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Tails of Henry George

Dear Diary

February 5th 2013 7:18 pm
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This is Henry George and I had the best day until my BooBoo and Mummy decided to brush my fur and all my teeth. I was extra fluffified and I just can't wait to sit and play with my llama...but Frank keeps taking all of my toys :( I love my sister and dont mind sharing with her though, shes the best. Soon its bed time and I get to rat dog then cuddle with mum. Rat dogging is an art and requires lots of time and practice, I love pouncing and running and pawing when I rat dog. Lights out better be early because I can only sleep in the dark. I put a sleeping mask on my birfday list! Well I've got to go now because I have to get ready for another big day tomorrow

Lots of Love, Henry Dog

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