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My "Brother"???

November 28th 2016 12:49 pm
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Has anyone noticed the new Christmas photos Mom and Tonya took of me? I was with my "brother", I use the term loosely, I assure you, but anyway, I noticed he was claiming he was cuter than I am because he cocked his head. My, if you could only have been there...he cocked his head because he was trying his darndest to escape off that table. Me, I was just staying where Mom told me to, either sitting nicely or lying down nicely.
And, speaking of cute, I wasn't going to mention it but he has TERRIBLE tear stains, in fact Mom had to even use the cheating tool on the photo editor to fix his tear stains and that was after she had groomed him and shaved them all off.
And, as for fitting his fat head in MY Santy Paws hat, it fit me fine until he stretched it all out. Now I will have to be finding another one so I can play Santy Paws at the work pawty this year. I will see if Bethany can buy me one when she goes to the store. She's never been to one of our work pawtys yet so she has no idea how much fun they can be.
Did I forget to mention how BAD Buddy was after we had our photos taken? Mom and Tonya were eating lunch so Mom brought me and Toto out to join them. Tonya said it wasn't fair to Buddy so Mom told her to go ahead and get him.
He was SOOOOO bad... he tried to climb on the table to grab some pizza, then he even climbed into Baby Gage's car seat looking for food. First of all, Baby Gage is too young to eat real food yet but most important...Baby Gage was IN his car seat when Buddy climbed on him. Fortunately he just laughed and laughed but Tonya and Mom sure weren't laughing!
He was so would have served him right if Baby Gage had grabbed a whole handful of his hair. That kid has certainly got a strong grip already and man can he pull hair!!!


Not another me????

November 9th 2016 2:48 pm
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Did anyone notice Mom's new dog? No, not the big golden retriever... she is a really nice dog and we all like her. I meant the little red one that looks JUST like me. Is he just like me??? Of course not, there can only be ONE Beanster and that one is ME!!! Besides, he has a brown nose...I have a lovely black nose and I am NOT a brown noser under any definition of the word!!
I am trying to find a chance to assert my dominance over him but so far he's been brown nosing so much he hasn't given me any opportunity to knock him down a peg or two. Of course, it's only been a week, I should find an opportunity soon enough one would hope. I don't want to waste the experience by taking him on when Mom is at work and can't help/I mean watch me, besides, what would happen if he is stronger than I think and we were home alone. OMD, did I just say that???? One would hope that my more mature and manly presence would give me the upper hand, but, he is much younger than I am and he has a few pounds over me so I need to plan my challenge carefully.
Meanwhile, he really is being quite careful so as to not upset me. I pointed out my sleeping position to him and he went and picked another place right away. And, he didn't even try to take over my bed under Mom's desk, even though it does have room for me and Toto and one more dog. He took a place under the desk, he must realize how warm it is under there, especially since he is from warm South Carolina (I went there once, it really IS warm, even in the Winter which was when I was there!)
Gee, you don't suppose he could be my new Buddy (hehehe, get the name reference?) It might be nice to have a new pal. And, no one would ever mix us up as I am NOT the brown nosed noser, I have a coal black nose!


Last entry May 2015???? Really, Mom??

October 27th 2016 7:14 pm
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I'm not going to mention that my last diary entry was last year!!! That is very, very sad. And, I only went kayaking three times this Summer and didn't go camping even once!
Hopefully the upcoming Winter will be is already snowing tonight so I have high hopes!
Now, Momsie said I could introduce our new doggy. She was scheduled to groom two golden retrievers for an older breeder she knows. This lady has some problems with Alzheimer's and Mom was absolutely shocked when she saw the dogs!!! Especially Rosie...they had to completely shave down her entire coat, to the skin, because it was completely matted and dripping urine and poop. She also had an huge hematoma on her ear and infections in both ears. Mom and the girls said no way was she going back. Tonya asked what she was going to do and Mom said she would think of something.
The lady didn't really ever like Rosie, she did show her and she is an American and Canadian champion, but had a problem with her first litter and had to be spayed. Soo, Mom decided she would come right out and ask for her. She did, and the lady asked Mom why, Mom said she wanted a big dog and couldn't find an older retired lab of her breeding. The lady said that we could have her.
She now has her hair growing back and is very pretty. Mom was shocked that she hasn't ever been in a house and has not peed or pooped in our house ever. She is a bit neurotic, especially about walking on tile floors! But, she digs the absolute best holes in our dog pen, they are really, really deep and just big enough for me to hide in! Great fun!!!


A new yard? Maybe??

June 18th 2015 5:53 pm
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Mom is having a yard sale this weekend. I guess she is tired of the old one? I for one would like our new yard to have a much bigger that goes all the way down to the fishie pond and lower flower garden. It would be great to run out the front door, hang a right and race down to catch a froggie or two.
I suspect she is only gonna sell the very front yard, the one that is right next to the road and the one we never get to even walk on. It is a pretty boring yard, only good for putting stuff on to sell the stuff.
Last week Mom put our old tent out there all set up pretty and sold it in just three hours. Her friend put their truck and snowplow out there on Sunday and it was sold by Monday morning. Lots of traffic by our house!
Anyway, that gave Mom the idea to have the sale. She has lots of extra dog stuff now that she only has so few of us, and she also has extra crates and stuff, too. People always buy those. And, she is also selling all the chickies stuff, sadly.
On Wednesday at 6pm there were only two babies left. Mom told her friend who has some chickies to come and get them before they got eaten. Her friend came right up and they could not find those two chickies anywhere!!! Mom was sooooo mad because it was still daylight and of course they assumed those raccoons had gotten them already.
Well, this morning Mom looked out and, low and behold, there they were, right in the chickies pen. Mom grabbed them quick and put them in a crate and called her friend. Now they are at their new home with no raccoons, hopefully.
I may be a good police dog but those raccoons only come out when I am sound asleep. Not my fault I can't catch them!!!


Chickie troubles

June 12th 2015 4:17 pm
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Sadly the raccoons returned and started killing our chickies. The first night they got the old white one and two babies,(now full grown.). Last night Mom shut the rest in and hoped they would be fine.
Well, around two AM we woke up and Mom heard something in the Summer kitchen. She opened the door and peeked out to discover two chickies sitting up on the clothes dryer. Puzzled, she checked all over and apparently they climbed in thru the cat door. Smart chickies...the light was on in there so they must have figured it was safe.
Mom looked out and the other old hen was on the porch, hiding in our dog bed. She put her in the Summer kitchen too and decided to leave the shed door open AND the chickies pen gate open so the rest could come in there, too. Pretty soon one more baby crept in, so Mom went out with a big light to find the rest. She looked everywhere but only found feathers. Sadly, there are no more!
Tonight Mom is leaving the pen open and the shed open with the big light on in there. She is hoping if the chickies aren't sleeping up on their roost they won't be sitting ducks, so to speak. It is very sad that right here in suburbia with all us dogs all around those coons still come in and kill our chickies. It wouldn't even be so bad if they ate them but all they do it rip off their heads and leave the rest.
Mom is amazed that the chickies are smart enough to fly out of their six foot high fence and come thru the cat door for safety. How do you suppose they know to do that? Hopefully the four left will survive but if not, Mom says we won't get any more. Boo!!


Camping diary, part two!!!

June 1st 2015 2:28 pm
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Toto wrote part one of this so please skip over and read his first!!! BUT, I do appreciate your coming over to MY page first, Thanks!!
When Toto left off we were settled down for the night. Well, it was pretty early but 52 degrees and rain doesn't leave many other choices when you are camping in the woods.
Mom and Skye were plenty warm with all those blankies, and they were nice enough to invite us both under the covers. It WAS toasty! Toto and I were comfy, warm and it was peaceful listening to the rain hitting the tent and the tree frogs chirping in the woods.
But, it kept raining and raining and raining and when Mom woke up the first time she was surprised to step into a big puddle of water as she headed into the porch room to use the potty. The temperature was now down to 49 degrees.
Next, Skye woke up and stepped into the now HUGE puddle in the porch room. There was also plenty of water all around the two air mattresses and it was pretty damp in there!
In the morning when Mom woke up it was FORTY TWO degrees in the tent!!!! Mom was sure happy she had gotten a propane heater at the last minute and Skye was sure happy it worked! It did not take them too long to decide to head for home!!! At 42 it is way, way too cold to even go fishing, assuming it ever stopped raining. The NOAA weather radio was predicting MORE heavy rain ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT tonight as well.
Soo, they packed up the food and the cameras and stuff and left everything else right there. They were gonna come back tomorrow morning to get it, but decided around 1pm that it was better to go now since it was currently only drizzling. It was CCCOOOLLLDDD drizzle, but it wasn't pouring! Right now it is only 46 at our house so they are both very glad to be home!!!
Mom said the trailer worked great...she has some photos but of course they can't be put on right now. And, she did catch three tiny little perch yesterday afternoon before the rain and wind got to her. Me and Toto were hiding in the tent with Skye, hehehe!
In case anyone is wondering, they DID make another reservation for three weeks. Hopefully it will be warmer then, but if it is cloudy I, for one, am staying home!!!!


Ready to roll...

May 30th 2015 5:47 pm
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Well, Mom and Skye got the new trailer all hitched up, packed and ready to roll. Since it is supposed to be raining tomorrow morning they decided to pack everything today and cover it with a tarp. Then Mom practiced backing up with the trailer. She reminded us that the last time she towed a trailer was way, way back on the farm when they were haying. That was many years ago!
She said it's like riding a don't forget to turn OPPOSITE of the way you want to go. Okay, if you say so.
Back to my haircut...Mom said there can be no photos since with the change over of Dogster we can't put any on right now. But, as some of you inquired...a defined neck means she shaved my whole neck, all the way around from my head to just before my shoulders. It's not even that bad, and my collar won't rub on anything now, BOL! The rest of my body is in a normal Summer cut so I will be nice and cool, unlike Toto in his Fuu Fuu Doo. And, should any ticks happen upon me they will certainly show up really well!
Tonight me and Toto are the only dogs in the whole house! Jethro is still visiting with Auntie Jeanne, Angie is still in heat in the kennel and the Cresteds and Annie are staying at the kennel while we camp. The cats are still here because they can let themselves in and out.
Mom got her dog licenses on Friday and, for the first time in well over 45 years she didn't have enough dogs for a kennel license. And, it was even cheaper cuz our town only charges ONE DOLLAR for the first dog licensed if the owner is a senior, and since we are all neutered except Angie, she was the dollar dog!
Well gotta go now...Mom is moaning because her baseball team is getting blasted tonight...maybe I should say is continuing to get beat? They have been pretty bad so far this season!


Mother lost her head, I lost my HAIR!!!!

May 28th 2015 3:10 pm
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Today was poodle day at Mom's work. She had SEVEN poodles scheduled, and for some reason, Tonya suggested she also do me and Toto in preparation for our camping trip this weekend.
Well, Mom was working on the paying clients and Tonya was done bathing so she suggested she might help Mom by grooming ME!!! Mother was off in lala land and said that would be fine. She handed Tonya the face and feet clipper and I became the Guinea Pig.
Well, soon enough Tonya finished my face and feet and asked what next. Mom was using the regular clipper and didn't want me too short so she handed Tonya the blade guard for the face and feet blade and told her to be careful because sometimes those guards fall off. I swear, it wasn't FIVE SECONDS LATER when I heard Tonya gasp and yell, "OH NO!!!"
Mom glanced over to see that, sure enough, the blade guard had fallen off the clipper and Tonya just made a pass down my neck with a thirty blade, that is what the vets use for a surgical blade which means it cuts very, very short!!! Tonya was a bit upset, needless to say, so Momsie took the clipper and gave me a "neck". Then, she gave Tonya the OTHER clipper and suddenly, I was having a short haircut day!!!
Frankly, it was 92 degrees today and also quite humid so I surely do not mind my new short haircut!! And, I LIKE having a defined neck, especially since, sadly, I will admit, I am a bit pudgy right now! I don't even think it looks as bad as Toto's fuu fuu doo!!!
And, there was a plus... some of those seven poodles here today included Ali, Georgie AND Riley. It was great visiting with them again, especially with Riley who just got back from spending his Winter in Sunny Florida. Would you believe he had the nerve to tell me he missed the snow???? Especially awful to say that to me after all the tons and tons of snow we had this Winter!!!!!!!


Camping soon!!!

May 19th 2015 5:58 am
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Well, just two weeks more and we shall be off on our camping trip. Because it hasn't rained here since MARCH I am sure it will be pouring for the entire three days!! Mom is bringing lots of rain gear stuff, BOL.
Apparently Skye won out on the dog attendance and it will only be me and Toto. And, we are bringing the canoe so we won't even have to decide whether to go with Skye or with Mom. Angie is in heat so she lost out, hehehe!
Laurie gave Mom a HUGE Road Trip gas grill so it does look like our meals will be better than past trips have been. Cooking over a wood fire in the rain doesn't work out really well!!!
And, since it is still early in the season Momsie got a gas heater to help keep us warm in the tent, if needed. We hope it ISN'T needed. Skye wants Momsie to get some nice cots but Mom says the air mattresses are softer. And, even on sale they will cost all of Mom's found money. Beside, they have more room for us dogs!!
Well, I need to get to work now so Mom can also go to work!!


OMD, I lost another tooth!

February 25th 2015 6:24 pm
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Yup, for some reason, probably because she took that shaggy photo of me last night, Mom sent Tonya over to get me this morning for a haircut. Whilst trimming my mousietache she looked into my mouth to check my teeth.
Immediately she noticed that crooked tooth that got hurt when I was disciplining Barney had once again twisted. She checked it and, sure enough it was loose again/still. As you may remember Momsie will only try to pull a tooth twice. She got out her trusty forceps, gripped my head and gave a mighty yank. Didn't work. Did she leave it alone? Nope, she called Tonya to come help.
Tonya gripped my head, Mom pryed open my mouth, locked onto the tooth and...out it came!
Ouchie!!! Some blood even got on my mousietache!! So as to make me forget the pain she immediately began trimming my feet, I guess it worked?
Now Mom has pulled out a total of SIX of my teeth. Four were little front ones and the other two were the tiny side ones. Mom says she has probably saved about $500 in vet fees so far, and so far I haven't died from her efforts.
The day she grabs onto one of my molars is the day I test out how well my remaining teeth can penetrate human skin, if you get my drift!!!

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