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Howlaween photos...

September 28th 2014 4:25 pm
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Momsie decided to use some of our old Halloween photos on our pages because she said it takes FOREVER to put photos on right now. Since she says it takes forever to dress us all up and get presentable photos, she decided to just take ONE forever and put the photos on.
It only took her THREE hours, no kidding, three hours!!!
She says she has blisters on her mouse finger because she had to click so many times. First, you have to go from add photo to account to add photo to account to live page to add photo until you FINALLY get a place to add the photo that doesn't say you can't add anymore. Next, you have to do the same and go from one to another to another to another until you finally get to the photo manager without it saying you don't have plus. Next you number the new photo, then click save. BUT, if you aren't lucky, it will tell you that you do not have plus again and also, ALL your captions will be missing. THEN, you have to carefully back out until you get to photo manager again with your captions, NOW you have to also click display on all your photos over ten since somehow, someway that has gotten unclicked.
Get the message???? Three hours to load sixteen photos. This is dedication or stupidity!
On another note, Mom said my son Tanner is visiting with her for a few weeks. It seems he has started having some pretty severe seizures. The first one happened outside, just at dusk. Susie and her new husband live in the boonies in Northern VT and it was only 20 degrees and after his seizure he was disoriented and scared and wouldn't come to her and he RAN OFF DOWN THE DIRT ROAD!!!!
They looked all night and listened to the coyotes howling and the foxes yipping and assumed if he didn't freeze to death, he would get eaten.
After looking and looking, they finally gave up at nine am and went home. Within a few minutes there was a scratching at the door and he came in, filthy and wet and cold and hungry, but ALIVE!!!!
Mom said one seizure was okay but when he had another one just five days later and once again wouldn't let anyone touch him after, they decided to get some testing done. This time he WAS inside since he now only goes out with his leash on!!
Because Susie just moved there and doesn't know any vets they decided it was best for Mom to take him down here and use our vet next door. And, they have all his records anyway.
Mom said so far he's been fine BUT it is even more scary after what happened to Bubbles!


I have a new home!!??!!

September 5th 2014 5:25 pm
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Yup, it IS true. There was a tragedy at work and Bubbles, my cousin from Kansas who lived with my daughter Georgie and their friend, Sandy, were here for grooming. Bubbles has been here living for five years, then she has been with these people for another three years and has ALWAYS been healthy and happy.
Well, for whatever reason, while Mom was grooming her she had a seizure and DIED!!! Mom almost died herself, never, EVER has that happened in over 40 years of grooming dogs! The vet is right next door to our kennel and Tonya raced up there with Bubbles because Mom thought she might still be alive but they said she was not. It was awful, both Mom and Tonya were crying, then when Mom called the new owner they were all crying again.
Well, her daughter called and asked Mom to PLEASE, PLEASE find her mom another dog ASAP. Tonya suggested Mom send Ali to them... this lady is a PERFECT owner and besides, she already has my daughter and Bubbles and I were just alike and loved EVERYONE and Mom said OK. So, when the lady came to get Georgie and Sandy Mom asked her if she wanted to try me. Suddenly, everyone was crying again, and the lady said she would be honored to have me and was really happy Mom let me go there.
Mom said it was very hard but she knows I will be the center of attention there and I really do deserve that! Mom said I was one of many here and it was selfish of her to keep me when this lady and her grand kids will dote on me day and night.
Soo, off I went! I am coming in for grooming next week and I will have another diary about my NEW life!! Besides, it will be nice to see Georgie again, I missed her.


Still here...

August 17th 2014 4:36 pm
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It has been a pretty difficult Summer for being on Dogster, especially when I am trying to impress my beau. I get nicely groomed, put on my pretty clothes and jewels and model whilst Mom or Julia or Skye photograph me, then I can't get the photos to load on Dogster!
I try to keep up with his diary but if he is a pick you cannot get there from here so you have to search around to figure out how to read it! At least the gifts seem to work again.
I am not complaining, mind you. It is WAY, WAY better than it was in the Spring. We can actually sign in now, we can leave photo comments even though we can't always load the photos, and the time is right on the forums.
Oh well, I will save my pretty photos and perhaps they will be accepted in the morning??? Hope so!!


Speaking of pretty, did I mention I got a new Summer doo??

May 31st 2014 7:12 pm
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Yup, sure enough, Mom gave us ALL Summer doos, although Summer seems a bit late in coming this year! Tomorrow is June 1st and the high today was only in the very low 60's. The low was only 42!!!! Brrrrr.
Anyway, back to my Summer doo. Mom cuts all my body pretty short, well, VERY short, and leaves bracelets on my ankles and hocks. I think I look quite fetching with that doo, and Mom says I have a nice, thick curly coat which helps make it look better. Of course, it would look MUCH better if my HUGE scar on my back didn't show. In case you forgot, that is where Toto licked me and made a HUGE blister which was nasty and painful. Now the black scar shows and my hair is not curly over the rest of that area.
Oh well, I am still the cutest of Mom's dogs, at least I think I am and that is what counts, right??? And, in the nice Summer fresh green grass, my curly white coat stands out quite nicely!
Back to me, it's all about me, you know! I like Summer and I always can find a nice toy to play with. Mom says I am weird and I toss my toy up in the air, then run around and catch it. Barney does this, too, cuz I taught him how.
Anyway, Beanie, the self appointed dog police, comes rushing up and jumps on me whenever I am playing. He must call Toto for backup, because Toto always barrels into me, too. I have learned to just drop the toy and lie down instantly...they run off feeling like they have done their job and I slowly get up and find my toy and start playing again.
It IS hard to be part of a multi dog family, but I suppose the company makes up for it??? I do know that Toto (and Beanie) are very, very warm and soft when I snuggle up with them on the cold Winter nights!!!!


It is a gosh darn good thing I am pretty!!!

March 25th 2014 5:25 pm
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Yup, you're right, that title obviously means I am in trouble again, huh? Well, it really wasn't my fault, or maybe just a little bit?
Yesterday morning when Mom was putting us all in our crates before she went off to work I decided I wasn't gonna spend one more day in my crate. I guess my first mistake was even getting up when she rousted us all out of bed. Usually I just sink down under the covers and don't move. When Mom wakes up she is in a hurry to go so she hurries up and puts us all out first and doesn't really have time to fool around dragging me out of bed. Sooo, I snooze the day away.
Well, for some reason I got up yesterday, and went outside in the record breaking MINUS 6 degrees. (Fahrenheit, mind you!) Well, when she finally let us back inside I headed for the dog bed under the desk. Imagine my surprise when I discovered Toto AND Beanie already in there, BOL! We all hunkered down in the shadows and ignored Mom's pitiful pleas for us to come into the dog room.
Mom gave up, gave in, and off she went to work. Well, I get bored when I am in that whole, empty house. Toto and Beanie and Zoey (the visiting lab), and the four cats don't count, that house was EMPTY, so bored I was!
In my boredom, I began looking around for something to do. I couldn't pull the stuffing out of the nice leopard spotted cushion cuz Beanie and Jethro already de-stuffed it the other day. I couldn't find any tasty bones, and I was way, way too short to reach the good stuff on the kitchen table. I tried to get Zoey to help me there, but she is chocolate so was in her brown nose mindset and refused to help me.
Finally, I decided to sleep for a while in the nice little dog cot that was over in the corner of the living room. I think it was new, cuz I remember chewing off the canvas cover of the other one and I am sure it was green. This one was red. Well, maybe just the canvas part was new because my little teeth fit right in the groves that were still in the frame poles... my little teeth just wandered over there all by themselves, I had no control of them.
It was a LONG day and by the time Mom got home I had chewed all four corners of that canvas and it was just staying there by a thread. I, being of superb hearing, realized Mom was coming in just in time to hit the bed under the desk...Mom was sure I had been sleeping there all day long, BOL!
Would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for Zoey, the brown noser. She walked right over to that cot bed, climbed up on it whereby the rest of the corners all ripped right off (she is HEAVY!), and she was lying on the floor inside of the frame, hehehe!
Mom looked around, found the tell tale little circles of chewed fabric lying around the bed, and IMMEDIATELY yelled at MOI!!!! I yawned, bad move since there were still red threads stuck in my teeth!!!!!


In Spring a young lady's thoughts turn to love....

January 14th 2014 6:10 pm
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Yup, I have a new beau. He is from the land down under, Charlie is his name! I really haven't met him yet, but pretty soon we shall be attending a Valentines pawty!
In fact, MY Charlie is gonna rent a lear jet and he will be flying over to NH from Australia just to pick me up, then he and I will be traveling over to Coco Rose and Puffy house in New Mexico for the big pawty. We were invited to ride along with Zaidie but we both think he will have too many MEATZ in his plane for us to have any privacy, if you get my drift.
I really hope Charlie will wear his Elvis suit, I think it is quite handsome, in fact he looks ANYTHING but a hound dog when he is wearing it. Oops, I just remembered, whippets ARE hounds, BOL!!!
I shall wear my pretty red dress, since it IS Valentine's day, afterall. I sure hope that Coco Rose comes up with MY glass slippers so they can compliment my dress. It would be nice to have a crown, too, but I suspect there will be a line waiting for that crown, BOL!
Oh yeah, I forgot, I also have a lovely red rose to wear with my dress!


Happy New Year!!!

January 1st 2014 6:41 am
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Good morning. Well, I guess it's good morning cuz I still have to dig my way out from under all the blankies. It was a very, very LONG night last night pawtying at Puffy and Coco Roses!! Here is the wonderful Diary from Puff telling all about it! You better read it to believe it!!!
Sorry but you have to copy and paste cuz my head is still too scrambled to put a clicky linky and Mom doesn't know how to do them in our diaries.
Speaking of diaries, it has come to my attention that I was picked as the Diary of the Day on this the first day of 2014!!!! What a super honor! Too bad I had to give the pretty red dress back to Coco after the pawty!!!!! I swear, Coco, I did not chew a single stitch of it...I only gnaw fabric when I am bored and who could have been bored at that pawty?????
Well, I guess I better venture outside. It is all the way up to 10 degrees already, must be a heat wave.
Thanks for all your visits and gifties!!!!


A New Year's Eve bash????

December 27th 2013 5:50 pm
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Mom said a certain Dogster and Dogsteress were planning a big bash for New Year's Eve. She said if I was good I could tag along, too. She even said I could perhaps dance with some of the guests there as well.
I suspect I shall have to find my best dress and make sure it is ironed. Mom got some silly hats and crowns for New Years parties, but I suspect they won't look so nice with my pretty dress. I will let all the boys were them, BOL!
I might just let her and Julia take my photo with the silly hats, but that will be about as far as I go! Ladies do not wear silly hats, especially in public.
Hey, Mom just noticed I have ninety nine visitors! That is such a cool number! Of course the only ones that can see it are Mom and us cuz if anyone else checks it will count them as a visit, too.
Well, Mom says we have to go to bed now, she has a headache and is trying to make it go away. It has been a whole week now and it was cuz she lifted a HUGE obese golden retriever and tweeked her neck. I suspect we will be stuck in the house again tomorrow unless it is better. I hope it is, cuz it is supposed to be warmer and nice outside tomorrow.


I'm cold, part two...

December 15th 2013 11:29 am
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This morning Mom actually expected I was going to run out the door and pee and poo out in the yard. Well, I hung back as long as I could, hiding in the dog bed under her desk.
I really must find a new hiding place...Mom knew exactly where I was and next thing I knew I was standing out in the SNOW on the covered porch. Isn't that one of those oxymorons, or whatever they are called, snow on a covered porch??
I took that to mean the wind was blowing. Since I had already snuck a glance at the temperature flashing for all to see on the ceiling in the bedroom, it said THREE degrees, I knew it would be a very, very cold wind.
Soo, after glancing over and seeing that the snow was now level with the porch floor, TWO FEET above ground in Summer, I decided peeing and pooing would be done on the porch this morning. I couldn't see any difference, I was doing it in the snow either way, right???
Mom must have been cold, too, because she quickly let us all back inside, where the temperature was a warm 59 degrees! Oops, guess we got up too late this morning since the furnace shuts down to 60 at 8am.
I headed back to the bed under the desk where I planned to spend the rest of the day. Mom headed off to work and then to shovel and to run the snow blower, brr!!!
Pretty soon she came home and woke us all up again. She was all bundled up so decided it was time for us to head down into the lab pen for some racing thru the snow. You have got to be kidding, right???
Wrong, she grabbed a camera and off we went. Being a lady, I chose to duck into the shed and hide out in there. Quickly I was joined by Harvey and Barney, the other two ladies?? We stayed near the back so Mom wouldn't see us and drag us out.
I was amazed, those other guys spent close to an hour down there in that cold, wet, freezing, stick to your coat snow. Usually if it is that cold it doesn't stick to our poodle coats but I guess since Mom didn't put their jackets on their body heat must have been melting it a bit.
Brrrrrrrr, I had no body heat. Me and Barney and Harvey huddled together for warmth and finally, Mom and the others came along and let us all back into the house.
I am NOT kidding, I will be spending the entire rest of today snoozing in the dog bed under the desk right next to the furnace vent, which on Sunday went back all the way up to 64 degrees at noon.
Check out the great photo of me playing in the snow down in the lab pen that Mom put on my page. Can't see me??? I suspect it is because that snow was sooo deep I was completely covered??? Don't believe that one, how about because I was huddled in the shed with Harvey and Barney, BOL!!!


I'm COLD!!!

December 1st 2013 3:36 pm
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Did I ever tell you how much I hate Winter??? Well, it is very true, I hate being cold. Mom keeps our furnace on a programmed thermostat and even with that, she doesn't ever program it past 64 degrees. Ya know, even for a dog 64 degrees is mighty cold!
During the time she is at work we are only programmed for 60 degrees. I could get frostbite at that temperature, you know! She is over at work where it is probably warm and toasty. Well, maybe not, I've watched her put on her long johns, extra shirts and fleeces and then her jacket. Maybe it isn't so warm there.
I used to have it great. Mom wouldn't see me hiding under the covers in the morning and I would get left in her toasty, toasty waterbed. Sadly, there were a few issues with some holes in her clothes, and when her brand spanking new jeans had a BIG hole chewed right in the butt, she was really mad. She didn't know about the hole until she went out and it was only 4 degrees.... she said there was a HUGE draft back there!!
I really can't help myself, if I get bored I find something to nibble on. Usually I do prefer clothing, and thicker stuff like jeans and fleece jackets or wool socks satisfy my gnawing need the best. Sadly she was never sure if it was me or Barney but when Barney wasn't in the bedroom with me and stuff still got chewed she knew the real culprit!
Mom says I've been a gnawer since I was a young kid. I can gnaw a perfect circle of fabric out of the middle of most anything. I used to just gnaw a few circles out of my towel in my crate, then it progressed to gnawing a hole in my stuffed bed and pulling the stuffing out.
Now, I don't stay in my crate very much so I have to gnaw whatever I can find. Sorry Momsie, I can't help it!!!
Ya know, maybe if I was warm enough I wouldn't have to gnaw on stuff to keep me warm????????

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