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Being a Dog is Ruff by Wrigley T. Fat

Why Me?

September 22nd 2004 10:39 am
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Dear Diary,

I have a new sister, hannh. I thought at first when she came to our house that Mom was just babysitting. It has been a month and a half and she is still here. I guess that means we are keeping her! I liked being an only dog but I suppose she is ok. She doesn't really bother me except when she lays on me...I get too hot then. Mom says that I have to be a good big brother and watch out for her and keep her company. I told Mom that I was far too busy to to that during the day but she insisted I keep an eye on her. I don't know why...all she does is sleep all day and then she tries to take my toys. Mom says I should share because I can only "play with one toy at a time" but she doesn't get the point!
I told Hannah that she can play with them but NOT with my baby. That was off limits for sure. She said that was ok. She is nice to me so I guess it could be worse. Mom always gives us equal amounts of bones and things but I think I should get more because I am bigger. Mom said Hannah had to put on weight because she was too skinny. She was pretty small so I guess that is ok ..for now. That is about it for now diary. I will write again soon

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