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My life

TPLO surgery

November 22nd 2008 12:07 pm
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Well here I go again! Last year it was my right leg this year its my left one! At least I don't have any more hind legs that can go! I must be like superdog with all this metal!

The part I hate the worst is the pills and having to stay down all the time! Mom and dad have to give me pills for pain and to help me relax because otherwise I would be running all over! They even put a box on the end of their bed when they aren't in it so I can't get up! But they did lay their bedspread on the living room floor for me so its kinda like sleeping on their bed. Boy this is really awful having to do this again! Does anyone have any ideas on how mom and dad can help me more? Dad went out this morning and got a pill shooter because I have such a hard time taking the pills.


home life

April 11th 2007 6:58 pm
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My daddy was not very attentive for awhile after his stroke and he slept alot but now he is home with me every day. We do things like go for walks, we play, we go out to the garage and do stuff and we sleep together. On days when he really isn't feeling very good I stay right beside him in case he needs help. I can tell when he doesn't feel good. I don't want him to go back to work because I like him home. He and mom said they have been applying for social security and veteran's benefits but I don't know what that is. They tell me it takes a long time before they know anything. I don't understand all that . I just wish we could go up to the cabin more and I don't understand when they tell me we can't because the gas is too expensive. I like to run up there and really need the exersize. Dad took me up there last weekend and I got to run alot but I never left him alone! He had to come off the porch before I would run. We are going up there again this weekend for 4 whole days! I'll be so tired and feel so good when we come home! I can't wait. Then we get to go to the ocean for 3 days but thats to visit with some of their friends. It may not be as much fun because they won't let me off the leash to run; I might run away down there.


Day to day

March 7th 2007 7:09 pm
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Well, daddy finally found a job and worked for about 6 months but then he had something they called a stroke in November! Now he's not working again but he doesn't seem to want to play as much either. He does take me for walks in the neighborhood now though and I like that. Except that a couple weeks ago I got nosy when we walked by this fence with holes in it and I stuck my nose in. I knew I smelled someone there but I didn't expect him to bite my nose! I had to go get 5 stitches in it and boy did it hurt. The next time we walked by that fence I stayed away!


kicked out of daycare

February 24th 2006 12:02 am
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Well, I have been kicked out of daycare. I keep getting tired and taking other dogs down. Iu go to daycare now on Saturdays with other dogs that have the same problem. I don't know why but they just get on my nerves after while and I get mad! I hope I learn to control it better so I can go back soon. But mom and dad can't afford it anway since daddy isn't working now. Anyone have a job- daddy sure wants to work!


elk hunting

November 6th 2005 9:18 pm
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Mom and dad went elk hunting this weekend and boy was that fun! When they came home for breakfast I got to run up in the mountains. There is sure a lot of good smells up there! And you can run and jump and chase squirrels and birds! Boy I had a great time!


doggie daycare

April 7th 2005 10:22 pm
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I sure had alot of fun today at daycare! My mom is so nice to take me here twice a week. I get to play with my friends all day long! I get all my exercise needs taken care of here. Then I go home and my mom feeds me then I potty and sleep. Boy do I need that sleep now!

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