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Growing Up Drew

I wike American Pickers!

April 30th 2013 5:09 pm
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Hi Evewybody... Evewy night, my Mommy and I have been watching Amewican Pickers on TV... I wove that show because I see so many things I wike... I was wondering if any of you know of any pickers awound here because I have wots of valuable stuff... I have a buwwy stick worth no less than 2 dowars, a cheeseburger that I will only ask $1.50 for because the squeeker fell out, a beauuutiful tennis ball, a wope, and a plush bone that barwely wooks wike I chewed it.

My Mommy trimmed my eye bwows because they were gwowing over my wittle eyes... I wook a wittle funny I think, but at weast I could see better...

Tonight for supper, I said..... I'll have.... a warge bowl of spaghetti, extwa meatballs, shwedded cheese, mawinawa sauce, homemade bwead and a side sawad pwease with a warge Spwite and buooberry cheesecake for dessert... Mommy came over to me and gave me..... BWUE BUFFAWO!



April 26th 2013 10:49 am
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I can't bewieve my diawy is Diawy of da day! I've had such a gweat week. Wast night was my first obedience cwass! I wearned how to wook when Mommy calls me, I wearned how to sit and Mommy knows how to stop me fwom jumping on her. I also made new fwiends - Baxster and Niko. But my favowite was a young wady dog I met. Her name was Addy May. She had a wose on her cowwar. She was the most beaoootiful puppy I've ever seen! I asked Mommy if I could bwing her a bone next cwass. I had twouble concentwating in cwass because I kept looking at her big bwown eyes wooking at me. I couldn't stop my wittle tail fwom wagging. I did soooo good at cwass that Mommy took me for pizza. I said... Mommy, I'll have... I warge pizza, half sausage, half pepperoni, extwa cheese, peppers, mushwooms, anchowies and owives. But when I came home - all Mommy gave me was a cup of Bwue Buffawo!



April 24th 2013 4:39 pm
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Wow... I can't bewieve all the fwiends I've made! I feel wike the wuckiest puppy. My Mommy's name is Desawee and she's the best Mommy in the whole, wide world. She gives me wots of hugs and kisses. She takes me for wong walks, buys me toys and gives me tweats. I wove her so much. Sometimes she takes me thwoo the dwive thwoo at McDonald's and I always get a double cheeseburger, a medium fwy, onion wings, a McFwurry and a bwooberry pie and a warge Spwite. I weally wike Wendy's because they have fwosty's and Chiwi. I wove to eat as you can see. But for some weason, my Mommy always says "DWWWEEEWWWWWW NOOOOO" when I take a wittle pee in the house. I'm not sure why she does that. When I have to go, I have to go. Anway, I'm feewing much better and I got to visit with my best fwiend, Sunny, tonight! It's been a gweat day! I have to go to bed eawly because it's a school night Mommy says. Wove you all.



April 24th 2013 10:46 am
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Well, I'm feewing a wittle better today. I was so tired this morning... I stwteched, but I couldn't get ouwta my bed. I was sneezing during the night and was sooooo sweepy. I didn't wanna go to the Wittle Wed Dog House, but Mommy said I had to. I was happy to hear fwom Cwissy, the wady who takes care of me there, that it might be an awergy. So, she said she would watch over me and wet me west. XOXO


One more thing....

April 23rd 2013 6:55 pm
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I have tewwible gas tonight...


Under Da Weather

April 23rd 2013 6:52 pm
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Hewwow evewybody... Thank you all for making me feel so welcome... I wove my bones, fwowers, fwisbees and food! I go to daycare at the Wittle Wed Dog House and my Mommy thinks I caught a cold from one of the other puppies. I have the sniffles, I'm sneezing, my eyes are watery and my thwoat hurts... I'm going to ask my Mommy to write me an excwuse for daycare tomorrow but I hope I don't have to go see my doctor, Dr. Fwiel because he gives me shots. I had two slices of pizza tonight with chicken on top of it - it made me feel better for a wittle while... But I'm vewy tired now and I'm going to sweepins... My Mommy always says before I go to sweep "Sweep with the angels and dweam of the puppies!" I wove you all.



April 23rd 2013 8:02 am
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Hewwow Evwybody, my name is Dwew. I'm thwee months old. My best fwiend, Sunny, told me about this page and told me it's wots of fun. I'm vewy pwayful, lowable, lowyal, and smart. I weally would wike to make fwiends, so write to me pwease. Wove, Dwew.

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