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Thanksgiving: My Worst Nightmare

December 5th 2013 1:54 pm
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Mom did something really awful to me last week: we went back to her parents' house.

Don't get me wrong, I did live there for a few months so I'm okay with was just the timing. Mom's sister's kids were there almost the whole time. They're so incredibly LOUD. Even worse, mom's parents(who I for the most part am okay with) have to be loud too. I really hate that.

Once the kids were gone, everything was fine though. I do like mom's dad. I listen to him when he asks me to sit, I'll come if he calls me, and I'll even let him pet me. I won't ever bring the ball back in a game of fetch though. I also don't like it when he moves suddenly. He's very tall and it scares me.

Mom's mom...she's another story. She scared the bejeezus out of me when mom first brought me home. She's just so overbearingly nice. She always says hi to me and tries to talk to me and give me treats and touch me. I really don't like the attention. Mom finally explained to her in a way she understood that leaving me completely alone is much better than trying to make friends with me. It doesn't hurt my feelings, I don't feel neglected. It's what I prefer. It worked and mom's mom completely ignored me the last two days...when she's sitting and quiet she's not so bad. I guess I could give her a chance.

On top of all of the commotion, mom made me go for two really long car rides. I really don't like them. Mom thinks she's figured out what bugs me about them: all of the other cars. When she noticed, she laughed and told me that we have that in common. She's buying me a calming cap for car rides so that I can't see more than outlines outside of the windows. She's hoping that will help since I also usually do better on night drives. I guess we'll see when we drive back for the next holiday.

But, as bad as it all was I was really excited to see Duke again. He's gotten kind of chubby so he's much slower than me now when we play.

Mom says work was super busy that week, so I couldn't go in with her(she still helps at the daycare/kennel over holidays), but next time I get to go in and wow everyone with how much braver I've gotten. =)


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