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Life's tough when you're an Eenie Weenie!

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My Busy Weekend

October 21st 2006 2:00 pm
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Welp, we had a Great Dane at the Walk and Wag. I did the whole 5k walk. Mom did carry me a little bit so I could rest. Anyhowls, I did the whole thing! Most of the otherdogs that did the 5k ran or jogged. I just couldn't beat them because Mah-ahm wouldn't run. Lazy lard bu[SMOKE!]

I got to sniff around all the vendor booths. They gave me lots of different dog food samples, treats, Rowdy Friends! It was the mother load of stuff all for ME! We also saw the lady from Chilly Dawgs. They made my Woofday cake last year. This year, they don't make cakes any more. Just their frozen Chilly Dawg treats. She even wants me to be a model for her pictures! Sure thing! I can wolf one of those treats down. No Problemo!

Another fun thing I did at Walk and Wag, Agility. Mom forgot my treats so the lady there gave her a couple. *whispers* I tried to tell Mom to go get mine out of the car.....those treats would be a disaster!

We went into the agility ring and my first obstacle was the ramp. Mom pointed at the ramp and said "Come on Smoke"! So I did what any sefl-respecting Eenie Weenie would do in this situation.....

*runs up the ramp across the board and down the other side*

The lady was really impressed. She gave me a treat. She said most dogs won't go over the ramp without lots of treats. Mom told her I have ramps all over Casa de Smoke so I'm used to going up and down them. We moved on to the weave poles. They were set in a staggered line rather than perfectly straight so we could try them. Welp, I started down the middle (a 6" spread is perfect for somewoof like me to walk right through). Then we had a minor problem....


Right in the middle of the weave poles. I didn't like that treat that otherlady gave me. *blech* I was a bit embarrassed at hurling right in the middle of the course. To save face I soldiered on to the jumps. Piece of cake!

Then, the lady said "You can try the tunnel. But most dogs are afraid of it." Mom said, "We'll try it!" So I did what any self-respecting Eenie Weenie who's already *urped* up dog treats in front of Dog and Everyone would do in this situation......

*runs like a weenie-ac through the tunnel*

*looks around*

Where's this tunnel thing? I don't see any tunnel.

*whips head back and forth*

*turns around and runs back through the tunnel*

Mah-ahm! That lady is trying to trick us. There's no tunnel here! *stomp*

*leaps over the jump*

I think we should get our money back!

Smoke, agile Weenie


Keep *Poking* for Tinker Belle!

October 20th 2006 9:23 am
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This is turning into a real nail-biter. We get Tinker Belle in the lead then she drops. Then she get's closer....

*frantically chews nails*

Come on everywoof! Keep *poking*!

*poke* for all you're worth (once a day)!!

Please click the link below and look for Tinkerbell the Cairn. She's in the row on the very right, almost to the bottom. It says "Tinkerbell" above the picture and "Vote for me" is below. Make sure you *poke* the "Vote for me" below her picture or you'll end up voting for Timmy. *slaps self for making that mistake once*


Smoke, rallying the troops


Vote for Tinkerbell

October 19th 2006 6:43 am
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Howl-dy Everywoof! Today I'd like to ask for your help voting for a Pal O' Mine.

Please click the link below and look for Tinkerbell the Cairn. She's in the row on the very right, almost to the bottom. It says "Tinkerbell" above the picture and "Vote for me" is below. Make sure you *poke* the "Vote for me" below her picture or you'll end up voting for Timmy. *slaps self for making that mistake once*


Remember, you can vote every day! Let's help Tinkerbell win!

Smoke, *poking* the campaign trail


Wiggle When You Walk

October 18th 2006 8:03 am
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Giggle when you talk! *Poke* when you come meet me!

Yup Puppers! It's time again for us to meet. This time it's at the Walk and Wag dog walk and festivities at White Rock Lake! That's this Saturday, October 21st! If you can't walk with the big dogs....Be there at home on the couch!

We'll be trying the 5K walk with Mom's co-worker. She doesn't have a dog, but she always goes walking at White Rock Lake. She is also excited to be able to meet all the dogs! I told her that some of my Dogster friends might be there too. We just can't wait!

Smoke, waggin' wigglin' and walkin'


*Poke* a Boo!

October 17th 2006 7:49 pm
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I don't see you! *stomp*

I thought Mah-ahm was the slowest thing on two legs. But I must say, I think a lot my Pals need to get busy. See, Mom finally entered me in the World's Coolest Dog Contest this year. She may add some more pictures and maybe enter some for Gretchen too.

Anyhowl, we just *poked* through the first 50 of my Pup Pals and guess what? We didn't see y'all in the contest! We could see you were entered last year. What about this year? *taps paw*

Smoke, *poking* his pals to enter


Eenie Weenie Dog Ears!

October 16th 2006 12:09 pm
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Mom feels kind of bad now for getting mad at me for waking her up before the alarm today. I woke her up because I knew something had happened. She found out that a house exploded about a mile from Casa de Smoke at the time I woke her up. The nice older couple were killed. We didn't know them, but it is sad that someone has lost their Grandma or Grandpa today.

Smoke, *lights special Dogster candles*


Still Raining!

October 16th 2006 6:45 am
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Welp. The Gorton's Fisherman went outside to check the rain gauge this morning. 3 inches since it started yesterday morning. It hasn't stopped yet.

That's OK though. We're down 22 inches from the beginning of 2005. The last time we went to the lake, it was waaaaaay down. A few weeks ago, they said 16 feet down. I don't know how 22 inches of rain equals 16 feet at the lake but then again, I'm just an Eenie Weenie.

Smoke, *still crossing his legs*


Happy Woofday to Me!

October 15th 2006 6:30 pm
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Today was my 2nd Woofday. Thank you to all my Pals who wished me Happy Woofday and *poked* me to pieces!

I wasn't feeling very well and it was raining most of the day. Mom made me a Woofday muttloaf with mashed potato frosting. I ate a little of it. *sigh* I did get to go over to Jake the Slobrador's house for a while. We were I was running like a weenie-ac all crazy around the house. Until Jake accidently body slammed me. I got a new toy and a dog treat from Aunt Patty.

I can't go potty outside with all this rain. Mah-ahm says we need the rain though. I've got puppy pads all over the house and I don't want to use them. I don't even want to potty on her rugs or carpet.

Smoke, *crosses all 4 legs*


Patriot Paws!

October 14th 2006 5:00 pm
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Bow Wowser! What a big day! I had a Great Dane at the Patriot Paws dog walk. We walked with the Disabled Veterans and their Service Dogs. I got to sniff all kinds of otherdogs too! There were lots of booths to check out. Everyone just thought I was the neatest thing on 4 legs! Everyone ooooh'd and aaaaaah'd and wanted to pinch my cheeks. *blush*

I got to meet Daisy Mae, Nugget and Duke! They are one cool pack. I really liked their Mom and Dad. Their Mom is a good kisser. *whispers* So is their Dad and Daisy Mae. Don't tell her boyfriend Leroy Hatsis, Airport Dog that I snuck a kiss. He'll probably want to dog-tie me and throw me in the cargo hold of some plane headed for parts unknown!

Anyhowl, Daisy Mae entered the Miss Patriot Paws contest. I entered the swimsuit contest. I won the swimsuit competition. My fiercest competitors were a pair of Pugs in bikinis. Nugget entered the Talent contest. I think Daisy Mae and Nugget were robbed! It was rigged! They deserved to win! Nugget did a great performance of "Bang, You're Dead". Daisy looked stunning in her elegant, royal purple evening gown. *rheeeeet* *rhoooooo*

Welpers, it's been a long day and I'm a worn out Eenie Weenie. Will bark at y'all later! We'll try and get some pictures up soon from this weekend. Be sure to stop by Daisy Mae's, Nugget's and Duke's pages for their pictures of this weekend.

Smoke, Weiner in the Swimsuit Contest


Going Walking with Service Dogs!

October 13th 2006 8:26 pm
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Yup Puppers! It's true! We're going to the Patriot Paws dog walk tomorrow. I hope we get to meet some real service dogs. That would be really cool.

We'll be leaving early in the morning so we won't miss a thing! There's the walk and all kinds of events. I've even been practicing with my swim suit! Mom thinks I'll actually wear it and walk!

Smoke, resting up for the fun

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