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A Model hound!

Product testing day!

January 9th 2014 12:56 am
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Today I did some extensive product testing for my 'pack leaders! They put one of their new Valentines Day dudiedog bandanas on me and we went out on my favourite walk! WOOF!!

This walk starts with a trot down the road, showing off to my neighbours Flo-Jo and Harry (both Border Collies), Freddy (BC x Jack Russell) and Frisbee (Bichon Frisee). I got admiring dog-whistles from Flo! :-) I think the guys were just jealous!

Then we reached the field and off the lead time! BRILLIANT!! So many smells, so little time...too many and I couldn't contain myself. I must admit I was a bit mad at this moment....I may have had a little 'accident' ...

No matter, the field leads down to the river. Big and brown it was and covered in DUCKS! I love ducks!! But they make me very frustrated - they bob about all superior thinking they're safe on the water. One day I'll catch one, I will, one day...

Never mind, I managed to retrieve a few sticks for my pack leader so that made us all happy (wish he wouldn't keep throwing them back into the water though - why do they do that?!)

I carried on, taking my owners downstream (I had an ulterior motive ;-)), to the next village.

There I managed to persuade them (us BCs have amazing powers of persuasion you know!) to visit the tea room. One of my favourites place in all the world! They made me a slice of hot buttered toast! A rare treat (I'm not normally allowed bread, boo!) I soon wolfed this down I can tell you! I may have had a little snooze under the table while they took soooo long to eat their food - eating with your clever paws is all very well, but if humans just used their mouths like us dogs we'd all get on much quicker I reckon.

On the way back I carried on testing the bandana. I had already tried it in the river. Now it was to see how it fared underground! I found a few rabbit holes to investigate and stick my head in. I was actually a bit cautious about this as in the summer I did this and found some nasty stinging things! They stuck themselves in my fur and stung me - it was very painful! I don't want that to happen again - but I love trying to catch rabbits too....I'll probably catch one of those the same day I catch a duck...Don't think I'm fat and slow. Two years running I won the open dog class at running at the local show in Nidderdale. I am VERY keen! I ran so hard last time I actually caught the rabbit they put in front of us - but big secret here - it is ALL FAKE!! It isn't a real rabbit at all!!! Big con...:-(

After failing to find any rabbits I looked for small furries (mice and voles I think I've heard pack leader call them). This involved lots of listening, being quiet and then sudden pouncing. I am really good at this. I wish the humans would all just be quiet though - they seem to scare them away everytime. But one day I'll catch one, one day....

By now I think I'd tested my bandana quite well and I decided it was time to wash it so I jumped back into the river and gave it a thorough soaking. I think it still looked okay, not that I could see it under my neck, but other humans were saying how pretty I looked. Certainly Flo gave me another welcoming bark as I arrived back in our home village :-)

When we got home I was, sadly, given a good towelling off, but I still managed to shake some dirty water over the kitchen units so it wasn't all bad news...! Pack leaders weren't quite so impressed at my 'art-work' though. They have no taste in modern doggy art movements - Caninism I call it!

I think the pack leaders took some photos so I will see if I can persuade them to discover how to load them onto this brilliant website...


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