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Roxie's womderful adventures

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My short trip

April 22nd 2014 5:49 am
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I had a good Easter week Tuesday mom packed a suit case and we headed to Long Beach CA. It was not to long about 6 hours. We stoped and stretched our legs a few times we got to our friend's home/ I meet two dog who were very nice. They were both border collies and a bit older, but loved to play. We did some hiking and went to a dog beach. It was a lot of fun. I came home on Friday, but was tired little dog. On Sunday I went to Auburn and Nevada CIty to do some more exploring. Yesterday I got to go to dog park and see my friends Gracie and Oscar. We had fun playing and running it was so much fun seeing my dog friends. I missed them a lot. Well hope everyone had a good day and week


No rain

April 2nd 2014 8:06 am
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well the rain stopped which makes me Happy- that means more walks and the dog park hopefully. I had some peach jam that fell on the floor which was ver good. I found some pillows which are very soft to sleep on- I love pillows- I hope the easter Bunny bring me some of my own- My human sister seems to think the pillows are her's and she gets mad when I sleep on them and push her off. I can hardly wait until the 26th of April it is Peta poolza I hear it is a place to be seen except the doggy dash which is in June. I can hardly wait for that. I tore up a toy aligator and my human sister has to sew it up- Again! well I got to go and help take out the trash- one of my chores that Nikita kitty gave me to do. It seems sher gave both me and Bijou Chores to do but did not give herself any- Bossy older cats- You know what they say about simamese/burmese Kitties.=Persnickery. well I am off to do my chore I will see ya later.


April Foolsday and Rain and I am back

April 1st 2014 6:32 pm
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Hi friends
well boy is it a boring day because of the rain I do not get to go to the dog Park to play with my friends Gracie andZiva. I know we need the rain but it should only rain at Night when it does not disrupt my life. We are in a big drought and need rain but there should be a law to have it rain at 11 pm to 4 am so it does not disrupt the lives of dogs. It is April fools day the 2 cats here tried to April Fool me but they did not get me- well ok they did. I helped make cupcakes and got some bites they were Watermellone flavored and Yummy. I helped decorate the house for Easter it was fun. My human sister brought a whole bunch of new plants 10 but she does not want me to help take care of them for some reason. They still have their crappy jobs- just wish my dog prayers would be answered and they get jobs. I have been running alot lately- I have my first big race on April 27 . I am very excited- I never been to a race it is a 10k. I am in shape have run everyday since the beginning of the year- except I can not go when it rains( another reason I do not like it!) Nikita Kitty Had her birthday On March 17th she turned 7 years old and gots lots of treats and toys but will not share with me! ;(
Boycott the New York Jets becuase they hired Michael Vick the horrible person who was a dog fighter and liked it- he is one sick dude and should be in prion Not playing football. My dog friends had birthdays in feb and turned 1 so Now all of us BFF's are one , Gracie and Ziva. well I am going to go. I think I hear thunder and lightening.


Busy day

December 28th 2013 10:03 am
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Well I have been a very busy dog. I went to dog park and played, with my friends and went walking with Epona and Ever. I have been playing with my christmas toys and tearing the stuffing out so Now my human sister has to sew them up. I love my new bed too it is soft and comfy but I still like sleeping in my human sisters bed with the cats. It is very warm out so I will be busy going on walks, we really need rain!! It is the driest in records, I hate the rain as it cramps my activities but we need it. well I am going to go on a bye bye see ya, it is returning gft time , I love bye bye. see ya later!


Merry Christmas Wednesday 12-25 2013

December 25th 2013 4:47 pm
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Hekko Friends!
Merry Christmas! I hope all had an Excellent day! I did. I got a new bed for myself- so no more sharing with my humans. My very own bed and I better NOT see them in it. It is Mine and mine alone . Cats you can not have it- you do not let me play with your toys so fair is fair. I got some toys and dog treats. I got some special food for Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner which is very delicous!
I have been very busy going to dog park and playing with my friends. I went shopping last Friday 12-20 2013 with my human sister and cats! yes You read it right the cats went too. I do not know why Ionly hope they do not go again they hog the seats. love playing with my friends Gracie and Ziva my very BBF's . I love thoise dogs. It has been weird weather very cold in the mornings/nights and above record breaking temps in the day. well I guess Iam going to play with one of my toys. I got lots of stuff to do I will see ya later. Oh yeah this week I got to go and walks with my friends Ever Epona and the Dotsies. Talk to you soon.


Busy dog and Very excited for santa Paws

December 17th 2013 11:56 am
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Hello furs
I have been very busy- been going to dog park alot ahaving fun with my friends Gracie and Ziva. I went and looked at christmas lights they are very pretty. I have also been going running a few days a week. I also helped decorate the house, wrap presents and bake. to bad I can not have anything that I help make which I feel is very unfair!
I am very excited about Santa paws and Can hardly wait until he comes.We have been having very weird weather first a very cold deep freeze and now NO rain which we need bad, If we get No rain it will the driest year in CA history. I gues we will dy up and blow away. I think and believe it is climate change all this weird stuff.
I would like to thank all the dogs that asked me to be friends I love it!!:) You can never have to many friends. I am sorry I was slow to respond. I also like to thank all the kind dogs who left comments and gifts for me it was very nice of you. I truely appreciate it!!
Well if I do not get back on here I hope allyou pups have a very Merry christmas. see ya around


Freezing temps and fun

December 5th 2013 9:11 am
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Hello Friends
Boy are we having very very cold temps here in Ca. One dayin the 70's and now freezing temps. It is climate change. I feel very sorry for all the homeless Kitties, Doggies, and people. I hope they are all safe and warm.
I am still having fun even though it is cold. I went to my friend Gracies house and we played and had so much fun. I LOVE my fiend Gracie she ia such a fun dog. I hope to see her soon.
I helped decorate the house for Christmas since it is only 20 days away. I am very excited about Christmas, I have found where my presents are hidden but can not get them as they are on the very top shlf in the kitchen.
well I am going to go for a run since it is warming up, I LOVE to Run i think it is fun- I might not be as good as their old dog Abbey- But if you ask me I am the best running dog around. I love it. I hope that all you dogs are very safe and warm from the deep freeze effecting all of us here in the USA. See ya Later


Busy Weekend

December 1st 2013 7:29 pm
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Boy have a I had a busy weekend. I did errands with my human sister on Friday and played with a dog name Sammy who lives in my neighborhood. We had a lot of fun. On Sat I went and picked up my dog friend Ziva and went to the dog park. We met our other friend Gracie and Oscar and we played and played. Today I did some errands, then went over to my dog friends house and played. I have been having a lot of fun being one I think being one is pretty fun



November 28th 2013 6:59 am
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Happy Thanksgiving. I am DDP today I am so excited!! I get to go on a race and it will be my firts one. Thanks Dogster for picking me as DDP. I hope all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.THanks to all the furs dogs for making nice comments on my page I like them and appreciate them. I was very busy yesterday with errends and stuff Have a busy day today. Can hardly wait for Turkey. Have a wonderful and Safe Thanksgiving.


Its My first (1st) Birthday

November 27th 2013 10:15 am
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Happy Birthday to me it is my first Birthday and i amexcited. I got alot of nice gifts and get o go walking with my friends Eve and Epona. It was really fun. Last night I got to and Play at the dog park and I always have fun with my friends. It is BiJou's Kittys Second Birthday too. Nikita was Choosen for the 3rd time DDp she is one Lucky Kitty. I am excited for Thanksgiving it will be my first one too- I was born after it last year. I am excited for turkey I LOVE it. I hope all the dogs and their Families who celebrate Hannakuah( Sorry about spelling errors did not mean to offend anyone). Happy Thanksgiving. I am happy to have a home and not be on the street or shelter. well I got to go I have alot of errends to do. see ya I hope all are safe from the weather.

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