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My last entry.

January 4th 2006 8:43 am
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When I was alive my Mom always said that I was an angel sent from above and it turns out that she was right.

When I was called Home to God my assignment was complete. I had taught my Mom all about patience, love, and tolerance. She was an unwilling student at first but after nearly 11 years she became the kind of person that she was meant to be.

When I was sick, she never left my side. She never lost her temper when I could no longer hear, or when my arthritis was so bad that she had to carry me, or during the last months when I became incontinent. She made me feel so loved and cherished and adored.

I sit here at the Bridge and I watch her. I saw her crying for me during Halloween because she remembered how much I loved meeting and greeting all the children as they rang the bell for their treats. She cried for me on Thanksgiving because she was thankful to have had me in her life. This past Christmas I saw her cry when she unpacked my stocking and hung it up on the mantle and left treats in it for me. And on New Years Day she cried again because I wouldn't be there to share the new year with her.

I need her to know that I am not gone forever....that my spirit lives on and always will. I want her to know that I will always be her Angel and she will always be my Mommy.


I was in the hospital

June 17th 2005 11:53 am
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Poor me! I was one sick doggie this week and my Mom and Dad had to take me to the hospital.

The doctors stuck me with needles and they took x-rays and put me on lots of different medications. I even had to have nebulizer treatments. Guess what! I have pneumonia.

I was in the hospital for 4 days but I got to go home at night to sleep in my own bed with my Mom and Dad. I don't have to go back there until Monday but in the meantime my Mom is taking such good care of me...I love her! She hides my pills in chunks of cheese but I know they're in there. Pills are so nasty tasting.

I am sure getting lots of treats and love...but pneumonia sucks!


My humiliation

May 16th 2005 1:19 pm
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I think that my Mom was trying to humiliate me with some of those pictures that she put on my page!

Take the one of me on Halloween with those dumb pumpkin ears...I was doing her a favor by letting her put those stupid things on me and then she takes a picture. How could she? And then she puts it online for everyone to see...oh the shame. I was just trying to make the little trick-or-treaters laugh and this is the thanks I get. Every dog in the world is going to think that I am the biggest wuss in the world -- AND I'M NOT.

And what about that picture of me in the box. When you look at it you get the impression that I am a lazy dog and that's far from the case. What you don't know is that we had just moved from NYC to Florida and there were boxes all around our new house. I got into one to help my Mom and Dad unpack and it was so comfy that I fell asleep. Give this poor dog a break! So I fell asleep--it's the thought that counts and I was trying to help.

Poor me! Don't look at those pictures. Pretend they're not there!

And with that said...I think I need a nap!


April 26, 2005 - Dear Diary

April 26th 2005 12:24 pm
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Hi, my name is Butchie and I’m a senior citizen. I don’t run around and play like I used to because I have arthritis and can’t walk that much. But don’t feel sad for me because I have a nice life.

Most days I sit on the couch and take a lot of naps. My Mom used to sing to me and I really loved that but since I can no longer hear I only remember the songs in my heart. When I see her lips moving I know that she’s singing to me and sometimes I give her a little lick so that she’ll know I know. It makes her feel happy.

At night I sleep in bed with my Mom and Dad. It’s hard for me to walk up the ramp to get on the bed so my Dad picks me up at night and carries me down in the morning. My Mom calls him the elevator man and he gives her a funny look when she says that.

I love when friends and neighbors come over to visit because they all pet me and give me treats. But my Mom gives me the best treats in the world. She also cooks for me and feeds me by hand because I’m a fussy eater.

I hope you liked reading about me and looking at my pictures. I will write some more another day.

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