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A King's Life by Bandit

Oh no I'm Allergic to my favorite foods!!!Yikes!!

April 2nd 2009 9:10 am
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I got my allergy test results back.Very bad for me.If you remember on my main page my fav. foods are chicken and eggs.Guess what?You got it,I'm highly allergic to chicken,eggs,peanuts,oats,alfalfa,and green peas,not to mention a bunch of outdoor allergies and mosquitos and tobacco smoke.They are getting me allergy shot medicine and I'll have to get allergy shots the rest of my life.My vet gave mom a homemade recipe to take the place of my wet food but the biggest task is finding me a dry food I'll eat.See I'm a very picky eater.Mom and dad went on a search to find me a dry food without any of my allergens in it.They finally found Taste of the wild with smoked salmon.The first day I ate my whole bowl.They were so excited,they couldn't believe they found one I would eat on first try.But I fooled them.I refused to eat any the next 2 days,then I ate a few bites finally,then wouldn't eat again,then a few bites again.So now they are going to have to go searching again and see if they can find another kind I might like better.Its not an easy task being almost all dry foods have either eggs,green peas or chicken by products in them.Hopefully we'll get the right one.As for my treats I'm eatting 90% fat free pup- peroni's.Imagine that,me eatting a 90% fat free treat and love them.Sure shocked my mom and dad.The tobacco smokes probably going to be the most difficult,see moms a chain smoker,dad smokes 3 or 4 cigs.Moms been wanting to quit for last 2 years since my poppop died from lung disease but she still hasn't gotten the will power to do it.She is trying now since my tests came back cause she loves me so much,well not quitting but going outside more to smoke.She's working right now on trying to smoke outdoors all the time.One step at a time.We all know how aggitated people can get when they try to thats all for now..Will write again another day.


Wow 2 years since we updated my diary!

March 17th 2009 8:47 am
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Wow I can't believe it's been 2 years since we wrote in my diary.A lot sure has happened since my last entry.After 3 months in PA. we decided to move back to Georgia with my dad.Mom and dad got married 2 days after we got back.The sad news is I only had about a week with my best friend Callie.She had to be put to sleep.I miss her so much.We've been trying to find me another companion but we haven't found me the right one yet.We asked my dr. to help us find a match.I hope we find one soon,cause I love to play and wrestle.Then we lost my grandma in Aug.We moved into her house.I went from living in one room all my life to a whole house and I love it.Now I can be a silly boy and roll around on the floor,and I can choose whether i want to sleep in my chair or in the bedroom in the bed.I took over mom's chair.I like the way it feels laying in it so mom who gives me my way all the time sits in her computer chair and left me have her comfy chair.Guess you can say I'm a bit spoiled.I also went from 1 acre of land to 3 1/2 acres.But right now I only have a section around the house thats fenced in til mom and dad can afford to fence in the whole thing,then i'll really beable to run.My leg heeled up and I didn't have to have surgery unless gets bad again.Now it only bothers me on very cold days.I've been suffering from allergies for years now.That drives me crazy.Between my ears getting infections and my skin getting rashes and being itchy can make me insane at times,but mom takes me to the dr. and we get medicine and make me feel better.I just had allergy tests done,now we're waiting for the results.They said I'll probably get weekly allergy shots and mom is afraid of needles so it should be interesting.Dad will probably have to give them to me and he's not happy about it cause he's afraid I'll hate him but not a chance.After Callie died we found out that my poppop who died Feb. 2 yrs ago,his dog,Julie who I used to play with when we'd visit died to.In Dec. right before Christmas we had to put my momma to sleep.I miss her to.I used to go to her fence and kiss her and run up and down the fence.And Friday my other grandma had to have her dog Suzie put to sleep.I tryed playing with her when we were in PA. but she tryed biting me and she was just alittle terrior.It hasn't been a good last 2 years with everyone passing away.Hopefully we will have a good year this year.Summers soon here and I hope mommy and daddy get a pool pump and get the pool running again cause I love getting splashed.Plus hopefully I will soon have a new female companion,that'll be fun to.Well thats all for now in my diary.I will definitely try and update before 2 years again.


My new move

March 25th 2007 6:11 am
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I recently moved to PA.My mom and I had to leave Georgia Feb.17th,2007 cause my poppop was in hospital very sick.He passed away the next morning after we got here.So we are staying with family now til mom gets working and we can get our own place.It sure is different then Georgia because I had 1 acre of fenced in yard to play in now I gotta go out on a leash.Sure is a big change in my life but I'm happy as long as I'm with my mommy.I got kids to play with now to after they get home from school,I didn't have that in Georgia so thats a plus for PA...LOL.I had to leave behind my girl friend Callie.Shes a 3 year old boxer my mom and dad adopted.She was in poor health and when mom took to vet day after she came to us we found out she has heart worm.Shes in Georgia with my dad.Sure miss her,we went in yard every day and chased each other and slept together in mom and dads bed.Maybe one day i'll get to see her again.I have a torn ligament in my knee and have to have surgery which i was going to get in Georgia but we had family emergengy with my poppop so it got put on hold.My moms starting a job this week so when she gets money saved again I will be getting my surgery.I take rimadyl for it right now to help it til can get surgery.Any way thats whats new in my life right now and mom will let every one know how my surgery goes when I get it.Bye for now.


My Life As Bandit

February 14th 2005 8:51 am
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My names Bandit.I am king of the castle.I am very spoiled.I am 1 yr. an 10 months old.I've been with my mom and dad since I was born.She bottle fed me and brought me up to be a loving,loyal,playful,intelligent member of the family.I go everywhere with my mom.My first trips were one to my grandpa's house 3 an half hrs. from home.Then I went with my mom on a 12 hr. trip to PA. to visit my mom's family.They were afraid when they heard I was coming but they seen very fast I'm a lover not a fighter.They all loved me and can't wait til my next visit,next summer sometime.We tryed keeping a puppy from my real mommy's litter but none of them worked out.They were chewing my neck open and my mom wasn't having that. I love to play,especially with a soccer ball or a basketball.I chase it around the yard for hrs.I love car rides even if it's only a block ride.I love to go whereever my mom goes.

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