Gunner RIP 3/8/02-2/4/16

Labrador Retriever/Doberman Pinscher
Picture of Gunner RIP 3/8/02-2/4/16, a male Labrador Retriever/Doberman Pinscher

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Home:Beresford/Bathurst, NB, Canada  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 14 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 51-100 lbs

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Gunnybunny, who's the babes, Gunny, Gun, Mommas Babe, Chewie

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

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Quick Bio:

March 8th 2002

Gunner likes playing with Noah

not being able to go outdoors with his Dad

Favorite Toy:
whatever Brandy or Noah has

Favorite Food:

Favorite Walk:
to the lagoon

Best Tricks:
giving kisses

Arrival Story:
We were looking for a hunting dog, went to see Gunner and his litter mates.Hubby was not keen on him, since he was not a pure Lab but once I had him in my arms he was not staying there. So he came home with us that day.

Gunner whines a lot. He whines for attention, he whines for his Dad, he whines just to whine. He is very vocal and will makes all kinds of noises when he has your full attention. Gunner thinks he is a lap dog and will sit on you when he wants something. He loves to lean against you, he does it all the time, he does it to anybody who comes to visit, he will even sit his butt on you if he can while still standing. Gunner is very social and wants to be with you and have your attention all the time.

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Whining gets you everything!

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March 16th 2005 More than 11 years!

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Gunner's World

More Surgery!!!!!!!!!!

April 7th 2005 4:51 am
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Well, just when we thought it was getting better what do I go and do? I start licking my incision and make it open. Freaked my Mom out when she saw stuff coming out. So what does she do, she called my doc right away and had me down to see him in 15 minutes. Of course in the waiting room I had to 'perform' for the staff. They thought I was so cute sitting in my own chair beside my Mom. I was taller than her! Now in the exam room, that was different. She wouldn't let me hide my face behind her. And no matter how many times I hit that doorknob with my nose, she wouldn't open that door. I have been to see my doc so much Mommy jokes and said they will be starting to charge me rent pretty soon. My Doc is a nice guy really. He has this deep voice which is kinda scary. But not in a bad way, just deep. He is very nice to me, he talks to me when he does something to me. So he looked at my side and told Mom he might have to go back in? Oh no, that doesn't sound good. So Mom made an appointment for Mon. at 8:15. This was Friday so he told her to just keep squeezing it and trying to get it to drain as much as possible. Since there was a lump still there.
Mon. morn Mom puts me in her car and off we go. The Doc had a look at me and told Mom he would have to open me up again and see what the problem was. Mommy had to walk me back to the backroom area, cause as soon as she handed the assistant my leash I laid flat out on the floor...tee hee hee...sometimes my size comes in handy...
Mom's note: The Vet called me around 11:30 and told me he was done with his surgery. He had located a piece of stick that had broken off and remained inside Gunner. It had moved quite aways inside him. It had entered between his ribs and was found very near his intestines. It was aobut 1" long, with an edge that looked like a blade.
At 3pm Mom and Dad were allowed to come and get me. The Doc had kept me so I wouldn't be so sleepy when I went home. He put a green bandage on me, and left some of it showing. I looked so cool. Everybody called it my racing stripes. Since I am a very fast dog. The Doc told Mom and Dad I had to have been going some fast for a piece of stick to break off and go inside. When they walked me into the exam room where Mom and Dad were and I immediately rushed to Dad. Well as well as I could since my back legs were still wobbly.
Gosh I love my life......they spoil me so terribly.
Well, time to go. I have to sit in the window and watch for my Dad to come back. He went in his truck and took Brandy and Noah and left me behind. Guess I will make him feel guilty when he gets back. Will post more later about how things are going, I still have lots to tell.


My injury and surgery!!!!!

March 20th 2005 11:23 am
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Well, I imagine by now you have seen the last pic of me laying in the window with my tummy bandaged? Let me tell you the story of how that came to be.

This is quite long, so you might want to grab a cup of coffee or something...

On Sun, Feb.27th my Dad took me, Noah and Brandy for a walk to the lagoon. It is at the end of the sub-division we live in. So Dad gets us into the turck and we drive down. To get to the lagoon you have to walk through the woods. It is usually a 10 minute walk for people. Dad always lets us out of the truck and we know the way. He follows at a leisurely pace. We run ahead, than we stop and wait for him to catch up. This is a ritual for us. Then we walk along the shore edge of the lagoon. Now keep in mind where I live it is very very cold during the winter. So the lagoon is completely frozen over and is safe to walk on. The side we come out on is woods all the way up, but across the frozen lagoon is homes and cottages. So we stay to the woods side. My job is to torment Brandy and Noah. I chase after her and we do our jump and vocalize. To most people all it looks like is the two of us with our snouts against the others'. Our mouths are open and we are snarling and making some pretty weird noises. Mommy calls me Chewie cause she says I sound like Chewbaka from Star Wars....who ever he is!!!....So get the idea of our walk. Once in awhile Noah and I will run off into the woods. Sometimes we get a scent to follow other times it is to have a private moment to P**P. All went well, we came home.

The next morning my Mommy noticed blood on the bed. And she figured it came from me, since it was were I was laying. I sleep with them at night. Mommy puts an older sheet on the bed at the foot for me. She checked my paws cause that is where I have been cut before from being at the lagoon. But that is another story some time!!!!

So lets move this story on......a day or two later Mommy found a small sore on my left side, up by my ribs. I was yelping when anyting would touch it, so she went looking and found it. She says it was about the size of a dime, and some fur was missing. It was very very tender to touch. I allowed her to put some Polysporin on it with a Q-tip. My mommy always looks after me like that when I am injured. She is the bestest one for that!!!!! She kept a close eye on it and kept treating it. Then I started to not feel so well. I was not my usual happy playful self. I jsut dragged my feet. Our walks at the laggon were not he same. I could not run at all. But I was still eating fine. I heard Mommy and Dad talking about me, saying how concerned they were about me. And by now you could not touch my side, it had started to swell, and a huge soft lump had built up between my two front paws. Mommy called my Doc. and made an appointment for me for Mar. 3rd. (the next day). She cried alot that night. I have never seen her so upset and sad. I guess she was very worried about me.

The next day (Mar. 3rd) Mommy and Dad took me to see my Doc. Dad was on his 3 days off since he works shifts. My appt. was for 2:30 that afternoon. In the waiting room my sore started to bleed. Dad thinks it was cause I had to jump down to get out of his truck. Mommy said "This is the place to be now". When we got to go into the private exam rooms Dad would not put me on the table. He did not want to pick me up and hurt me. But they did weigh me on the big stand-up scales and I weighed 86.9 pounds!!! I am a big guy!!!! The doc came in. He is very nice, has a nice voice. And I could sense how Mommy and Dad liked him and trusted him. So I behaved very well and just stood there. He got on his hands and kees to look at my belly. "I am going to have to keep him here and operate right away" he told Mommy and Dad. "Operate? But you did that before when I was young, so I would not chase the girl dogs! What are you going to take away this time???" Before I knew it Mommy and Dad were bringing me in the back to this big cage. Mommy was crying again. And then they left me there with those strange people.

Mommy's turn to explain now:
When we picked Gunner up 3 hours later the Doc told us he had had a puncture wound that had gotten infected. The infection had spread like gangerene. He had to put a drain tube in to allow it to drain out. He was on penicillian (the infection was pretty resistant to antibiotics) Alot of muscle and blood vessels were damaged during the operation. The infection had spread quite rapidly!!

I am back again!

The last pic you see of me is when I had my bandages on. I have a huge scar running down my left side. It took 12 stitches!!!! The drain stayed in and covered with bandages for 4 days and then Mommy and Dad took me back to the Doc to get the bandages off. This was on the 7th. They had to press on the wound to bring some of the infection out and put peroxide on it.They had to do this quite a few times each day. They were very diligent with this. And when I went back on the 11th for the doc to check to make sure all was going well he was pleased with the work Mommy and Dad was doing.
I went back to get my stitches out on the 17th. St. Patrick's Day!!! All is going fabulous. The doc told me that he was pleased with how well Mommy and Dad looked after me. So now I have a bit of muscle damage from the result of the infection. But all in all...I am fine and back to my usual naughty self!!!! Mommy has pics of my scar if you want to see, just email her and she will show you the day the drain was removed and then the day the stitches were taken out....quite a big difference. I have come a long way very quickly.
Mommy and Dad still feel guilty. But how could they know it was a puncture wound and not just a superficial wound? They have looked after worse wounds on my feet without taking me to the Doc. But Mommy had a great bunch of friends on the Net who helped her get through it.
Now we are waiting for the hair to grow back. It is some itchy tho....and I am sure my scar will either go away or the hair will cover it. But hey, it is just a scar right? Far better to be healthy. Why worry about a scar. My Mommy and Dad love me for who I am, not how I look. Don't I have the bestest Mommy and Dad any guy could have?
Thanks for listening...


Dear Diary

March 17th 2005 10:22 am
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Another trip down memory lane....

My Mommy says I was a good little boy. I learned very quickly to do my business outside. And within a week I was coming up the stairs by myself, now going down was another story!!!!! I slept in my
Mommy and Dad's bedroom in the bottom half of a huge crate. I did alot of whining to go out to pee. Mommy put her same sweatshirt she wore when she came to get me in with me and it was wonderful!!!! I could smell Mommy all night!!!! Mommy says the worse part was getting me to sleep through the night. But once I was good, and a bit bigger I was allowed to sleep in the 'big bed'. I sleep there everynight now. Mommy and Dad are glad I sleep at the foot. Mommy calls me a 'blanket hog'...not sure what that is, but sometimes she makes me get on the floor so she can get 'settled in' then she calls me back up.

I still had car issues...I loved going in it, but I would foam at the mouth...scared my Mommy something terrible. She had never seen a puppy foam up so fast. I even learned that if I was going to be sick I would put my front paws down on the car matt, upchuck, then sit back up.....I never once got sick in my Dad's truck. It was very high up and I could see out very easy.
I have since gotten used to the car. I am 3 now and no longer a baby. Well at least age-wise I am not. But Mommy still calls me her baby!! And I am the biggest dog in the house too!!!

Mommy had a very very sad day in June when I was 3 months old. Dad took Sindy in the car to see the vet??? The talked about getting her 'put down'??? not sure what that was, but it made them so very very sad...Sindy was definately Mommys girl. She kept hugging me telling me she was so glad she had a new baby. Mommy kept all of Sindy's stuff in a box. She calls it a 'Memory Box'. She even kept some of Sindy's hair. And once in awhile she will smell it and start to cry. Then I go to her, lean against her and look up at her with my beautiful brown eyes. And very soon Mommy is smiling and hugging me and we go back upstairs.


Things went pretty good for me up till now. I hear Mommy and Dad saying how I am a 'tough boy'. I think they mean that I have no fear, run headlong into life without a care, I have had lots of bumps, scrapes and bruises. Brandy got used to living with me. I guess she figured, the pest is here for good! But Mommy and Dad said I help her exercise. We played alot, everytime we went outside. I have a favortie trick that gets her to chase me every time. I run behind her and grab onto her tail, and sometimes if I get close really fast I can bite on her rump. I never bite her hard, I just do this to play. She truns some quick and I have to turn and run too. It is such fun. Mommy says I know how to "push Brandy's buttons".
After being at my home for about a year Dad left to go duck hunting. It was along week. Brandy was sad alot. So I had to really play extra hard with her to keep her mind off of Dad being gone. Then Mommy tells us that Dad is coming home and bringing a new bro to live with us. Oh goody!!! another friend to torture..ahem... I mean play with. When Dad got home we were all excited to see the new dog. Mommy said his name was Noah. I was surprised when I first saw him. I thought he was going to be a puppy. But he was already full grown. Mommy said he was six months older than me. He was a great guy. We got along fine the first moment we met, even though I was a tiny bit taller than him. He kinda became the 'big boy' of the yard. Mommy said he was a 'runner' and that he better not teach me or Brandy to leave the yard.

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