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Liebster award!!

June 29th 2014 4:28 am
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Crikey ... my very good friend Whitley from Texas nominated me for a Liebster award. How good is that? It made me feel VERY special. Thanks Whitley! She nominated me at blogville but I thought you blokes here might like to read it so I sure hope it's ok to do this.
There are some rules. These are they!!

1. Fank da person who nominated ya and link back and recognized dere blog in your post. 2. Answer da 10 questions posted by da blogger who nominated ya. 3. Nominate 10 bloggers for da award. 4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
Whoops sorry ...... that's in Whitley speak!! Sure hope you can understand it. I find it VERY cute, myself!!
This is Whitley. How good lookin' a Sheila is she, aye?? Quite the character too. One of you bokes out there should snap her up. She's one mighty cool chic. She loves to play pool ball!! You can check her out here:
Well that's taken care of rule number 1, I think. Now comes the hard bits. I gotta answer Whitley's questions. They are hard questions. I feel like I'm on million dollar minute or something.

1. Do your momma or daddy sing to you? If dey do, does ya have a speshul song? Special song!! Crikey .... no way .... if I did my Mum would want to sing to me all the time and she sings like she cooks and trust me you don't wanna be eatin' her cookin'.

2. Are you preparin for da zombie apocalypse?? I'm preparin' Whitley. I don't bark much but I'm good at bitin' butt and I learn't how to pee on people the other day. I peed on a hippie at the beach. Hippie! Zombie! .... pretty much the same thing, I guess.

3. Has ya ever killed a varmint? Hmmmmm! Let me think! Do lizards count or grasshoppers? Haven't killed anything big yet but I'm sure working at getting a go at my 2 legged sisters chooks and WHEN not IF I get a bunny ....... goodbye bunny!!

4. What are your favorite game to play? Running away from Mum and Dad at a rate of knots. I run like the wind and they've got no hope of catching me.

5. What are your opinion on baffs? Baffs! Baffs!! You want my opinion on baffs!! Crikey ..... sorry. I can't answer that question. I don't wanna be rude!!

6. Does ya have a special talent or trick? Crikey I have lots of talents. I'm the most talented bloke I know. I'd be here all night if I had to list them all so I'll just say I got 'em .... ok?? Tricks - I DON'T DO TRICKS!!

7. Do ya ever just bark and da peeps ain't got a clue why? NEVER!!! I'm not much of a barker. I don't even bark when the doorbell goes. I'm not much of a watch dog. Crikey ..... s'pose that's one talent I DON'T have.

8. Who are your bestest friend? You Whitley!!! Crikey ...... am I a crawler or what?????? Well Whitley you are a very special friend ..... really .... but I have to say Mum and Dad first. They are my VERY favouritist people. After them it's my 2 legged sister, Jenni and her dog, Murphy and then EVERYONE else in the whole world. I love EVERYONE!!

9. Do ya give kissies? I give the BEST kisses!! I'm quite the kisser ..... I kiss everyone .... ON THE LIPS!!

10. What do your home smell like? Depends ..... sometimes when the littlest Grandkids are here it smells like POOP!! Most other times it smells like general hospital. My Mum's a bit of a cleanliness freak!!

Crikey ...... that was HARD!! That's a mighty lot of questions. Now I gotta come up with some. Oh Well .... here goes:

1. Other than your Mum and Dad who do you like to play with the most.
2. Have you ever been left alone for a LONG time?
3. Do you like to go for rides in the car?
4. Have you ever done potty inside the house?
5. Do you drink from the big white bowl in the bathroom?
6. Do you lick the dinner dishes clean before they get washed up?
7. Have you EVER peed on anyone?
8. How did you go at puppy preschool or obedience school?
9. What's your favourite thing to eat?
10. Who's your very favouritist Aussie whippet mate? AND you better get the right answer here, aye??

Crikey is that it ..... did I get it all covered?????

Oh No ..... there's more.
I gotta nominate ten pups. Crikey ..... I dunno about this one. I think all my mates have already been nominated by others so I'll just nominate everyone that hasn't already been nominated. You know who you are, aye??? Just remember ...... you betta' get the answer to question 10 right or you'll have me to answer to.

So hey .... all you blokes out there in dogster world if you wanna have a go at answering these guestions I sure would like to hear from you in a diary entry. How about it?? You don't have to do all the stuff. Just have a bit of fun with the questions, aye? You could even answer Whitley's questions. I'm sure she wouldn't mind. She's a real good sport.

Wanna run ..... love, Charlie.


Who's got my diary entries???

June 22nd 2014 4:16 am
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Crikey ...... what's going on. I've written a diary entry and our Harri wrote 2 entries and they were on our pages for a day and now they are GONE!! Disappeared!! Missing!!! Where are they? Have any of you blokes or Sheilas out there got 'em or seen 'em on someone else's page? If you have could you let me know. I'd like to get them back!! I'm a bit worried about it. I don't like losing things. I'm ever so careful with my belongings and I'm a bit upset to think my precious diary entries are just floating around in hyperspace or something. Fair dinkum ...... it's a bit of a worry!! Sure hope you can help me find 'em. Some of my comments on other mates pages have disappeared too. Crikey ..... what's wrong with me? Doesn't dogster love me any more? I always try to be a good bloke. Why don't they like me?
Other than this little problem things are going well in my world. I'm still running around like a maniac. My Mum's Mum has come to stay for a few weeks. She's 96 years old and Mum is VERY busy looking after her so Dad's been taking me to the beach most days. Here's a funny story. Mum and Dad both took me to the beach the other day. Nan was having a sleep and it was a beautiful day and Mum felt it would be ok to leave her for a short while. I had a great time. There were lots of my mates there but ..... how funny is this?? I PEED on a hippy!! He was sitting on the sand with his girlfriend, just minding his own business, and I PEED ON HIM!! Crikey it was funny. Mum nearly died. He was VERY indignant and annoyed. Mum tried to apologise but she had an awful time trying to keep a straight face. She thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen and the hippy was sooooooooo annoyed! What was he doing sitting down on a DOG beach if he didn't want to get peed on?? Who knows???? funny things people!! Mum couldn't believe it. I've never done that before. Matter of fact I hardly ever cock my leg on anything. I still squat to pee. Too much of an effort to raise a leg. Mum reckons I knew he was a cranky hippy. She reckons if he was a nice bloke I wouldn't have done it. Well she's pretty well spot on there. I didn't like him at all so I fixed him, aye??
Well that's it for now. Can't waste too much time on diary entries when they keep disappearing, aye? Hope you are all well and happy. If you stop by please say g'day. I love hearing from you all. I miss knowing what's going on in your little worlds. Remember if you've seen one of my diary entries please let me know and if you've peed on anyone lately I'd sure like to hear about that too, aye??

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.


Anyone for vegemite!!

June 13th 2014 4:20 am
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Crikey it's tough living with my Mum. Talk about a weirdo. She's got rules and regulations on how to best eat vegemite. How peculiar is that? Before I start telling you all about the rules and reg. I'll tell you a bit about her first. Don't want you to think she's completely mad so I'll make a few excuses for her before I start. When she was a little girl her family was VERY poor. Her Daddy died when she was only 2. He was a coal miner so that makes Mum a coal miner's daughter (great name for a song, aye? ... funny, but Mum's name is Lynn and that song was written by Loretta Lynn). Her Mum was from Scottish heritage and, because she was VERY poor, she was VERY frugal. Guess a bit of that has rubbed off on Mum. At meal times there was sometimes not enough food to go around but there was ALWAYS bread on the table and a big jar of VEGEMITE. If you were still hungry once the dinner was eaten you could always fill up on bread and vegie. Just as well Mum LOVED vegemite, aye? Mad if you don't, I say ..... I like it too ..... it's VERY good stuff! Ok ... I've got the excuses out of the way so listen to this and make your own mind up as to whether or not Mum's weird.

The first most important rule to remember in our house is ... if there is a brand new jar of vegemite in the house it must NOT be opened until every skerrick of vegemite has been used from the old jar. To get the last bit out you must fill the jar with boiling water, stir and then drink the vegemite liquid. Yum!!!!!!!

Secondly .... Only Mum must open the new jar. This is not because others would be incapable of performing this task but because Mum LOVES, with a passion, that very first knife full of vegie. She reckons it tastes better than any other in the whole jar. She has been known to not use a knife but to just scoop it out with her finger and then lick it off said finger. Disgusting, aye?

Thirdly ... Now it gets really weird ... when making a sandwich or vegemite on toast the bread must be spread with butter first. Not margarine. Only butter must be used. The butter must reach right to the edge of the crust. Once this is done the knife must then be wiped on paper towel so as not to get any butter in the vegemite jar. The vegemite can then be spread over the butter. It must also reach right to the very edge of the crusts and must completely cover the butter so that the butter is not visible at all. If once started you have to redip into the vegemite you must wipe the knife each time on paper towel. If butter is found in the vegemite jar all hell breaks loose. The same if vegemite is found in the tub of butter.

Finally ... if it's toast it must be cut into four triangle before eating. Two is not good enough. It MUST be four. If it is a sandwich it must also be cut into four triangles. All crusts MUST be eaten unless you are under five years of age when they will be cut off for you. NO exceptions!!! Everyone over 5 MUST eat their crusts.

See what did I tell you ...... My MUM IS VERY TOUGH TO LIVE WITH!! Not to mention weird, aye??

Wanna run .... love, Charlie!!


Thankyou everyone!!

June 10th 2014 2:16 pm
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Crikey ..... I did it AGAIN!!! I got a DDP and all for being naughty and diggin'! Doesn't get much better than that, aye??
Thankyou everyone for your gifts and kind words of congratulations. They are much appreciated.
Harley, Jazzi and family sent a rosette. You two are such sweethearts! Hershey and Winkie sent a rosette too. Crikey you blokes are the best!
I got balloons from Tessa and Fitz and family and Whisper Dixie, Sophie, Gizmo and family. Neither of you two families ever miss, aye? What good friends you are. I LOVE balloons!! I don't even mind when they go bang in my ear.
Mr JF Sir did a special picture for me. It's got birdies on it for me to eat. I just love it! Oh! I forgot ..... I was told they were NOT to eat!! Be good for once, Charlie!! I just LOVE the picture!!
Cooper also did a special picture for me. He put my very favourite Grandkid on it but don't tell any of the other Grandkids that I said that, aye? Her name is Jo and the chooks I was trying to get to in my story are her chooks. She loves them and they are really tame and love her right back. She carts them all around the house. Weird, aye?? She even took one to school for show and tell. I love my picture Cooper!!
I will put the pictures on my page for you all to see.
Ali said Toto wanted to help me dig the chooks out of their pen but I think he just wanted to help me eat them.
Hershey had to look up what a chook was on google! How funny is that? I thought EVERYONE knew what a chook was. Anyway Hershey calls 'em chickens and he showed me a picture of him barkin' at one. Really Hershey!! Just barkin? You didn't wanna chase it? I'd have been after that chook so fast it wouldn't have known what hit it!!
AND yes Penny it was fun diggin' but I really wanted to catch those chooks and EAT'em!
I nearly got 'em Harley and Jazzi ... I nearly did!!
Crikey Flicka ... who listens to Mum's ...... NOT ME, aye?????
Thankyou all so much. You have no idea how much I appreciate all your kindness. Oh and a BIG thankyou to dogster. Thankyou dogster for still being here. My world wouldn't be quite right without you!! Just something though, aye? Could you please let us know what's happening? We still feel a bit scared and unsure!!
Enough of my ramblings, aye?? Thankyou everyone ..... crikey I hope I didn't forget anyone! If I did I'm sorry and a big thankyou to you too.

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.


Diggin' for chooks!!

June 8th 2014 10:22 pm
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Crikey any of you blokes out there like to dig? Well … you're not going to see me diggin'!! My two legged sister has chooks at her house and I damn near killed them the other day. Don't think I'll be getting to visit with the Grandkids and my best mate, Murphy their labradoodle, any time soon.
It went like this. Mum was babysitting and I went along for the ride. I do so like to play with Murphy and, as they live on acreage, we have the best time. The house has a fence all around it and most of the time Murphy and I stay in that part of the yard but every so often when there is a grown up human around we are allowed out in the paddock where we run and run and play ball and sniff and smell critters and all sorts of things.
Well and good you say but the other day whilst Mum was babysitting I decided I wanted to go for a run in the paddock. Oh ...... I forgot .... the chooks live in their pen in the paddock. Well ... I got out into the paddock all by myself ...... I DUG UNDER THE HOUSE FENCE .... AND ..... I started digging my way into the chook pen. Mum was busy with the kids and didn't notice I had dug my way out into the paddock. She did, however, notice, that I was trying to dig my way into the chook pen. What a commotion! Those chooks can make a heck of a racket when they want to, aye? Mum came a running and before I knew what hit me I was back inside the house yard and THEN .... back inside the house with all the doors locked!!!! What's with that ...... I only wanted to play with them. The Grandkids play with them. Why can't I??????????
Anyway ..... I got into trouble BIG TIME and Mum said if I EVER do that again it won't be a hole I'm diggin' .... IT WILL BE MY GRAVE!!!!!!! Crikey ..... you're not going to see me diggin'!!!!

Wanna Run …. Love, Charlie.


Mum's takeover!!

May 30th 2014 5:32 pm
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Well I s'pose it had to happen ..... Mum wants to take over my diary for a day. I gave it a lot of thought and decided I had to let her have her way. If I didn't she'd get all narky and wouldn't do my typing for me so I'll give you a bit of a run down on it and then hand it over to her. I met a new friend. His name is Chester and he's a cocker spaniel. I thought at first he was from New York city but turns out he is from New York State not the big smoke. Mum got all excited when she heard he was from New York state and wants to tell you about an experience she and Dad had there once. Boring said I but she wants to tell you so ..... in advance ...... Sorry!!!!!!! She'll ramble on..... she ALWAYS does. It might take a while to get to the New York state bit ...... Sorry, again!!!!!!!! Crikey ..... here's a few more. You're sure going to need 'em. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry sorry!!!!!!!!

This is Mum's bit!!

C'mon Charlie .... that's NOT fair!! I don't ramble that much .... DO I??????? Ok ..... I'll try and keep it short.

I'm not quite sure where Chester lives but I do so want to tell you about an experience my husband, youngest daughter (Jenni 11years) and I had in 1988. Jenni had been pestering us to take her to Disneyland for quite a few years and my husband decided that we would take her and have a bit of a look around other areas whilst there. We had NEVER been to the States before. I'm a home body and it takes a lot to get me to go across the street let alone across the world. My husband planned everything as I turned into a grouchy monster, moaning and complaining all the time that we would all die and stating that the United States was full of crooks and was just wall to wall concrete anyway and nobody in their right mind would want to go there. Not very nice, I know, but it was my way of saying ...... I didn't want to go ..... I was scared!!!! Well ..... I went. Once I was on the plane my attitude changed and I decided that I would enjoy myself regardless and enjoy myself I did. How wrong was I about the U.S. We visited Disneyland and saw a lot of California and other parts of the west coast and then flew from Seattle to New York city. We spent a week there before hiring a car and heading upstate toward Niagara Falls. OMD ..... the countryside, everywhere we went, was so beautiful. Where was all the concrete I had heard about and as for the people ..... OMD how wrong was I. The kindness we were shown, EVERYWHERE we went, EVEN in the big smoke, was unbelievable!!!! We walked from one end of New York city to the other. We went on the underground and not once did we feel as if we had anything to worry about. People stopped and talked to us, gave us directions when we were lost and generally made us feel oh! ... so welcome. But to get to the upstate New York thing. After leaving the city we didn't really have plans. We just knew approximately where we wanted to go so just headed off and stopped when we found somewhere we felt looked nice. Our first stop on our way to the falls was in a small town called Mount Morris. As we drove in we couldn't believe how beautiful it was. The homes were all so well cared for and there were American flags flying everywhere. We decided we would stay the night and drove around, slowly, taking it all in and looking for somewhere to stay. Whilst driving along we stopped a gentleman, who was out for an afternoon stroll, to ask him if he knew of any accommodation in which we could stay. He talked to us for a while and said we mustn't leave Mount Morris until we had seen a particular part of it. I can't remember the name now ..... it was a long time ago. He wanted to show it to us and to do this he would have to get in the car with our young daughter in the back seat. We were a bit dubious but decided to take the risk. How pleased were we that we did. He took us all over the place and showed us all sorts of things we would never have seen without him. He also told us where to stay and told us to go to Jo's diner for dinner that night. Jo's diner? We thought that sounded a bit dubious too but decided to give it a go. What a wonderful night we had!! Jo, the owner, was the nicest bloke and made us feel so welcome. We had a lovely meal ..... in fact we had three courses each. Jo wouldn't have it that we miss out on sweets. Apart from one other table, at which a gentleman sat by himself, we were the only diners there. Jo sat with us and talked, non stop, the whole time we were there. The gentleman at the other table didn't say a word to us but after he paid Jo for his meal he came to our table, put his hand on my husband's shoulder, and said "Don't judge all Americans by the ones you see in Australia" and he left. We were a bit puzzled but Jo told us that he was a bit of a loner and a bit weird but a good bloke. At the end of the night when we went to pay for our meal Jo told us that there was nothing to pay as the gentleman had paid the bill for us. There were 3 of us and we had 3 courses each. Not a small bill. We were lost for words. We asked Jo for his name and phone number or address but he said he didn't know where he lived. He only came to the restaurant occasionally and always sat alone, said nothing, just ate and left quietly. What to do???? I felt dreadful that I couldn't thank him. I asked Jo for pen and paper and wrote a very long thank you note with our name, address and phone number and said if he was ever in Australia to contact us. We NEVER heard from him. We also NEVER forgot his kindness and always have wonderful memories of our short stay in Mount Morris. This was not the only act of kindness shown to us on that trip. We were invited to the holiday home (in the Adirondacks) of a couple we met in a restaurant in New York city for a barby or cookout as they called it but we couldn't go. When we arrived home to Australia we received, in the post, a beautiful book on the Adirondack ranges from this couple and every few months we would receive another beautiful book on another area of the States from them. They were older people and we kept in touch with them for many years. After visiting Niagara falls we traveled all over the place and what a wonderful time we had. We also went to Canada and enjoyed every minute of that as well. I must admit I was VERY pleased to arrive home and we have not been back since but what wonderful memories I have of that trip and the beautiful countryside and the wonderful people we met. AND Mount Morris will always be very special to me. One day we will return.

How was that Charlie? Did I ramble too much? I kept it pretty short, I think? Ok ..... not short enough, aye? Sorry everyone!!

I'm back ..... Crikey ..... thank goodness that's over, aye? I'll keep my bit short, aye? First off my dear sweet Ali ..... I've seen all your new pictures and they are just beautiful. You are looking better than ever Ali. My goodness you are beautiful!! I've missed seeing you!! You said you ate a bird the same day I did. Fair dinkum .... that's a coincidence, aye? I didn't throw up this time either. I think Dad would have put me in the bad dogs home if I did. Not Mum .... I could throw up all over her and she wouldn't care. I'd have to be AWFUL bad for her to put me in the bad dogs home. And Buddy you ate something crook too and you DID throw up on the carpet. OMD hope you didn't get into too much trouble.
Glad your Mum liked the picture, Flicka. Mum and I had fun doing it. It could have been better. It was just taken on the phone. She will take her camera one day and do a REAL GOOD job. We're not gong to moan about dogster anymore, Flicka ..... lets just make new friends and get on with it. Dogster is GREAT and always has been.
Hershey .... you did it Mate! Mum's back and will keep my page going and it's all because of you. You missed me ..... crikey .... Mum read your comment and felt bad so I'm back and I'm back to stay. Funny, aye ..... but it is sooooooo nice to know that you have been MISSED!! Thanks Hershey. I've missed you too. How's Winkie doing??
Ok .... there's been enough rambling here already today so that's it for now but remember ..... I'm BACK!!

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.


Are we back in business!!

May 30th 2014 1:11 am
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Crikey I got so excited today when I popped over to have a look at how Dogster was going. I can see everyone again. How good is that?? I've missed all your happy faces sooooo much. Do you think we are back n business?????? I don't know but maybe things are looking up a bit, aye???? I have so much to tell you all but until I know all is back to normal I can't get Mum to do my typing for me. She feels it is a waste of time. Hmmmmmmmmmph! I think my news is very important but she says so many of my friends have gone elsewhere it's just not worth it. Well some have but there's lots of you that haven't and I need to know what you have been up to. So ..... what have you all been up to?????? I've been to the beach a lot. I've been naughty a lot. At the beach today I found an old mutton bird up in the sand dunes and I ate it!!!! Mum and Dad were yelling at me and calling me and I didn't take any notice of them. When Mum finally got up close to me I took off like a rocket with the mutton bird in my mouth and when I was far enough away from her I started eating it again. She gave up. There's no way she could catch me. She ran in the opposite direction but I didn't follow her. I had a more important thing to do ... like munch on an old bird!! She hid from me. That did it ..... where was she??? I finally found her and she was VERY annoyed but she couldn't rouse too much because I did go to her. I knew I was in trouble though. I'll try not to do that again but I know I will. How could anyone leave a tasty old mutton bird after finding it. Crikey I hope I don't throw this one up all over the carpet like last one I ate.

Wanna run ..... love, Charlie.


Lots of thanks!!

May 12th 2014 3:14 am
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Crikey .... So many good wishes and pressies for Mum for Mothers' day. You blokes and sheilas remember everything, aye? How good are you? Thankyou so much to everyone and Crikey .... I hope all your Mum's had a great day! I thought it was just an Australian thing. Who knew? You blokes upover celebrate it too and on the same day we do. It was a beautiful day here. Perfect weather!! Oh it's good to be warm again!! We went to the beach and then the whole family came over for lunch. Dad cooked! How good is he? A big baked dinner ..... yum!! I got some leftovers. Vegies and gravy! No MEATZ ..... Bet Zaidie's got something to say about that. It was pork. Mum thinks that's not good for my cast iron tummy so no MEATZ! It still tasted pretty smacko though. Oh …. I did get some crackling!!!! Eat your heart out Travis. Mum had a great day but she was awful tired at the end of it. Those little people take a lot out of a person. Crikey ..... they take a lot out of me too!! They are hard work ....
I’ve also got to thank a lot of you for the DDP congratulations. Yes ….. I got another one!! Crikey … another one. I am sooooooo honoured. Mr. JF Sir did a great picture for me. Thankyou, Freckles and thankyou too Growlmy!! How did you know I like birds??? Did a little birdie tell you? Thankyou to Hershey and Van Winkle, Tessa and Fitzcairn, The Bama babies, Luddy, Chloe and Cinnamon, The family of Walker, Harley and Jazzi and all the Jo’s for all my pressies. That was sooooooooo nice of you all. I loved getting them all and reading your messages. I’ve also got to thank everyone for the warm welcome home in all the comments on my last diary entry. I will get round to replying to them real soon. I’ve been a bit busy since I got home. Crikey …. I know I’ve forgotten to thank someone ….. I always do. Whoever I’ve forgotten I’m sorry and a special thankyou to you for understanding as well as for your thoughts and wishes.
Not much has been happening since we got home. Everything is getting back to normal. I’ve met up with all my mates at the beach. They ALL said they missed me ….. LOTS!!!! Crikey it was good to see them all again and crikey it’s good to be home. I’m back in my very own bed. There’s no bed anywhere like my VERY OWN BED!!
Wanna run ….. Love, Charlie.


I'm home!!!!!

May 8th 2014 8:27 pm
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How good is this?????? I’m home!!
I’m so happy. I had a great time on the big road trip but … crikey …. It’s good to be home. My own bed …. My own lounge … my own stuffie toys …. My own BEACH ….. AND …. Joy of joys …. It’s warm! I can go to bed naked again. How good is that??? It took a while to thaw out but I’m all thawed now. The little girls are coming over tomorrow and I’m going to see the little boys on the weekend. Crikey, I’ve missed them. Remember all those pretty party dresses Mum and Dad bought for the little girls. Well ….. they’ll be getting all dressed up in them tomorrow. Bet you can’t wait to see those piccies, aye?? But right now I have to finish off my road trip adventures for you. So here goes.
The day after the worst day of my life was a bit better but not much. When I woke up it was raining. Big time rain and cold, cold rain. It was still blowing a gale too. Crikey …. Another shocking day. Dad decided it would be too much at the festival for me so he went by himself and Mum and I went for a drive around the little country roads hoping it would stop raining long enough to go for a walk or two. All this was ok by me. I sure didn’t want to be frozen solid again and I also didn’t want to be deafened again by BAGPIPES. It did stop raining for a bit and Mum and I did get to have a bit of a walk but not much because we got a phone call from Dad to come and pick him up. You should have seen him. What a sight! He’d taken one of my snuggly blankets to keep himself a bit warm and he had it wrapped around his head. He also had on about 4 T-shirts and a big coat thing and the ugliest beanie you’ve ever seen. He was sooooooooo cold. He reckoned he’d never recover. Shame Mum didn’t get a photo of him, aye? Most of the festival had been cancelled because of the bad weather. Can’t say I was disappointed! There was going to be a free concert INDOORS that night to make up for the cancellations and Mum and Dad decided to go to it. I WASN’T allowed. THEY LEFT ME IN THE CAR!!! In the FREEZING COLD car. Fair dinkum …. Talk about neglect! Well ….. I can’t really complain. I’ve got those two just where I want them. Listen to this. We went back to our cottage before heading off to the concert. Mum and Dad got 3 hot water bottles and filled them up. They put not one, but two, coats on me and they took 3 of my snuggly blankets to wrap around me. They also took a thermos of hot water to refill my hot water bottles at half time. See ….. told you I had them where I wanted them. BUT the best part …. Dad came out about every 20 minutes or so and fed me a chicken neck or two. I LOVE chicken necks. They are my very favourite things in the whole world. Am I spoilt or what??? I was as happy as a pig in mud. I was warm …. I didn’t have to listen to all that noise ….. it was quiet. Well not real quiet! I could still hear the bagpipes. Just not at a trillion decibels. Guess what?? I didn’t mind the sound of them. They are quite nice from a distance. Mum and Dad really enjoyed the concert. They were warm and so was I. The trip back to our cottage was a bit eventful. Lots of Roos!! Mum was driving and Dad was Roo spotter. We didn’t hit any, thank goodness!! They can make an awful mess of the car. Not to mention what they can do to themselves.
The next morning we were all up early. We were heading for home and it was a very long drive. We could have stayed another day but I think we were all feeling the need for a bit of home comfort. Would you believe it was a beautiful sunny day. Still cold but a beautiful day non the less. What a shame it hadn’t been like that for the festival. Two of Mum’s favourite festivals ruined by bad weather. Well ….. them’s the breaks, I guess. Even though it was a long day of driving we had a good time. We stopped a lot so didn’t get home till quite late. The weather was good and the countryside was VERY beautiful and we were warm. What more could we ask for!
We had been gone from home for 57 days all up and travelled 10,000klms. Crikey …. That’s a lot of hours in the car, aye?? It was fun and Mum and Dad said I travelled really well. Almost as good as our Harri! Struth …..that’s a lot of praise for me. I didn’t think I’d ever hear that I was even ALMOST as good as our Harri. He was perfect!!!!

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.


The worst day of my life!!

May 3rd 2014 2:47 am
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I've just had the worst day of my life. What a nightmare! I got up this morning and went outside to do you know what. Crikey ...... I didn't stay out there for long. Fair dinkum it WAS horrendous!!It was blowing a gale and it was only 6am and it was FREEZING! I couldn't believe it could get THAT cold. I got back inside quick smart. That didn't last long .... before I knew what hit me Mum packed me into the car and we headed of to the Celtic festival in Glen Innes. We had to drive for about 40 minutes to get there. It rained!!!! The rain was so cold it was all slushy and icy! OMD! Do they want me to go outside in that. Apparently they do!!

We got to the festival and Mum tried to walk me around to have a look at things but I wasn't having any of that. It had stopped raining but it hadn't stopped blowing. I drove her crazy. I was jumping all over the place and trying to rub myself into her legs. Well ...... you would too! How else was I supposed to get warm? I had my big warm whippet coat on and my raincoat over the top of that and I was still cold. You cant LIVE in those kind of temperatures. I could have DIED!! There were sheep dog trials on and Mum wanted to watch those. Crikey .... madness!! I didn't even want to stop and smell the sheep's butts. Mum finally gave up and headed into the main tent with Dad to watch the entertainment. It was a bit warmer in there and Dad did put my mat down for me and I did have my blankie. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Heaven!!!! I snuggled up into a little ball and all was right with my world. Some people were up on the stage spruking some sort of garbage. Poetry, Mum said. If this was the Celtic festival then, just maybe, it would be ok. Hmmmmmmph!! That didn't last long. The Poets' left and all these blokes, dressed in kilts, made their way up onto the stage and OMD ..... the noise that came out of them was DEAFENING!! Not only did they have guitars, squeeze boxes and fiddles but they had bagpipes. BAGPIPES!! Fair dinkum ..... you couldn't hear yourself think. I curled up into an even smaller ball and got my head as far under my blankie as I could, trying to get away from all that noise, but it was still a million decibels louder than it should have been. I would have bolted but I knew if I did I'd freeze to death so I just had to put up with it, aye?? This went on ALL day!! Those bagpipes ...... what to say?? Those Scots have a bit of a problem, I reckon, if they think that's music. Fair dinkum ...... very unattractive instrument! Mum and Dad loved it. Crikey ..... and I thought they had good taste. After all they did chose ME!! We were there all day. Like from 9am to 3.30pm. Oh My Head!!!!!!! Mum took me outside twice for a walk but I was having none of that. Pulled and pulled until she took me back into that tent so I could curl up under my blankie again. The noise was intolerable but at least I'd only go deaf. If I stayed outside I'd freeze to death.

We finally left and did the big drive back to our cottage. We went via the local dog park so I could have a bit of fun on the worst day of my life but there were NO dogs there. I could have told Mum and Dad that. No one else would be mad enough to take a bloke out in that sort of weather. I did run around a bit and then Mum walked me back to the cottage while Dad drove home. What's with Mum and her walking? I wanted to go with Dad but no...... I had to suffer some more on this perfectly horrid day! What a nightmare. I'm back in the cottage now. In front of the fire and here I'm going to stay. It's quiet!!!!! The weather people reckon it's going to snow tomorrow. Crikey ..... I hope they are wrong!!

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.

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