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Nemex - the Dewomer I had to get! And a new food!

June 6th 2013 9:33 am
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Whoooo Hoooo!!! FINALLY we found a dewormer that I didnt puke on!! Mom gave me the Nemex on Monday. I was totally fine! AND.. she notices that since giving it to me, my poops are always solid. They were mushy before at times. SO - maybe I did have WORMIES??? GROSS!! But, glad they are gone.

Those who've used Nemex... do I have to get it again in the future??

I am still growing like a weed. I'm over 10 pounds! HOLY MOLEY!
The groomer was here last week and said that my paws are HUGE! And she estimates that I will be around 15 pounds! Mom almost fell off her chair!
There are good things about me being bigger tho...

Small dogs are more prone to leg and bone issues and are more prone to teeth issues. So, if I am big, so what!

BIGGER IS BEAUTIFUL! (Like in Mom's case! LMAO! NOT!)

And I'd rather be bigger and healthier than smaller with health issues. Mom has had enuf of those for her lifetime!

By the way, mom is going to switch my food. She is currently feeding me Royal Canin puppy. BUT - she is switching to grain free BLUE WILDERNESS PUPPY. Anyone have any knowledge about that food??



May 25th 2013 10:47 am
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I am so happy! I learned to roll in smelly things!!!
Needless to say, Mom is NOT at all happy with this new behavior!! She yells at me every time! And what do I do?? I lay down on my back and make her try to pick me up and stop me! BOL! What fun its been!!!

I went to the vet yesterday for my last shot! ALL DONE! Yipppeee!

I got weighed... are you sitting down to hear how big I am NOW??

9.1 POUNDS!!! HOLY CRAP! I just wont stop growing! So much for being 7-9 pounds! The doc said I am not fat at all, so I guess I'll just be a big boy!

I still have ALL my baby teeth! The doc said thats okay tho, I am just a late bloomer in that department! Mom wishes they would come out already, as they are sharp as nails!

I've still been getting car sick on even the shortest trips. Mom heard that if you put powdered sugar in the back of my mouth, that will stop the puking. So, she tried it yesterday. Do you think that crock of bull worked? (LOL!) NOT! So, she is going to give Dramamine or Bonine, and no food a shot again. It stinks cuz I miss out on alot cuz I cant go in the car. Mom knows she should keep taking me to get used to it, but she feels so bad when I get sick. And, its no fun for her cleaning up puke all the time!

The doc said I MUST have a de-wormer, even tho I had them when I was little. You know the experiences I had with the ones I've tried... This one is called Nemex and its a syrup mom has to give me with a syringe. She is dreading giving it to me!!! She knows I'm gonna get sick:( At least its once and done... Anyone ever heard of it??

Thanks for reading bout me and my growing! Happy Memorial Day to all!

XOXO! Toddler Zanes



April 30th 2013 12:28 pm
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Hi again!

So much going on over at our place, I cant stop writing about it!

I have now officially become POSTMAN ZANEY! When the maillady drops the mail in our door, I go and fetch it! BUT - I have bigger and better ideas about what to do with the letters than read em! Like.... SHRED EM! BOL!

So far, I havent been able to get past Mom's hawk eyes. But, today was close! Here I am just about to get chewing on the letter:


I'll let ya know if I can ever get past the HAWK!

Luv, Toddy Zanes



April 30th 2013 12:25 pm
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Hey pals!

I have to tell you about my new toy! It is so cool! I dont know who likes playing with it more: Mom or me! BOL! Mom saw something similar that Dogster was giving away last year, which was what gave her the idea! Its like a fishing pole with a Kong stuffed squeaky toy velcroed on the end!

Check out me playing with it! I am beat!!!







If anyone is interested, they are on Amazon for $13.99! I highly recommend them for some fast fun!!!

The link:

The URL: (cuz mom cant seem to get links to work! DUH!) dp/B0042I5G2I/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1367349846&sr=8-1&keywo rds=dog+fishing+pole



April 28th 2013 9:03 am
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Hi pals!

Guess what? I graduated from BABY to TODDLER! Today I LIFTED MY LEG to pee! Mom was one proud mommy! I am happy bout that, but mom is not. She liked me being a little baby! But, with age, comes maturity. LOL!! Mom is NOT the example of that! That came from MY mouth, not hers! BOL!

Geez Louise! I am growing like a weed! I gained 3 pounds in the last 2 1/2 weeks! I am 7 pounds now!!! My mom was 7 pounds, and dad 9 pounds, so hopefully I will stop growing soon! I am getting heavy for mom to pick up! Anyfur know when we stop growing?


Love, Toddler Zanes



April 17th 2013 1:30 pm
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I made Mom's heart pound very fast just now! We had gone for a walk to the park down the block and I was playing with some little girls. I was all revved up! When we got home, I was doing zoomies around the house! Round the table.. round the table... round the gate.... Mom said we were going out and was standing next to the door. Little did I realize she hadn't opened the screen yet!!! ZOOM... then BOOM-SMACK I went! I hit nose first at full speed into the screen door! "ACHOOO! ACHOOO! ACHOOO! ACHOOO", I went! Mom checked my nose and face and I am fine. But, boy, did I get the poop knocked out of me! Wont be doing that again! I guess I have alot to learn yet! BOL! Its tuff being a baby boy!


Thank you, Dogster - For honoring me with Diary of the Day!!

April 17th 2013 6:47 am
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Sending many thanks to you, Dogster, for making me Diary of the Day yesterday! What an honor!

And thank you to all my pals who made my day even extra special!

I had my first groom 2 days ago. I was very well behaved. I am growing more and more every day! I can get up to the bed on the puppy steps now, but have trouble getting down. One day, I played a trick on mom! She left the bedroom while I was on the bed. She didnt think I could get down by myself. All of a sudden, I popped out from around the corner and scared her! BOL! She still doesnt know how I got down by myself! Hee Hee Hee!

Love, Baby Zanes


Another Try at the Video of Me and the ICE CUBE!

April 13th 2013 6:08 am
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I've been having trouble with Photobucket! Grrrr...

So, I uploaded it to Utube! Lets try it there!

Or here:

Thanks for watching me:) (I hope you can! BOL!)


Fun with ICE CUBES!!!

April 12th 2013 8:55 am
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I had my first taste of an ice cube today! I thought it was a toy!
Check it out: user/sunny2331/media/NEW%20PNP/ ml

If that doesnt work, here is another link: cecube001_zps6615d1a4.mp4.html



April 9th 2013 10:44 am
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I've been having a ball with mom! She is learning what works for me, and we are getting into a routine. I've learned to walk nicely, (without sitting down and being stubborn!), with the help of some positive reinforcement: YUMMY TREATS! Mom has learned to carry them with us on our walks. I told her, "ANCIENT CHINESE SECRET, MOM!" BOL! I am now able to 'sit' and 'come' on command:) I am also totally potty trained! I haven't had an accident in the house since Easter! I've also mastered the big step leading into the house, and can jump in and out by myself. Mom's back and legs were sore from having to pick me up and take me out, then pick me up and bring me in - talk about out of shape! BOL! I'm getting her back into the groove of MOVING!

I also met a few friends here at our aptment complex! I love other dogs and especially people! Every person we see when we are walking, I have to go get some attention from them! Everyone that sees me loves me too! I am super friendly! Mom is real happy cuz Angel Suns was always so afraid of people.

Anywhooo... Sunday mom had to give me Drontal Plus, a dewormer. All puppies have worms. Gross, I know! She gave it to me early in the morning. I seemed rather hyper after that, but mom didn't think anything of it. Around 2, the fun began! I threw up 2x on the bed, and 2x on the rug! Mom was very upset - to the point of crying - because she thought something was wrong. She felt those awful helpless feelings that she had when Angel Sun was sick. (She remained calm tho, but I saw the tears!) Then, it dawned on her! It was from the darn De-Worming pill! She was so relieved once she realized it was because of that nasty pill! Whewwwww!

We went about our day after I puked, cuz I seemed fine at first. But, little did mom know - I was NOT fine! I was on over-drive! I was so hyper and so bad, that mom couldnt do a thing with me! I was all over the place and wasnt even able to focus on my ball or any one thing! I ripped mom's pants when she took me out, and was in every corner of the house looking for something to chew on! Finally, by nightfall, I chilled out and was able to sleep when we went to bed. Mom had looked online and found several other pups that had the same things happen to them!

The next morning, I was back to my normal self! "Thank DAWGS", mom said! She called the vet and told them what happened - cuz she was supposed to give me another dose in 2 weeks! Like that was gonna happen: NOT! The vet prescribed a powder that she has to put on my food for 3 days straight. But, not for another 2 weeks. She isnt sure what it is called cuz she forgot to ask. We will find out when we go pick it up.

Well, thats all for now! I am one HAPPY boy here at my new home! I couldnt ask for anything or anyone more! Thanks for reading:)

Love, Baby Zanes

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