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"I am running as fast as I can to join my beau, Charlie!"

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Age: 7 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 1-10 lbs

Oops, my tongue slipped out a bit while I was running!

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"Oops, my tongue slipped out a bit while I was running!"

I did take a shortcut thru the bushes, BOL!

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"I did take a shortcut thru the bushes, BOL!"

Hmm, I think I just ran by a CAT?????

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"Hmm, I think I just ran by a CAT?????"

I was running very, very fast with my toy when suddenly Crystal jumped out of the bushes where she was hiding.  I did what any smart dog would do, I hit the deck!!!!

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"I was running very, very fast with my toy when suddenly Crystal jumped out of the bushes where she was hiding. I did what any smart dog would do, I hit the deck!!!!"

Look at that, even my butt shots have flowers in them, BOL!!!

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"Look at that, even my butt shots have flowers in them, BOL!!!"

I was in the pen, watching Mom with her camera.  When I realized she was going to take MY photo I hustled over to stand behind these pretty flowers!!!!

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"I was in the pen, watching Mom with her camera. When I realized she was going to take MY photo I hustled over to stand behind these pretty flowers!!!!"

But, I did manage to get a few cute shots like this one!

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"But, I did manage to get a few cute shots like this one!"

Another cute one, if I do say so myself, hehehe!

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"Another cute one, if I do say so myself, hehehe!"

And, a close up of Moi!

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"And, a close up of Moi!"

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The family of Milo and Maruko

Ali Baba, Donna (Prima Dona), All Lee

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September 16th 2006

Chewing tiny holes in my clothes or comforter, pulling as much fluff as she can out of pillows, comforters and dog beds.

Having to get up in the morning.

Favorite Toy:
She LOVES the little colored balls with the faces on them.

Favorite Food:
Stella and Chewy's frozen patties.

Favorite Walk:
Down to the kayaking pond.

Best Tricks:
Managing to stay in bed after everyone else is up and outside.

Arrival Story:
Ali came her from Toto's breeder in Kansas. She was my first toy poodle Champion, and finished quickly. Ali had several litters and three of her babies also finished their Championships.

Retired from showing now, Ali takes her job of chief pillow warmer very, very seriously and keeps all the other dogs from getting too close to me in the bed. Ali would like everyone to think she is a lady, but her true personality comes out when she is stomping thru the mud!!!

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We don't doodle!

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November 26th 2013

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Analyzing with Ali

Still here...

August 17th 2014 4:36 pm
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It has been a pretty difficult Summer for being on Dogster, especially when I am trying to impress my beau. I get nicely groomed, put on my pretty clothes and jewels and model whilst Mom or Julia or Skye photograph me, then I can't get the photos to load on Dogster!
I try to keep up with his diary but if he is a pick you cannot get there from here so you have to search around to figure out how to read it! At least the gifts seem to work again.
I am not complaining, mind you. It is WAY, WAY better than it was in the Spring. We can actually sign in now, we can leave photo comments even though we can't always load the photos, and the time is right on the forums.
Oh well, I will save my pretty photos and perhaps they will be accepted in the morning??? Hope so!!


Speaking of pretty, did I mention I got a new Summer doo??

May 31st 2014 7:12 pm
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Yup, sure enough, Mom gave us ALL Summer doos, although Summer seems a bit late in coming this year! Tomorrow is June 1st and the high today was only in the very low 60's. The low was only 42!!!! Brrrrr.
Anyway, back to my Summer doo. Mom cuts all my body pretty short, well, VERY short, and leaves bracelets on my ankles and hocks. I think I look quite fetching with that doo, and Mom says I have a nice, thick curly coat which helps make it look better. Of course, it would look MUCH better if my HUGE scar on my back didn't show. In case you forgot, that is where Toto licked me and made a HUGE blister which was nasty and painful. Now the black scar shows and my hair is not curly over the rest of that area.
Oh well, I am still the cutest of Mom's dogs, at least I think I am and that is what counts, right??? And, in the nice Summer fresh green grass, my curly white coat stands out quite nicely!
Back to me, it's all about me, you know! I like Summer and I always can find a nice toy to play with. Mom says I am weird and I toss my toy up in the air, then run around and catch it. Barney does this, too, cuz I taught him how.
Anyway, Beanie, the self appointed dog police, comes rushing up and jumps on me whenever I am playing. He must call Toto for backup, because Toto always barrels into me, too. I have learned to just drop the toy and lie down instantly...they run off feeling like they have done their job and I slowly get up and find my toy and start playing again.
It IS hard to be part of a multi dog family, but I suppose the company makes up for it??? I do know that Toto (and Beanie) are very, very warm and soft when I snuggle up with them on the cold Winter nights!!!!


It is a gosh darn good thing I am pretty!!!

March 25th 2014 5:25 pm
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Yup, you're right, that title obviously means I am in trouble again, huh? Well, it really wasn't my fault, or maybe just a little bit?
Yesterday morning when Mom was putting us all in our crates before she went off to work I decided I wasn't gonna spend one more day in my crate. I guess my first mistake was even getting up when she rousted us all out of bed. Usually I just sink down under the covers and don't move. When Mom wakes up she is in a hurry to go so she hurries up and puts us all out first and doesn't really have time to fool around dragging me out of bed. Sooo, I snooze the day away.
Well, for some reason I got up yesterday, and went outside in the record breaking MINUS 6 degrees. (Fahrenheit, mind you!) Well, when she finally let us back inside I headed for the dog bed under the desk. Imagine my surprise when I discovered Toto AND Beanie already in there, BOL! We all hunkered down in the shadows and ignored Mom's pitiful pleas for us to come into the dog room.
Mom gave up, gave in, and off she went to work. Well, I get bored when I am in that whole, empty house. Toto and Beanie and Zoey (the visiting lab), and the four cats don't count, that house was EMPTY, so bored I was!
In my boredom, I began looking around for something to do. I couldn't pull the stuffing out of the nice leopard spotted cushion cuz Beanie and Jethro already de-stuffed it the other day. I couldn't find any tasty bones, and I was way, way too short to reach the good stuff on the kitchen table. I tried to get Zoey to help me there, but she is chocolate so was in her brown nose mindset and refused to help me.
Finally, I decided to sleep for a while in the nice little dog cot that was over in the corner of the living room. I think it was new, cuz I remember chewing off the canvas cover of the other one and I am sure it was green. This one was red. Well, maybe just the canvas part was new because my little teeth fit right in the groves that were still in the frame poles... my little teeth just wandered over there all by themselves, I had no control of them.
It was a LONG day and by the time Mom got home I had chewed all four corners of that canvas and it was just staying there by a thread. I, being of superb hearing, realized Mom was coming in just in time to hit the bed under the desk...Mom was sure I had been sleeping there all day long, BOL!
Would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for Zoey, the brown noser. She walked right over to that cot bed, climbed up on it whereby the rest of the corners all ripped right off (she is HEAVY!), and she was lying on the floor inside of the frame, hehehe!
Mom looked around, found the tell tale little circles of chewed fabric lying around the bed, and IMMEDIATELY yelled at MOI!!!! I yawned, bad move since there were still red threads stuck in my teeth!!!!!

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