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Titans lazy summer


July 22nd 2013 1:44 pm
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Today I woke up and my mommy was rushing around the house putting my stuff in boxes. I didn't get it at first but once I woke up fully I realized all my toys and bed was gone!
Then I saw my favourite table to lay under was gone. The little person wasn't there and all his toys were missing too.
I'm extremely confused right now, my mom keeps putting things in the car. Her and dad keep talking about some new house?
I think mom noticed I was worried because she sat down and explained that I was going somewhere new. I'm worried but then again the last time I went somewhere new I came to live with them and they aren't bad people at all.
Mom said the house will be a bit smaller but the backyard was big and fenced in so I could run around all I wanted. She also said the neighbour has a boxer puppy the same age as me, so maybe ill make a new friend :)
The worse part about this was I had to go in the car. I hate car rides! It wasn't a far ride thankfully! We're here now, it looks nice. Wish me luck :)


To hot to do anything

July 18th 2013 8:06 am
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Well we finally woke up around 10:30. The people were up before me but I got to sleep in a bit. I knew it would be to hot to go outside right away. I finally got up when I heard the smallest person yelling my name and I figured I should probably get up. I'm glad I got up when I did he was sneaking me the rest of his breakfast. He's good at doing that for me, today was eggs which I enjoy.
I went outside but didn't stay out long it was way to hot!
So we came back inside, but once it cools down a bit I know there's a rabbit living under the shed so I'm just waiting patently.
Once we came in I had my own breakfast, snuck into the bathroom and got some water out of the toilet.
I made my way into the living room and the child already destroyed. That's his second talent, I've learned that the big people don't like when I chew his toys but the wip container looked fun.... I got yelled at for it then barked at my mom for telling me no.
After that me and the child sat in front of the fan for a bit but now he's getting ready for a nap so I think I'm going to do the same.
It's just to damn hot to do anything today.
I know when I wake up my mom will be gone for work but dad will be home shortly after.
The babysitter will be here, she smells like other dogs so I like to bug her, I bark at her and take her shoes and she better look out cuz I know mom made lasagna for dinner and hers will be the first one I go for.

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