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The journey of being Kestrel

Kestrel the Show Dog

August 21st 2005 6:46 pm
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Well I was gone living where I was born with my breeder and dog-family for a few months, but when the leaves started to fall off the trees I got to move back in with Momma. That was GREAT!

We started to do everything together again. She was still really sad from when her dad left, but I think I helped cheer her up. She spent a lot of time being out of it and very quiet. But I was patient and just kept on getting her to pet me until she was a bit happier.

Then one day we both went to my breeder's house again. I really hoped I wouldn't be left there without my Momma again, but it was a nice place so I wasn't too upset. Ended up, she stayed too! But then she gave me a bath.. ugh. And proceeded to brush me for about 2 hours. YUCK! Then we got in the car and drove and drove..

When we finally got to where we were going, I could tell we were somewhere cool because of all the smells and sounds of other dogs. I was very excited, but also tired from driving all day. That can be pretty hard on a dog you know. Momma took me for a walk all over the place so I got to smell everything, and then I went to a very needed sleep in my crate.

The next day, I was brushed AGAIN, then we went into the 'show ring' and I got lots of cookies! Yum! Almost made it worth having some stranger feel me all over. Well, yeah I guess it did, and I guess it had to be because we went to a lot more of them over the next three years.

One day we went to a show in Sacramento. It was raining like there was no tomorrow. I wanted to play in the mud, but Momma just got done brushing me and she put me in a crate and dragged the crate on wheels all the way to the show building. When we got inside, it started raining even harder and it sounded like the building was going to collapse! A bunch of dogs were really scared for a minute, but I had Momma so I wasn't.

When I went in the ring with Momma, there were a LOT of other dogs. I knew that the last couple of times I went in, Momma was disappointed afterwards. She didn't do a very good job of hiding it. So THIS time I was going to make her happy. I think she really needed it, she was getting depressed again. Well when the judge pointed at me, Momma wasn't sure what she meant. She blinked and asked everyone "Did I just win a MAJOR?!" And they all said yes. Wow Momma was so happy she cried! I guess I did good that time, but she was so happy she kinda forgot that I had a leash on and choked me a bit.

After that show, I didn't show again for a long time. Momma said it was because we couldn't afford to go, whatever that means. But then in August of 2001, we went on a REALLY long trip, all the way to Washington. It was fun, especially the ride up there because we got to play in Oregon. At this show, there were more dogs in my class than I'd ever seen before. I lost the first day, but the second day I WON, and Momma said I was now a Champion! She sure felt good that day, especially since there was a lady at that show who didn't think she could take care of a dog, much less show one. Guess that proved her wrong. It was nice to have all the attention I got after that show. Lots of people wanted to "use me" as a "stud". I never did find out what that meant though.


Kestrel's first year

April 11th 2005 5:58 pm
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Hi, I'm Kestrel, as I guess you already knew. My momma's just so proud of me she can't help brag. I'm really not all that glamorous though. Well let's start at the beginning.

When I was a puppy, I lived with my mom, dad, and my brothers and sisters. There were six of us I think. Then two of my siblings left, and I met my new momma! I wasn't sure if I'd like her or not, so I hid behind my family. Then she reached out her hand and I just couldn't resist sniffing it. Well she must have decided she liked me, cuz away we went! It was really scary, being away from everything I've ever known. I hid in my momma's arms for a couple of hours when I first got home.

I eventually got used to it though, and I found out that I had two other dog friends! One was a Brittany spaniel named Bojangles. She was really pretty, especially when she came into heat. The other one was a Chow mix named Skye. She was my mentor. She taught me all kinds of neat things, like how to run away when momma called, and how to escape the kennel.

One day, a strange man came and broke the kennel we lived in while momma was at school. We escaped and went for a joy run! It was SO much fun! Well, eventually we got bored of the neighborhood and Skye showed me that across this dark strip with fast moving things on it was more places to explore and pee on. So across we went. BAD IDEA! We got hit by one of those fast moving things. And I got separated from Skye. I found a nice grassy yard to lay down in, it felt really nice because my hip hurt so bad. Then it started to get cold, and I started to get scared. Where was momma? Where was my family? Where was Skye? That night I could hear Skye down by a river, screaming in pain. The man who lived at the house I was at went down there and then the screaming stopped.

I laid in that yard for three whole days. Finally my momma and her dad showed up! Thank god! I whined, but couldn't even get up to say hello. My momma's dad carried me into the car, where I found Skye! She told me about the scary night she spent with a very painful hip and trying to fight off coyotes. Then we went on a car ride. Never had the car hurt so much. Every little bump tore through my hip with searing pain. I'm sure Skye was in just as much pain because she whined a whole lot on the way.

When we got to where we were going, Skye managed to limp her way inside, but I had to be carried. This place was NOT friendly, but I was in so much pain I didn't care. All I could hear were other dogs crying for their mommas and poppas. Then I went to sleep. When I woke up again, I was in a small crate. I had a funny collar on my head which was really uncomfortable. But my hip didn't hurt as much. I was still really tired and went back to sleep.

The next morning, momma came to get me and Skye. It was SO nice to see her again! I got really excited and tried to jump around. I didn't care if it hurt! But momma's dad made me stop, and then put me in the car. After that things got really boring. I had to spend what seemed like FOREVER in a crate. I only got to go outside to go potty, and didn't get to walk around more than a couple of steps. Momma said it was only a couple of weeks, but sheesh it felt long. I missed my friend Bojangles, but she came and visited me a lot.

During that time, something TERRIBLE happened! One day, momma took me outside to go potty like usual, then put me back in the crate. Ho hum. Then I heard sirens, and a loud choppa-choppa-choppa. Everyone in the house was really scared and sad all of a sudden. I could sense it, but since I was in the crate I couldn't do anything! I watched with growing apprehension. Then everyone left! I was stuck in the crate an extra long time that day. I didn't understand why, but momma's dad never came home again. They said he was shot in the head by a gun.

Life changed after that. Momma got very sad, and I did everything in my puppy-power to cheer her up. I was always putting my head in her lap for pets and nudging me with my nose if she stopped petting me. Right before my birthday, things got even worse. Skye went to another home with someone she didn't know. And Bojangles left too. I was the only dog left! And then I was taken back to where I was born. I remembered the place, and was glad to see my family again, but I missed Momma terribly.

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