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"I invited Ernie to play..."

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Age: 4 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 1-10 lbs

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He just raced off into the bushes.  Some pal he is!

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"He just raced off into the bushes. Some pal he is!"

Same thing happened when I came out to play with Dijon, I came out, he headed in!

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"Same thing happened when I came out to play with Dijon, I came out, he headed in!"

I was out racing in the field...

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"I was out racing in the field..."

Little Angie tried to head me off at the pass...

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"Little Angie tried to head me off at the pass..."

For a minute or two I thought Georgie was back the way she crowded into me, BOL!

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"For a minute or two I thought Georgie was back the way she crowded into me, BOL!"

This is my new sister, Angie.  I was inviting her to play with me.

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"This is my new sister, Angie. I was inviting her to play with me."

Hope Toto doesn

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"Hope Toto doesn't realize what is on the other end of his favorite chewing stick, BOL!"

I also posed with Toto.

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"I also posed with Toto."

My superior look, hehehe!

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"My superior look, hehehe!"

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The family of Walker (Angel Boy), Alexandria,  Molly,  Pookah   , Edwina (Angel Eddy) DG#1 and more!
The family of Walker (Angel Boy), Alexandria,  Molly,  Pookah   , Edwina (Angel Eddy) DG#1 and more!
The family of Walker (Angel Boy), Alexandria,  Molly,  Pookah   , Edwina (Angel Eddy) DG#1 and more!

RieRie, Riley Red Toes, Ryster

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June 17th 2010

Chasing Crystal around the lab pen

Poodle show coats!

Favorite Toy:
Crystal's tail

Favorite Food:
The chickies I was raising for eggs!

Favorite Walk:
Down to the lab pen OR over to daycare

Best Tricks:
Sneaking out of the lab pen, then hustling back in while I am outside looking for him!!!

Arrival Story:
I wanted a little red poodle so Riley came to live here from the Handler Girls. He was going to be a show dog but he is a bit shy of strangers and was also the victim of the old saying, "The cobblers children have no shoes", in that the handler girl always had paying clients that came before Riley.

After a whole Summer of babying that poodle show cut, Riley convinced me and the handler girl that living life as a "real" dog was more important than any dog show!! With the cutting of the coat Riley became the greatest little red dog and is no longer shy at all!!

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We don't doodle!

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November 27th 2013 More than 1 year!

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Rambling with Riley

Wherein I visit Mom.

September 24th 2014 6:27 pm
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Yesterday my new sister, Sadie, went up to visit Mom for a groom. I stayed home with my new dad and we stayed on the couch, watching TV. (Did you know Mom doesn't even have a couch???)
Actually the reason I stayed home, lounging on the couch, was because on Monday I had to go to the dogtor for my operation. You boy dogs know of what I speak, no doubt? Suffice it to say I was wounded!
Well, in their infinite wisdom my old Mom and my new Mom decided I would be fine for my groom today. Sure, it wasn't their body that had THE operation!!
Well, when I got there I wasn't sure if I should be happy to see Mom or not!!! if I was too happy to see her they might bring me back? I figured it was safer to play hard to get so I acted like I was afraid of Mom and refused to look at her, hehehe.
Tonya took me right to the bathing room and, since SHE didn't give me away I was happy to see her. After I was all bathed and dried Mom got me and put me on the table. Since I am not the easiest dog to groom, yeah, I admit that, I just acted normal on the table and poor Mom really had to work to make me look charming. Finally, it was over and Mom and Tonya took me to the break room with Angie.
We played and played and played so much I forgot I was punishing Mom and I jumped in her lap. She was much happier, but not as happy as she was when my new Dad came to get me and I raced over and jumped all over him and kissed him all over his face.
Hey, I LOVE my new Dad!!!


I'm gone, too!

September 5th 2014 5:49 pm
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Mom is getting older and older and all us dogs were getting way too much for her. Everywhere she went there were dogs, here a dog, there a dog, EVERYWHERE a dog!
Well, a few weeks ago Quincy went off to live with his Uncle and Mom's nephew and his wife. It turned out PERFECT, he loves his new home, they love him and he gets to be out playing with Gator all the time, so far he's gone swimming every night, camping twice, hiking, mtn biking, and other fun stuff.
Then Ali went off to a new home as well. She went to live with her daughter, Georgie and her friend, another toy poodle. You can read about it in her diary.
Frankly, I was a bit jealous!
Well, not for long. Last week one of Mom's long time boarding grooming clients came in to have her help them find a new poodle. Seems their old one was SIXTEEN years old and he finally died. Their younger one, 9 years old, was heartbroken and wouldn't even eat or sleep with them... she just sat by the old guys empty bed. They didn't want a puppy, they are even older than Mom and couldn't imagine training another baby!
Of course Mom thought of ME and sent Tonya over to get me so they could meet me. I put on my best behavior and showed off for the nice lady. She left without me, but she did have a couple of my photos tucked under her arm.
That very day she called Mom and asked if she and her husband could try me. Mom KNEW they were going to call back so she and Tonya had already groomed me, BOL! She said they could come right up.
Well, there was a problem... you know I used to be the shy one and I have NEVER lived with any men around. I am scared of men, frankly!
Mom told them about that, then she handed me to the man... I don't know which one of us was MORE scared, me OR him. At arms length, he carried me out to their car and got in. Immediately, little Sadie (the SAME color as me, imagine that???), jumped into the front and welcomed me.
They came back on Monday... turns out, I LOVE my new Dad and spend most of my time sitting in HIS lap. I do go outside with Sadie and play with her, but I do not go anywhere unless my new Dad tells me to! I even sleep in bed with him!!!
Mom is sad that we have left BUT she says she is sooo proud of our excellent behavior in our new homes. She says it makes her feel good that we all learned all the stuff she tried to teach us!
Oh yeah, Barney will have to tell his own story, but HE doesn't live with Mom anymore, either!!! But, he lives with Julie, and comes to work with her everyday and stays in daycare. I hope she knows I am coming to be groomed and/or boarded soon!!!
BTW... I am sad about one thing about my new home... I have to go to Florida for the Winter so I will miss all the snow (and cold and wet and cold and ice and all that!!!) Too bad, Momsie, that you can't come with me, hehehe!


My new trick...

December 27th 2013 6:01 pm
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As you know, I live with a million and a half other dogs here. It is really hard to get enough attention unless you do bad stuff like Quincy does. Since I am not really a bad dog, I don't do bad stuff.
As a result, I needed to come up with some great attention getting scheme. Finally, it came to me. I can jump higher than ANY other dog here, and I can pretty much levitate straight up.
How does this work, you ask??? Well, every time Mom sits down and everyone else gathers around her I merely levitate right up onto her shoulder. I originally tried her lap, but sadly, Quincy is so big that he plunks his big ole Lab head right into Mom's lap and he about scrambled my brain the first time he landed that head on poor little me.
Mom does have broad shoulders, and therefore I can plunk myself down on them and sort of wrap myself around her neck. Because she is usually not paying any attention to us dogs, she absentmindedly reaches over and starts patting me and loving on me. Neat!!!
Poor Beanie is about fit to be tied. He has yet to master the jumping technique so he is left groveling on the floor with the others. He CLAIMS he can't jump good cuz of that damaged muscle and nerve in his leg he got from that Rabies shot but frankly, he has pretty much over used that excuse!
I say too bad Beanie boy...YOU get to spend all night in that great water bed with Mom and I have to sleep in my crate in the dog room. Payback is a pita, huh???

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