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Fun in the bath

July 13th 2013 8:46 pm
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Today I took a bath! Boy was it an adventure! I've never really enjoyed baths before, but this was really fun!



March 20th 2013 7:22 am
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I'm told that I look like a vanilla ice cream cone, snow ball, and polar bear, but I think ice cream cone is the funniest!


My Problem

March 7th 2013 4:58 pm
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I'm an outdoor dog, but I love to come inside. The only problem is I enjoy my self so much I don't want go back out, which usually gets me in trouble!!



March 5th 2013 10:10 am
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Here is a song that I made up.

I'm a dog, I'm a dog, I'm a really funny dog singing poly wally doodlally day! I'm a dog, I'm a dog, I'm really funny dog singing poly wally doodlally day!!!



February 26th 2013 8:18 am
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I have so much fun playing in the back yard with my friends!!



February 24th 2013 3:44 pm
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I'm super-duper happy because I have it so good!!!


My exitment

February 23rd 2013 1:28 pm
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Dear Diary,
I'm exited to day because I get to go on a walk!!

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