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New Job

Mommys home!

September 20th 2013 4:03 pm
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Mommy came home today! Every time she leaves I think she is going to be gone forever! She said she came home early....she uses that word a lot.
She's been playing with me. But I did get in trouble for getting the dog next door worked up. Mommy doesn't like it when I do that. But she forgave me and let me back on the couch after a while.
She said she's going to the movies tonight, a scary one. So I will have to protect her tonight in the dark.
Mommy also said she has the weekend off and that she will be home with me all weekend! And when she gets money she will take me to the store and I can get a toy!! She give my friends dogs treats (mommys roommate has 4 dogs that I play with every day!) But she buys me toys and takes me on car trips and to the store. I'm HER baby. But I'm not mean. I share my toys.
I hope mommy isn't gone too long tonight, I don't like being away from her.


Mommy's new job.

September 19th 2013 11:49 pm
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Times have been hard. Mommy lost her "job", but we always had food and it was fun having her home all the time! But she started a new "job" whatever that is and I have to wait to see her when she comes home. And when she does she smells funny. Not like me! She is tired a lot now and is cranky. She groans when she sits and takes medicine for head aches. But no matter how tired she is she always gives me hugs before doing anything else and even when I scratch her legs (I'm so happy I forget not to jump sometimes!) She just smiles and rubs my ears. I know she needs sleep so I don't jump on the bed as much and I snuggle with her even closer now.

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