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October 30th 2013 10:27 am
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WOW! *tail wiggles* Hello! Hello! Hello All you nice peoples and new dog friends!
Haven't said anything in awhile. I've been busy, chasing squirrels and barking at the neighbor dogs- several little terriers that can't understand why I'M top dog (Leetah *excuse me? whose the one on her back when we play?* Quiet Leetah, old bones make the back more comfortable, besides YOUR the one who keeps trying to pull my old bones out of joint when I'm standing up.
LADIES! Sorry Mom....
Anyway, let's see what's new. Oh there are these black squirrels that have invaded our yard. They're bolder then the usual ones. Mom and the other humans like them, and don't let us go out when they're around. Sometimes I'm nice and don't chase Pitch (yeah they named a SQUIRREL!), but I always chase the others. *Actually, I kind of admire the little black squirrel too- they've sat right at eye level to me and not flinched- pretty good for a squirrel* There are three of them, but only one that comes around often.
Mom takes us out on walks when it's nice out. That's great, although my hips start hurting if I move to fast.
Wait, gotta go- smell something that might be food.



August 14th 2013 8:39 am
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My name is Cookie Dough, although I go by Cookie most of the time. Once I was quite a fun-loving, playful dog. My best friends then was my master Allie, and the other mix-breed dog Mollie. Mollie was my master's sister's dog. We were called Sun and Shadow because my coat is black with white underside and Mollie was golden as the sun's rays. Boy, could she run! We loved racing each other through the yard and going on adventures together. She loved her owner to pieces too.
Me? Well my owner really wasn't part of the picture for me, not that I had no one to love me. The rest of the family took care of me very well. Allie was just beginning her time in college, and when she left she never really came back home. Didn't have the money to buy a nice house with a fenced in yard either, so I stayed with the parents. Mollie's owner loved me- she loves all animals even those darned squirrels, but she never got to close because she didn't want to "steal" me away from Allie.
Then Molly got neuropothy in the hind legs. Her tail went limp and she had problems just getting up. It was devastating for us, but her owner decided Mollie shouldn't be allowed to deteriorate any further. In our shared grief we comforted each other, and I gained a new best friend.
It was a least a year before the family noticed I wasn't playing as much as normal. Truth was I'd fallen into a depression just as much as my new owner had. It took some convincing, but eventually she got Leetah to be my new pack mate.
I may be an old dog now, and my bones are achy. Still I've got a wonderful family.

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