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Age: 4 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 100+ lbs

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Romeo, Man-man, Romano (cheese), Moon-moon, Noman, Romanji

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

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Quick Bio:

Gotcha Date:
October 10th 2012

July 14th 2012

His food, mommi's treats and daddy's walks of course.

Anything that vibrates... he don't like much.

Favorite Toy:
Empty milk jugs, empty PB jars, chewbones, Pepper's toy mouse and that fuzzy round squeak toy.

Favorite Food:
Bacon, CC, PB, Chicken, Steak, mommi's home cooked meals.

Favorite Walk:
ORP, home tuff too.

Best Tricks:
Will "sit" for everything.

Arrival Story:
Roman's breed is researched for some 6-9 months before the process of actively looking for the breeder. We lucked out with Roman's breeder and dam (Roman was left with him mom till 11.5 weeks when we got him, making his housebreaking a breeze). Roman is only 1 of 2 boys the dam has. Dam is a working LGD and Roman was tested as a great would be working LGD too... have the correct temperament. We drove some 9+ hours per way to acquire our boy... and on the ride home with many stops, Roman is so smart he learned how to sit perfectly before he reached home. He was potty trained in 3 days thanks to his dam and is naturally a very fastidious boy (potty habits)... again thanks to his dam and his breeder for leaving him with his dam (training). Roman's breeder really do know what they are doing.

When we first got him, he has a distinct "heart shape" tan patch (one of his two spots on his back, butt area). While most his nails are white, he has a a couple of black nails and also a couple of candycorn (I called it) black & white nails. He has the most naturally marked (mascara) dark kohled eyes like an ancient egyptian.

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Cheese connoisseur, Lover Boi, SmartieP

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Roman's POV, daily life - after October the 10th of 2012, Year of the Dragon

November 2nd 2013 9:36 am
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Inspired by "In a Dog's Heart"...
What does the canine really really thinks???


After my occasional "guarding" and "defending" my territory over night on and off sleep (humans called nite-nite time)...

I was caught for a few times already...
(When the humans tapped at the window, ring the inside bell and called my name... all to get my attention, silly!)
Laying on my back with exposed belly, in a very ungentlemanky like position... barking while "laying down" (I know... such a feat right??? Not all dogs can do that you know?) occassionally either in my sleep or just scolding at Pepper the cat for daring to swat at me or those twin deer frolicking in the fields disturbing my precious beauty rest...

My mornings is usually greeted with the awesome smell of eggs...
My preffered style???
Omellette style with milk and bonito flakes or seaweed & cheese between two flaps of bread. Hand fed of course by mommy or daddy running through the boring tricks.

Boring... really. Come on.
Its been repeated and I have done them correctly since after the third time I was taught. What??? Do I need reminders???
I did it correctly *Every* *Single* *Time*.

I even tried to tell you guys "Hey! I know every one you know!"
Even before the "Sit" command issued I *Sit*.
(Why mommi says I sit for everything)
I will go into the tizzy fast motion (High-Five, Shake *I even know the difference DUH!!!*, laydown) 4 tricks excuted to perfection all at once! Ending with the sit again... to say...
"I know them all... now can I have the treat already??? huh-huh-huh???"

I know follow, I know come, I know stay... all them too!
When have I failed to know to "stay close" when we are out on the trails and a whole group of joggers started to charge at us...
Did I not "follow" and "*Stay*close"???
I even "come" when you need to leash me up so I don't chase after them joggers just for fun! They do look like fun you know!!!

OK OK...
I forgive you...
You did give me some treats for me being a goodboy sometimes and I don't need to perform like a penguin. No tricks but still good eats!!!

Awww... Daddy is going to work!!!
I feel sad then...
And my sisters... where are they going???
I see the big yellow catapillar (I think it is, looked like one) at first (what I thought was) *eating* them (and I barked furiously at it for the first few times)... then I realize it did safely spit them both out at the end of their "hunting time" and then they come home...
Yeah... my family is gone usually after breakfast, leaving me with mommi.

I love mommi... cause all my yummies have her "love" in it.
I even drool on her big to claim her mine.

Okie... you guys go a hunting... I have work to do too...
I needs to guard my mommi.
Mommi-time equates more treats and TV watching relaxing & chilling downstairs with her while she do some laundry for a couple of hours.
I do snack and nap on my cheesy hole filled blanket with my smell all over it.
I have the man-cave throne chair (the end section big enough for me to sprawled on). Beisdes daddi, I rule that chair. Its my spot.

Nappi poo time among all the cartoon nonsense.
Waki-waki... its getting boring here... where is mommi???
Where did mommi go???
I cannot leave mommi alone... what if she is attacked?
Who is going to protect me then???
*Goes wandering up to look for mommi*
Smells something good... oooh more goodies and treats.
*Steal some of mommi's lunchies (like chicken, turkey or ham etc. lunch meats)*
*feels like a pee is coming... so go ring the bell to be let out*

(Actually the "ring the bell trick" is kinda "sponsored" aka brought on by Pepper...
Pepper thinks she is smarter than me and showed off by "swatting at the bell" when *I* was shown the trick... What a "showoff". Of course I showed them!!! huh! Who is smarter now!!!)

"Ooooh... mommi left me some kibbles. Not as good as mommi's food though... "
*Hmmm... maybe if I don't eat as much, she will give me better goodies.. lol*

After lunch I may do up some poopies.
*Scratch at the door with my paw*
Scratch! Scratch!
"Come on mommi... clean my poopies. I hate stinky deck!"
I like to sometimes get my mommi by jumping on her to show her how much I love her... we have a waltz then when I do that... very fun!
I still like to stay by the door watching mommi (after she let me in) clean my deck! I am fastidious like mom!
Ohhh... what is she doing after she cleans the deck???
Catching stinkbugs and stomping on them... I want to do that too!!!
*Stomping on stink bugs helping mommi*

Goes back in when mommi goes in!!!
Time for another "Goodboy for helping" treat.
Meatball this time!!! Yay!!!
Then its also time for my Vitamins (like fish oil).
Since its all natural... its yak!!! :P
So mommi will have to wrap it in a big dollop of creamcheese.
And I even get to chase that down with a smear of butter!!!

Mommi treats me so good huh???

I will wander downstairs again to catch somemore nap or boobtube...
Mommi like to watch the tube with me while she gives me a meatball stuffed kong or hollow bone to chew on. Keeps me occupied for a long long time till ma sisiters comes home.
Occasionally she will play the throw rubber bone wit me and or I will bug her to take the meatball outta the toys so I can eatz it.

Oh-oh... sister is home... I hear the yellow catapillar...
I will ring the bell to be let outta the house to go bark at it.
Ooooh they have to do home work.
Not before they all say hi to me of course.
*I go nap-nap by the tub*
(Afternoon sun you know)

Around 4PM...
"Yay!!! My beloved daddy is home!!!
Can I go for a walk yet daddi??? huh-huh???"
(Usually during non-riding season, dad will walk me right after he comes home)

Ohhh no!!! *Pout*
He is going out on his bike *again*!!!
*Pout* *Pout*
I still greet him with all hugs and kisses :* :* :P
Maybe he will ditch that bike and walk me instead!!!

Okay... Fine dad. Remember to walk me after you are done with that toopid bike of yours!!!
"Hurummp!!!" *Snort* (Yes I did, you heard me right! Mommi heard me too!)

Well... I will have to *wait* momma says.

And I wait *wait*, I wait *wait*.

Ohhh daddi's home.
Awww... he is eating dinner!!!
Hey! "Where is my dinner???"
*Pout* *Snort* :P

Okie... he is putting on his shoes... I see him through through the windows. *A collar* *A leash*
"Oh boy, oh boy! Its MEeeee time! Yay!"
He remembered!!!
*Goes and wait by the gate*
*I am a good boy, look! I even sit!*

-Goes for the walk-
Even every walk, I will be learning more new things from dad.
Like "Off the road", and "Sit" when in question whenever a car passed and encountering other walkers on the road.
Daddy says I am fantabulous on the leash...
I still do pull on occasion but only when there is "Smokey" my daushund buddy around. I will pull towards my buddy usually so that I can sniff him in greetings you see...
Other than that I am all good per dad.
I would even sit and lay right down so smokey knows I am no threat.

I am still wary of them cows I encounter!
Usually after they come a charging to see me.. I will "want home" right about now. I usually leave the other dogs alone except smokey who is my bestie.
That new halloween prop actually made me skeedadle a bit to hide behind daddy so he could protect me.
(No.. I am proud that my tail is not between my leg... lets just say... I am a true cautious dog).
But that halloween prop did not scare me again after that.

I do think mommi is insisting that daddi properly teach me how to "cross the road" and practise looking on both side of the road while crossing (like Pepper does). Not that we live in a very busy roads (while out walking many times I don't even encounter a car).

Good thing to learn still.

-Home again-
Oh thank you thank you daddi for the walk!
What do I smell???
I am hungry... OOooooh dinner time!

Yeah to goodies mommi makes!!!

After dinner... I may feel like a poopie again.
Then maybe not. I do usually poop twice usually.
Mommi always inspect my poops.

Anyhoo... I will be let in again for "boys time" with daddy while mommi clean up.
I value my daddy and I me time.
He likes watching cars and I do too!

After a nap or not... if I feel its time...
I may wander upstairs to bug mommi for some of her goodies.
Usually I can get her to feed me some.

Then its "nite-nite" time again!
I will ring the bell and she knows to bring out the jug of milk...
That awesome milk (can be goat or can be cow or mixed) will ease me to my nite-nite time... Just like when I was but a puppy...

I still do dream of my birth mom sometimes...
Me and her out on the fields...
watching the goats graze under the full autumn moon.

Glowing away... under the moon light.


Life o' Roman, the Roman - Daily decadence after October the 10th of 2012 Year of the- Dragon

October 29th 2013 4:21 pm
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Roman, the great.
Has quite the life...

First, he is a ladies' man... The great Romeo...
Well adored by all 3 of the ladies of his house.
(Daddy's love too)
And all ladies' young and old all fell to his charms...
They could not keep their hands to themselves whenever he is around.

Secondly, he is a food connoisseur... Dubbed Romano...
Yes, loves his cheeses.
Fine foods is his daily companion.
Absolutely a food critic... will turn his nose up at certain "unedibles" per him...
Preferred his livers and some meats cooked, only tolerated tartar in lamb and beef / buffalo...
Had Foie gras on his first Christmas of 2012 and never looked back since...

Also had the habit to love being "hand-fed".
Yes, he shall snubbed at treats thrown to him or landed on the floor.
He will take from the hands ever so gently and may "suckled" at one's fingers to properly appreciate the scent after.

Thirdly, he is smart... Almost poetic like the "Romanji"...
A most romantic in languages.
So smart is he understand commands in less than 3 repeats.
So smart he can accurately read what you want of him by just a visual observations.
Almost uncanny the way he knows and understand...
Most telepathic almost...

Fourthly, he is a free-bird loving nudist... AKA "Moon-moon"...
Yeah... he so loves mooning the world.
Can be trusted totally with no collars (hence nude) on.
And will lovingly sit to be collared or leashed.
Well... that's because that is how he gets his daily walks.
But he is so "natural" loving he adores chasing after sticks and leaves... Loves his toys au-natural too... like home grown butternut squash, pumpkins, cantalope or honeydews he can roll around with.
His presence and fur too glow in the dark like the ever luminescent moon.

And of course... he loves his leashfree roamings his family and him does almost every weekends... weather permissible.


Roman's 8 hrs worth of car ride and "Sit" perfected - October the 10th of 2012 year of the Dragon

October 29th 2013 3:24 pm
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How could anyone not love that sweet "oopie" face???
That love at first sight???

My new baby boy has beautiful naturally kohled Egyptian eyes with large soulful milk chocolate eyes that will melt anyone's heart!
He has a cute freckled nose that made his already cute nose look extra big and cute! Hence... I dubbed "Oopie nose".
Awww he has 2 patches on his back... one kinda in the shape of a upsidedown heart!

Boy boy while not all the Great Pyrenees white like his older brother and dam... He is a "Bandeau" or "Badger" tan like his father!!!

Well... we have to drive away for a bit so as to wait for the breeder's return from her church (so as not to give her a bad impression for "stalking"), but how I wanted to stay. A coffee break is a good time for the family and DDs & I reluctantly agreed.

So we wiled away some time till its closer to 12:30PM and sure enough, the breeder is back (car in the driveway)!!! Yay!

We were invited into her house to stay a moment and to answer more questions. Yes, we were grilled for quite a while...
Like how is our living situations like??? If we have land and the space for a XL dog??? If we have another dog or pet??? If we have a farm???

No we don't have a farm and this puppy was tested to be a great promise of a working guardian dog like his mom. And supposedly he has not been away much from her side till now.
He was just pulled from his mommi's side this morning and did not have a chance of a bath yet (and usually the breeder says she does that before the pup's adoption day), hence his cute dirty face (OMG... just too cute thinking back on it). We also did changed the meeting day on her (the breeder). Oops!

Well... she did say she also have another farmer interested in this puppy but did not hear from him/her in a few days. So if we wanted him for a non-working pet (which we wanted), she would be OK with it (since a non-working puppy usually have a better chance of living a longer, healthier life... read the USDA site on Great Pyrenees and you will know why?).

The puppy, per the breeder already is up to date with his shots (shot package available), has his first flea treatment (frontline) but she says the fleas in her area might be immune to "frontline" (but frontline is sponsored via her vet so...). So to make sure we try another flea medication (good one of course, not adams or sentry or the like... we went with Advantix II and it works great).

So we went to meet the puppy... that scruffy face puppy but he be sooo cute!!!

And boy was he a bit shy yet he did come away from his corner to "sniff" our hands. Abit "aloof" after the greet but that is part of the Pyr" charm. I remembered the breeder asked if I would pick up the puppy to follow her into the room away from the deck. I was so excited I could barely contained myself... and yes, he was at 35++lbs (at least 35 lbs per the breeder) and quite a heavy boy. But I picked him up no problem and he did not struggle a bit... boy he was a handful (not in the struggling way but in the big chunky way... lol!). And we were told on the phone he would be almost 12 weeks (July 14th 2012, Year of the Dragon) was his Birthday!!!

And the reason why he is so hefty the breeder says is because the Dam only has 2 puppies and they are very well fed off the Dam's milk. Breeder also let on he is just learning to eat kibbles (only for a couple of weeks???). He is also fed on goat's milk (since she has a goat farm). Also, compared to the other litters of puppies she raised... he is on the "big side" just like his brother (due to number of puppies to dam's milk which makes sense). Oh... plus his dad is way over 140lbs... Dam is 120s.

Big baby!!!

Well... is getting to 2:30PM now...
(After much talking and observation on how we are with him the puppy...)
almost the crunch time if we need to make it home in time... so we told the breeder we'd take him. It was for hubby's Christmas gift too (as he never did have his very own dog). The breeder says she will adopt out him to us but there are a few standard conditions...

That we neuter him (since we do not want to breed him, "breeder's right pricing and all that")... yes, vet, vet, vet!

That we keep in touch and send her lots of pictures (which we did)...

That we may take him back for a visit sometimes... etc..

So... we loaded our new baby into the back of the SUV.
Said goodbyes to the breeder...
And yeah... he looked confused and started to whimper as we started to pull away...

Then... from the corner of the fencing (where the goat farm is and the red barn stands... ) out came his mommi furiously barking!!!
Awwww.... it was such a heart breaking scene!!!

Our puppy's dam... ran the whole length of the fencing chasing after her son being taken away from it. Boy we should have shot a picture of her she was so majestic looking... yeap! All 120 plus lbs of her... beautiful mommi! Twas a sad scene though...

But my dear baby boy...
You will have a new awesome family now...
With your own acres to roam and be free.
We promised lots of walks and weekend adventures.
Some awesome foods too...
And tons and tons of family love....
No... we will never leave you.
We promised.

So began the 8 hr plus long hike home with many many stops to make sure his needs is met (no, we did not get home till 1++AM in the morning).

And along the way...

DD taught him how to sit!
And this boy is so smart, he learned sit in 3 repeats... and sat whenever asked all the way home.

we tried brainstorming what to call our new baby and DD came up with Roman.

"Roman" is finally home!!!

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