*

When Mom was done with lunch, we headed back out West. It was a loooong drive home. I was so tired so I did what any self-respecting Eenie Weenie would do in this situation......

< zzzzzzzzz > < zzzzzzzzz >

I didn't even wake up to stop at the rest areas so Mom kept on driving. We finally made it home and unpacked everything. I crashed in the middle of the floor. I was so happy to be back at home.

Smoke, worn smooth out


Taking Shreveport by Storm!

October 6th 2006 8:54 pm
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What a day! We started out early this morning from Casa de Smoke on our journey to Gonzo's house. It was a pretty long drive so I did what any self-respecting Eenie Weenie would do in this situation.....

< zzzzzzzzz > < zzzzzzzzz >

I had fun stopping at a rest stop and Louisiana Visitor's center for a quick potty outside. Felt pretty good to stretch the ol' legs too. *streeeeeeeetch*

Are we there yet? *poke*

Maaaah-aaaaaaahm! Are we there yet? *bounce* *bounce*

Ooooh! Look Mom! Can we stop at the Gators and Friends? *poke* Can we? *poke* Can we? Woohooo! We're getting off the Interstate to go to Gators and Friends! I want to see some alligators!

Much to my confusion, we didn't end up at the Gators and Friends. We ended up out in the woods at a big house with lots of trees and Gonzo, Gertie, Goldie, Gabby and Boudreaux were all there! We had a good time sniffing and playing. I was a bit scared at first because they're so big and there's so many of them! I did what any self-respecting Eenie Weenie would do in this situation.....

*cowers under the chair*

< zooooooooooooom >

*runs to hide under Gonzo's Dad's legs*

Everywoof kept trying to grab MY tail! I couldn't get in a good swing on anywoof's tail. *pout* I should have been more worried about Gabby than Gonzo. She kept trying to pounce on me and eat me! She's way too wound-pup! That big Goobersmooch wouldn't let me go by either. I kept trying to run away and he swatted at me with his paws. I wonder who taught him that? *glowers at Gonzo's Dad*

Gonzo's Mom took us over to pick up our walk packet. She brought Bou with us to go over to his Gramma's so we could play outside some more. Dog Alive! He barks loud! *runs under the patio furniture while Bou barks*

We headed back to Gonzo's house to play and exchanging gifts. I got a little *grrrr snappy* over the Giant Squeeeeeeeeaky Squiiiiiiiirrels with Bou. I was just trying to show him howl to play. Really Momses. You're supposed to pull the squirrels out, not chew on the squeaky stump! Mom brought in my miniature RFSS's, but I wanted to keep the big ones! *stomp*

It was finally time to head over to our hotel. While we were checking in there was a whole busload of Badgers arriving! Dachshund heaven! I was born to hunt Badgers! Mah-ahm said they weren't that kind of Badgers. They were soccer playing Badgers. I didn't know they could play.

We got settled in our room. I had all my Rowdy Friends and blankets. It was a roaring good time until they messed up our room service order.

< door knock > [ROOM SERVICE]

*bar-rar-rark* I think you have the wrong room sir. I'm pretty sure we ordered that big steak on the menu. *poke* Seems you've brought a....... *shocking gasp of horror* Chef's Salad! I don't eat lettuce! So I did what any self-respecting worn out Eenie Weenie would do in this situation.......

Smoke, < zzzzzzzz > < zzzzzzzzzz >

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