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Life's tough when you're an Eenie Weenie!

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Doggie Bonding

November 22nd 2006 6:00 pm
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What a Great couple of Danes! See, Mom took Green Gene the Mean Machine to the truck vet for a check up. For 2 whole days, it was just ME and Mom. Mom and ME. ME ME ME ME ME!!! Mom couldn't take off in Gene and leave me stranded. *snicker*

We got to do a lot of fun things. I watched her climb up the ladder again. She put Christmas lights on Casa de Smoke. She hung a wreath on the door. She even put up a new Rowdy Friend Dispenser in the living room! It doesn't have any Rowdy Friends on it yet. Darned if she didn't put it up on the Cedar chest so I can't reach it too! *stomp*

We did some not so fun things like Rowdy Friend Roundup, vacuuming up the Rowdy Friend bed fuzz, washing nose *pokes* off glass surfaces..... Then we put some lights in the windows of the Dog Majal! It is quite festive now with the soft glow of Christmas lights. Perfect for shredding Rowdy Friends!

Smoke, Mama's Boy


Rambling Weenie

November 22nd 2006 10:20 am
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I forgot to mention that before Mom took Gene to the truck vet, we went to the gas store to see the ladies. *waggles eyebrow* They hadn't seen me since I had my lumpectomy so we figured it was high time for a visit.

We were wandering around looking at all the goodies in the store. Mom was trying to think if we needed anything else that she wouldn't be able to live without while Gene was gone when......who's that?

*flails around like a weenie-ac in Mom's arms*

It's my ex-Dad! Oh boy oh boy! I haven't seen him in a long time. I licked his whole face! He didn't even get mad when I tried to eat his earring!

Anyhowl, after all that excitement, Mah-ahm didn't get me that package of teriyaki jerky I was looking at. *pout*

Smoke, teriyaki-less


I Do Too!

November 21st 2006 7:54 am
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Welp. I never. *stomp* Correct that. No. I actually do! Someone had the nerve to say that Mom is writing my diary. *poke* She would never do that. She is only supposed to type what I tell her to. Me. Smoke. The Weenie of the Eenie variety. *puts Eeenie Weenie foot down*

Mind you I can't stop her from writing in my diary when I'm somewhere I can't get to the computer with her to dictate my diary. For instance, when I've been in the hospital. I fully expect her to give y'all pupdates on my condition. Other than that, she's not responsible for what I write in my diary. She is only the typist. *poke*

Smoke, *poking* the record straight


Red Letter Day!

November 16th 2006 10:18 am
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What a Great Dane! First, I wake up to find out that I've made the finals on the big Dogster contest! *woohoo*

I've been so busy the last couple of days trying to *poke* for everydog in the contest. I only made it to 12,006. *hangs puppy head* But I did get all my pals and forum furriends!!

Then, as if that wasn't enough, my Vet called!


Thank you all for all the prayers and good thoughts. Now we can concentrate on sending those to everywoof else in need! They really do work!

He said that the labs showed it had no lymphoblastic?? malignancy or mastocytic?? malignancy. He said it could have been something caused by a bug bite, infected hair follicle, thorn, etc. Something that caused an allergic response resulting in the bump.

Smoke, lipo-plastic masochistic ex-pee-ally-doe-shus


Help an Eenie Weenie out!

November 14th 2006 4:06 pm
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Howl-dy everypup! I just found out that some of my pals didn't know they could enter the Dogster World's Coolest Contest this year. Their part of the 6 Aussies from Canada. I had been *poking* all my pals to enter when I went through them all to vote for them.

They've finally entered but the link won't be on their pages until tomorrow. That's the last day to vote!

*shocking gasp of horror*

Could you all help an Eenie Weenie out and *poke* some paws for my pals?

*down on bended knees with paws clasped*




They have some kitty siblings too:


Midnight Sunset

Amber Rose



Thank you all so much!

Smoke, begging for *pokes*


Surgery Pupdate

November 13th 2006 12:19 pm
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He's awake and he's ready to come home!!

I have to work until 4 p.m. so it'll be at least 5 before I have him with me!

They didn't find any other bumps. They scaled a couple of molars and his upper canines and clipped his nails while he was under.

Now for the tissue to go to the lab for further testing. The technician that I talked to asked me if I was having it sent off. "Uh....hello...isn't that why they the Vet was taking it out?" < thud > Then I guess we'll have to wait for the results. I want to know what this bump was.

Di, counting the minutes again


The New "Smokie Pokie"

November 11th 2006 6:58 am
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Howl-dy everywoof! My pals Yoshi and Kazu re-wrote my Smokie Pokie song in light of my bump and upcoming lumpectomy. Everypuppy sing with me!

Okay, everyone! Let's do the Smokie~Pokie!

You put the lump in!
You take the lump out!
You say a few prayers!
Then you blow the candle out!

You do the Smokie~Pokie
and you turn your life around
that's what it's all about!

You do the Smoooooookie~Pokie!
You do the Smooooooooie~Pokie!
You do the Smoooooookie~Pokie!
And, that's what's it's all about!

Hokie Pokie Smokie Hug!

We're just trying to cheer you up. It's going to be okay!

Apaws! Apaws! and Kazu! Beautiful job!

Smoke, *Pokie* 'til the end


PSA - Please Take Your Dog to the Vet!

November 10th 2006 9:11 pm
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Howl-dy Everywoof! I’m going to let my Mom type for a minute. She has something important to say. I certainly hope that she doesn’t get us kicked off here like last time I let her type.

*hands keyboard to Mom for her Puppy Service Announcement*

Take your dog to the vet!

No matter how busy or broke you are. No matter how trivial you think it is. No matter what advice you get on the Internet or from friends.

Take your dog to the vet!

Today, I took Smoke to the vet for a bump I found on his shoulder Wednesday night. I had been watching him pretty closely for a couple of weeks in early October due to finding a tick on him. This smaller than pea-size bump is not near where the tick was and has no bearing on the new bump. I did not notice it then during his once daily (or more often) inspections during those couple of weeks. My only conclusion is that it has popped up rather quickly.

I had planned on taking him in tomorrow (Saturday) but got a call from my hairdresser. My appointment is in the morning. Same hours as the vet. We have that event at the Plano Animal Shelter as well. I almost decided to wait to take him in next week. Really, it looks just like a pimple, ingrown hair, bug bite, whatever….nothing to worry about. It can wait. Right?

I decided to drop everything and take him to the vet. I would have taken him tomorrow regardless. Even if it meant canceling all our other plans.

$50 and a needle aspiration later, we’re told it has too many characteristics consistent with mast cells. It needs to be removed as soon as possible (along with a 3-4” by 1-1.5” strip of skin off his back). They will do a biopsy on it to see what stage cell it is and decide further treatment as necessary from there.

Smoke will be having the lumpectomy on Monday. I didn’t even ask how much it would cost. Luckily I have finally finished paying off his leg surgery on my credit card so there’s some room there. I also have some money put aside for his medical care (in lieu of pet insurance).

So please. Take your dog to the vet! It may look like nothing, it may be nothing. You may not be able to afford further treatment. But you can find out what it is before it's too late to do anything about it!

*hands keyboard back to Smoke*

Thank you everywoof for reading what Mom had to say.

Smoke, I’m being skinned alive? *shocking gasp of horror*



November 6th 2006 12:53 pm
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*pokings* done! (bet you're glad I didn't bark *DING* Fries are done!)

You have voted in 1946 of 15,613 total dog entrants and 161 of 7,425 total cat entrants.

I have officially finished *poking* each and every one of my Pup Pals so I could vote on them in the Big Dogster contest! Looks like out of 615 Pup Pals, there were a few family members with Catsters too.

Now all I have to do is vote for the all the other Dogsters and Catsters!

Smoke, *poke* break


Rescue Mission

November 6th 2006 7:34 am
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When Mom came from the store home last night, I tried so hard to tell her about my poor Squeaky Squirrel getting poured on outside. She knows I hate to go out when it's raining so she wasn't going to open the door.

[SMOKE! Just go use your emergency puppy pad!]

*shocking gasp of horror*

Maaaaah-aaaaahm! Puuuuhleeeeeease open the door. Call the Coast Guard! Send in the Marines!

*pokes bells*

Hurry! *poke* *poke*

*whew* She finally opened the door for me! Sure enough, the rain was really coming down out there. So I did what any self-respecting Eenie Weenie would do in this situation.....

*teeters on the threshold*

He's right over there! But it's raining and I hate to get my delicate Eenie Weenie feet wet!

*sucks it up and runs like a weenie-ac*

*grabs Rowdy Friend Soggy Squirrel*

*slides back into the house*

My poor squirrel. I tried to hide him from Mom so he could recover quietly. I buried him in my blanket to keep him warm. When I wasn't Mom distracted me with some Pupcorn....Mah-ahm took him and wrung him out. Then she



It's not bad enough the little guy was out there in the cold, wet rain. But to be wrung out and spun..... *shakes head*

Smoke, standing guard at the dryer door

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