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Pretty Boy Floyd - Life is Good


November 16th 2006 9:45 am
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I can't believe that I'm a finalist in THREE DIFFERENT CATEGORIES in the World's Coolest contest!!!

(Floyd doing his best politician impersonation)

hmhmhmh (clears throat)...

"I'd like to thank all of those that poked my pictures five paws. Now please go back and poke me with a Best in Show vote. If elected I will (try) to make sure that there is a Frosty Paw in every dog bowl"

...leaves podium, shakes paws and licks babies. But can't get out the door because his head has swollen to big.....


Dog Blog Dog

May 17th 2006 10:52 am
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Francis Rocks and I made it into the Dogster Dog blog today. Seems Francis told them about how I gave him my dog stroller that I won in the "World's Coolest Dog and Cat" contest. I am to big for the stroller but Francis fits. Then, shortly after the stroller arrived, Francis injured his shoulder and had to lay off it for awhile. Abra Cadabra, the stroller becomes a wheelchair and Francis gets to recuperate while still being able to be out and about. Glad to help little buddy.


Snobby Dogs

March 13th 2006 9:25 am
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Well I'm not really a snobby dog. But I am a Slobb(er)y dog. But mom went ahead and entered me in the Snobby Dog photo contest. Please go to the below link and take a gander at my photo entry. If so inclined please vote for me. I am about half way down under the title "King Barkus" (the titles are alphabetical). I'm in my Mardi Gras finery.

Tha nks ...Hugs and Slurps


Canine AmBASSador

February 11th 2006 11:08 am
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On Thursday mom and I went to a pre-shool for our first official AKC Canine Ambassador visit. There were about 25 little 3-5 year old kidlets there and we had lot's of fun. We showed them how to approach a strange dog, what to do if a strange dog comes running up to you (stand real still like a statue and don't look them in the eyes, or drop like a rock and curl up in a little ball), and what it takes to keep us dogs happy and healthy. And mom sang them this song that she wrote all about ME, ME, ME!

Floyd's a basset hound
He's oh so cute
He looks so good in his doggie suit

He's got lot's of skin
Wrinkles galore
Real long ears that reach the floor

With his great big nose
He smells for bunnies
Short legs and big paws he looks so funny

Floyd's a basset hound
He's oh so cute
And I think he's perfect in his doggie suit!

written by Floyd's mommy
Doggywrighted by Floyd's mommy
From the AKC Website:
What is a Canine Ambassador?

A Canine Ambassador is an AKC-affiliated club member who goes into the community to educate children about responsible dog ownership, canine safety and a variety of other canine-related topics. Canine Ambassadors usually make presentations to children in schools or youth programs, such as Boy Scouts or the Boys and Girls Club. Canine Ambassadors usually make presentations with their dogs. All Canine Ambassadors receive periodic mailings from the Public Education department that contain reproducibles. These reproducibles are fun word games or matching games that emphasize the importance of responsible dog ownership, canine safety or the sport of purebred dogs.

You can read all about what it takes to be a Cani ne Ambassador by clicking on the words.


Quit rubbing it in Dogster, mom is depressed enough...

January 4th 2006 10:49 am
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2006 Day 4

Well OK, she's not really depressed, but everytime she opens the home page of Dogster she sighs heavily. The problem is Dogster has the AKC Eukanuba National Championship ALL OVER the home page. Mom and I worked real hard this year for me to qualify to go and WE DID IT! Yep, I ranked in the Top 25 of Basset Hounds and received the coveted invitation. Mom knew we really couldn't travel to Tampa, FL to attend and said all along that she would just be happy to receive the invitation. And she is, really she is, has it all framed pretty and everything. But now that it's almost here and everywhere she looks there is the advertisments......sigh

I will snuggle with her on the sofa as we watch it on TV and we will be there in spirit cheering on our friends. That will make mom very happy.

PB Floyd


My New Years Resolution

January 2nd 2006 7:56 pm
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Well here goes. My New Years Resolution for 2006 is to keep a diary. First off I want to wish every dog a happy, happy New Year!!

2006 Day 1 -

We started the year off with an early morning walk on Ellwood Mesa. Ellwood Mesa is a 147 acre coastal preserve just a few miles north of Santa Barbara. I was joined by best friend Francis Rocks (Dogster id#134037) (who's 4th birthday was New Years day) and our two Golden Retriever girlfriends, Annie (6 years) and Smooch (9 months). What can I say, Francis and I, both being vertically challenged, love our blond, leggy girlfriends. We timed it perfectly between rainstorms and spent 2 1/2 hours there walking, sniffing, rolling and splashing in the mud. Perfect weather for a bunch of hunting dogs! With Francis's mom on the camera we shot over 130 pictures. I selected my favorites in the below slide show. You don't have to sign in, just click on the picture.

After our long walk we went to our favorite breakfast/lunch restaruant for a New Years/birthday celebration. For some reason we were the only dogs and humans sitting outside on this cold rainy day. All those silly humans waiting forvever for a table inside...... , I'm sure us and our humans were quite a site covered in mud!

We got home just in time for the next rainstorm to hit where us very tired dogs passed out in front of the fire. A perfect way to start the New Year! And in case any of you doggies out there ever wondered what showdogs do to get ready for a big show...this is it! On Thurs we load up the Floydmobile and Francis and I head out to the big dog show in Palm Springs. Can't wait!

Here's to a wonderful start to 2006!

Pretty Boy Floyd

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