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The Daily Meek

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Wow Dog of the day!!!

August 8th 2013 7:50 am
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I am so honored to be Dogster Dog of the day. Thank you so much to all of my friends and also to dogster for picking me.

Thank you for all of the gifts and comments. It really makes this pup a happy one.

Maybe tonight Mom will let me sleep in bed with her? I have been trying and trying to get her too.

I even gave her this face last night and I still had to sleep in my bed. I mean you have to be sick to say no to that right? I promised to be real good and everything.

Mom says its because as soon as she gets in bed with me I get too crazy and start attacking her with happiness and Its just so hard to calm down.

I personally think Its because of the face I made during our picture she took of us for her profile. Haha I look repulsed. Oh well hopefully she will get over it soon.

Thanks again Pals and have a great day. I am going to fully enjoy my day in the spot light and rub it in to my kitty siblings.



New bed

August 2nd 2013 12:37 pm
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Hey there Pals! Its the weekend!!!

Mom got done early today and we went for a walk and hung out together. Its supposed to be nice this weekend so I am hoping for lots of outside playtime.

So I totally forgot to write about the new bed Dad made for me. Dad just got into woodworking when they bought the house in December and he has some tools now. Mom told him she wanted a nice bed for me so he made one.

When It first got in the house I was a little suspicious of it. It always takes me a while to trust new things.

So I took my time, Barked a little, Sniffed a little and then finally made my move and Cheked it out

The pad seemed pretty comfortable so I got a little closer and Cheked it out a little closer.

I still wasn't quite sure but I had to make sure my name was spelled correctly.

Then I decided it was Pretty cool and I laid down to rest awhile.

I have used it quite a bit but the cats have used it too. Its ok I will share with them.

Hope everypup has a great weekend with their loved ones




July 30th 2013 5:38 pm
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Well I hope my pals have all been having a good week.

I don't have too much to report this week. I went on another walk with Mom and Grandma this weekend. It was a pretty comfortable temperature out but with my long coat I did get warm. We decided to stop and take a break and I decided to lay down right in the Stream . It was very refreshing.

Then I got out and went to sit by grandma and she said Hey Meeko just dont shake and what did I do ... . Haha Her face makes me laugh.

I also had some fun in the backyard this weekend. Mom wouldn't let me in the house until my Paws were cleaned off.

Hmm what else? I had another photo shoot since I am almost 8 months old. I started real nice with a big Smile and then Mom took another picture and then another. I still kept Smiling but then she kept taking them and by the end I was Like...

Mom got some good ones though. I think my profile picture turned out well anyway.

Well that's about it pals.

Lots of love,


Daily Diary Pick

July 21st 2013 7:45 am
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Hey Friends! Well I woke up this morning and Mom said that I have a daily Diary Pick today. Wouldn't you know its an embarrassing one?

Well I don't have much to report yet today other then I am singing Rain, Rain, Go away so I can go out for my walk and play in the yard.

Thanks again pals for reading my diary. I have the best pals ever. Hopefully by tonight I will have a cool story for you.



How rude!

July 18th 2013 5:09 pm
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So me and Mom were sitting in the living room playing because its so hot out today we can't play in the yard when I noticed something out the window.

Can you guess what it was??? Another Dog Barking right at me from outside. I can't think of anything more rude then another dog entering MY backyard and barking at ME through the window. He was handsome Lad though. I fully intend on investigating how he entered my yard later tonight.

I am pretty sure I scared him away for good but I will keep you updated on the situation.



Neighborhood watch

July 15th 2013 6:05 pm
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Well friends this will probably be my last entry until next weekend. Mom has to work Saturday this week and she is pretty bummed but we are happy she has a job so she can spoil us like crazy.

So I didn't go on any special walks today but I did of course go on my regular around the neighborhood walk. You know I have to check things out and make sure everything looks good. People depend on me here. I really don't know what they did without me. I suppose I took over for one of the older dogs in the neighborhood.

So anyway one of the newer developments I have been seeing
Around the neighborhood are these little fuzzy terrors my mom calls Bunnies . Now she likes them but I know they are up to something and I look for them everyday. Last night before I went to bed I seen a bunny and something else I always See on my daily walks called a Squirrel plotting against me right outside the door. He was especially shifty this one as you can see Mom couldn't even get a good picture of him.

Then we rounded the corner of the park and did our normal walk on the beach when I noticed something out in the water. We don't always see them but every once in awhile we see them and they always float way out there where I can't get them and then they turn around and yell at me. Mom calls these things Ducks . Mom got in the water up to her knees and made me go in too. It felt good but something just doesn't seem right about being in the water with them. I didn't linger and made sure we were on our way shortly.

I keep a close eye on things and make sure everyone in the neighborhood stays safe from these creatures though.

I also noticed my favorite little yorkie friend is now on lock-down in his yard. He can't even come out and say hi anymore. I have a feeling it has something to do with the bunnies. I usually see them right across the street from his house. I told you they are always plotting against us doggies.

Well that's it for now. Have a great week friends!



We're gonna take a walk outside today Gonna see what we can- find today...

July 14th 2013 5:01 pm
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Hey Friends!

I had an adventure today. I went for a nice long walk on the trail in the woods. Its really beautiful right now and it only gets more beautiful when fall comes and the trees change. Well...that's what Mom told me anyway since I have never seen autumn yet. Mom says she thinks I will like it though.

Anyway the day started normal with me going outside first thing and Checkin the yard to make sure nothing suspicious had gone on in the night. You know those squirrels and bunnies are always up to no good while I am sleeping.

After deciding everything was clear I found something to snack on. I knew Mom wouldn't like it since she always digs stuff out of my mouth outside but when she looked at me Tried to hide it . I guess my face wasn't convincing enough because she dug it out of my mouth once again.

Then Me, Dad and Mom all loaded up in the van and parked at Grandma and grandpa's house where we got on one of our favorite Trails . I was waiting patiently for Dad while he took pictures of dragon flies and such (he is into photography) and then we were finally on our Way .

See I like to Run, Run, Run and then I turn around and Run back to them when I feel like I get to far. Well usually I stay right on the path and don't venture in to the weeds. Well...this time I was naughty and mom yelled at me to come back to the trail. You can see I was eating weeds again. I did of course and then I ran and ran and ran but then I couldn't help myself and I was naughty . My little puppy nose was picking up such good scents I just had to go check them out.

Mom Called me back on the trail and I was pretty good the rest of the way. I would of course Stop and wait

or if they were taking to long I would Run back to make sure everything was ok.

We went by the most beautiful Flower field and everything was so quiet and peaceful that every once and awhile I would have to Stop Everything and listen real close for Bunnies and Squirrels. I mostly only seen lots of flying bugs though.

That's about it other then Mom couldn't stop telling me how beautiful my Coat looked in the sun since my bath yesterday.

Moms...I tell ya. Then we went back to grandma's and Grandma Gave me treats and half of her sandwich. I slobbered on her but I know she still loves me.

Happy Sunday Friends!


I Love Loofah

July 13th 2013 7:40 am
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That's right friends My newest obsession is Mom's new Loofah. Today she was taking a bath and she set it on the side of the bathtub and guess what??I swooped in and took it. I ran ALL the way to the very end of our house with it too. So Mom had to get out of the tub and get a towel and come find me. Then when she took it back and set it on the other side of the tub I cried and cried. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. She lets me have everything else but why not the loofah?? I just don't get it.

Anyway We have been hanging outside again. Yesterday Was so hot out we had to take breaks from the heat. Everything in our yard is very Full and Green and it makes for a cool spot to hang out.

One of the hottest places in our yard is The deck . We didn't spend much time there but I had to help Mom water the flowers up there.

Mom even brought me into our shade Garden yesterday. I hardly ever get to go in there because There are lots of Hosta's and they are Toxic to dogs but I was a good boy. It always makes me Smile when I get to go in there with her.

Mom tried to take some pictures of me by the other garden but it was so bright I could barley Open my eyes . Mom thinks I still look cute though.

Well that's about it today friends. Hopefully I have a new adventure soon.


P.S I had a bath today but I still didn't get the loofah. I will try again tomorrow.


Helping out

July 7th 2013 8:16 pm
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Hello Friends! So My Mom has had a fear of Driving for the longest time. Mom has had her license but hasn't driven for about 6 years.

So today she took a big step and we got in the car and off we went. Mom couldn't have done it with out me as her Co-Captian .

We went to grandma and grandpa's and went for a walk down the woods. I was pretty proud of her. I sat like a really good boy the whole way too.

Its also my 7 month old birthday today. Mom says time goes too fast.

Well that`s about it.

Love ya pals!


Checking in!

July 6th 2013 7:01 pm
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Hey Pals! Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! I had a pretty fun week accept for the actual day of. I had to be locked up in our bedroom because there were so many people and there were lots of fireworks happening and I was scary.

I went on a really long walk and we stopped at the The Lake and I looked out across it. It was really beautiful. The sun was shining off of it. It was also a good place to cool down.

Then we walked a little further and stopped in a big field under a tree to get a drink and cool down again. It was kind of a hot morning. It was a really Pretty Field .

Then we followed another trail we had never been on before and it took my by Largest Building I have ever seen in my doggie life. The flag was flying in the wind and it was beautiful against the blue sky. It reminding me of what independence day is all about.

Then we walked for awhile longer and even walked close to the freeway and down too a busy intersection. Mom Said I was a very brave boy. We ended up at a Pretty Park with lots of shade. We stopped again on a hill to rest and have a water break. I Looked over the park and the big trail we had just walked on.

Then we continued on and guess where we ended up??? Grandma's house! Grandma always has special treats for me. It was a fun walk. Mom thought it would wear me out because it took about an hour and a half but I only laid down for a few minutes and then I was ready to go again.

So that was one of my favorite things I did over the week. Hope the rest of my pals had fun too.

On another note Mom and dad decided that If they add another dog to the family it might not be for a year or two. They don't want to rush into things and want to make sure I get all of the training I need first. I am going to be starting obedience training at the end of summer here.

Well that's it pals!

Have a great night

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