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The journey of being Kestrel

Kestrel the Show Dog

August 21st 2005 6:46 pm
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Well I was gone living where I was born with my breeder and dog-family for a few months, but when the leaves started to fall off the trees I got to move back in with Momma. That was GREAT!

We started to do everything together again. She was still really sad from when her dad left, but I think I helped cheer her up. She spent a lot of time being out of it and very quiet. But I was patient and just kept on getting her to pet me until she was a bit happier.

Then one day we both went to my breeder's house again. I really hoped I wouldn't be left there without my Momma again, but it was a nice place so I wasn't too upset. Ended up, she stayed too! But then she gave me a bath.. ugh. And proceeded to brush me for about 2 hours. YUCK! Then we got in the car and drove and drove..

When we finally got to where we were going, I could tell we were somewhere cool because of all the smells and sounds of other dogs. I was very excited, but also tired from driving all day. That can be pretty hard on a dog you know. Momma took me for a walk all over the place so I got to smell everything, and then I went to a very needed sleep in my crate.

The next day, I was brushed AGAIN, then we went into the 'show ring' and I got lots of cookies! Yum! Almost made it worth having some stranger feel me all over. Well, yeah I guess it did, and I guess it had to be because we went to a lot more of them over the next three years.

One day we went to a show in Sacramento. It was raining like there was no tomorrow. I wanted to play in the mud, but Momma just got done brushing me and she put me in a crate and dragged the crate on wheels all the way to the show building. When we got inside, it started raining even harder and it sounded like the building was going to collapse! A bunch of dogs were really scared for a minute, but I had Momma so I wasn't.

When I went in the ring with Momma, there were a LOT of other dogs. I knew that the last couple of times I went in, Momma was disappointed afterwards. She didn't do a very good job of hiding it. So THIS time I was going to make her happy. I think she really needed it, she was getting depressed again. Well when the judge pointed at me, Momma wasn't sure what she meant. She blinked and asked everyone "Did I just win a MAJOR?!" And they all said yes. Wow Momma was so happy she cried! I guess I did good that time, but she was so happy she kinda forgot that I had a leash on and choked me a bit.

After that show, I didn't show again for a long time. Momma said it was because we couldn't afford to go, whatever that means. But then in August of 2001, we went on a REALLY long trip, all the way to Washington. It was fun, especially the ride up there because we got to play in Oregon. At this show, there were more dogs in my class than I'd ever seen before. I lost the first day, but the second day I WON, and Momma said I was now a Champion! She sure felt good that day, especially since there was a lady at that show who didn't think she could take care of a dog, much less show one. Guess that proved her wrong. It was nice to have all the attention I got after that show. Lots of people wanted to "use me" as a "stud". I never did find out what that meant though.


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