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Penny A Puppy with Lyme

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March 11th ---Another week and another adventure

March 11th 2013 6:43 am
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Hello everyone
I hope you are all well. I am not eating again, maybe I will eat something later.
We all had an interesting weekend, as you know mum works weekends so we don't really see her at all. Saturday was a chilling day me and the boys just hung out and caught up on some rest. So that was cool, Dad worked in the office.
Sunday however we decided to shake things up a little bit, Murph became "oh no Murph" again.
Ash became "Ash the dash" and was racing around the house like a freight train with no brakes.
I took on another cat toy.............and won. Dad let us all outside for a while, so that's when "oh no Murph" did it again, this time it went more "wrongerister" (that's my word for very bad) than before. You see they have attempted to block ALL his paths from the leaping platforms. But it did not work, he just could not launch himself properly, so he missed most of the roof, Dad heard the noise came out the office ran out just as "Oh no Murph" was hanging by his claws Dad tried to get over the snow and mud slipped recovered as the claws gave way and Murph fell, he did not have far to fall really he is such a LONG cat and the snow is so high and its the garage roof so it is low. But he landed in the snow bank. Of course he got up and walked around as if he had intended to do it all along. Dad scooped him up in the "Oh no" fashion that they have, and took him inside again for the rest of the day. He gave Murph a very good talking to, but as we all know it wont make any difference, he is after all MURPH and there is no more to be said.
Today he is inside again, and so far creating havoc.
Anyway to round off the weekend events, Dad took me for a long walk later in the day which was great all the smells in the snow I don't know why the peeps don't get down and enjoy them, but there you go. Also between us, they are still very slow I have to keep coming back for them, ....sigh! But I guess they are doing their best.
Today Mum is back so we may get to play the hiding game........oh yes! I love my life.
Speak later.


March 8th - Confusion everywhere!

March 8th 2013 9:21 am
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Hello everyone
Thank you very much for DDP. we are all very proud. I may even get a pigs ear for it later.
I am typing from under the chair, as I chewed up the cats favourite toy, I cant say it was an accident I meant to do it. But well, Peeps don't understand. You see it was full of cat nip, and we all know how much the boys like that stuff so I wanted to let it all out so they could play with it. It seems they toy was built to keep it in, so whats the point of that?
Anyway "oh no Muph" is sulking as he was not able to go outside yesterday at all. So we are all being punished now. He woke the peeps up at 5:00 by tugging on Mums hair and walking over them both shouting. I don't think they were that pleased, he is now sleeping in MY bed. He gave me that "stink-eye" look that said "are you feeling that lucky" which is why I am under the chair. But its okay no one knows I am here so all is well.
Now yesterday I worked out that Peeps are funny things really. We all know that dogs like to be where the peeps are, that way we can protect them from any oncoming thing (unless its "oh no Muph") so why then do they keep moving. Take Mum for example she was in the lounge, I laid down and started to doze, then she went to the other room I went and got comfy, she went back to the front. This went on for ages, she carried lots of layers they wear as they don't have fur. Then she stands and rubs them all over with a thing called an iron, she told me "it gets out the creases"
Why I wonder, why bother I mean the skin they have has creases all over it, so whats the point?
I guess I am just not old enough to understand yet...........But I do love them all the same.
Take care my Dogster buddies.
Till next time


March 7th -"oh no Murphy" strikes again

March 7th 2013 7:09 am
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Hello everyone
It has been almost a week now since I took my last tablet, and I am eating better and running and playing.
Yesterday I had a great day, thanks to "Oh no Murph" you see we companions were all outside playing in the snow. Well I was the other two were finding dry spots (Yeah like there were any) and watching things happen. Anyway I was running up the snow mountain my peeps have made for me, when I looked around Murph had gone. I went to look for him but no he was missing, I looked up and there he was walking up the roof. Ash saw him to at this point and shook his head and called the peeps to let him in. I decided to do the same and in we both came leaving "Oh no Murph" on the roof. The peeps went to look for him and called at first he said nothing then he answered, seeing the blockade was still in place they looked in lower places, then Mums face changed as she heard him call again. She used his full name then "oh no Murph" but of course as always he had got up but he was slipping and getting afraid when it came to get down, so he went higher till he was right up the top. The peeps both came out and decided to teach him a lesson and not get him down, he could manage to get up he could manage to get down.......... Oh how wrong they were. They went inside and after a while they came out, he was huddled against the chimney mewing sadly .........I tell that cat can work an audience.
Well they were outside for over 1 hour trying all kinds of things snowballs over the roof, nothing.
Treats yes he was interested but each time he tried to get to them he slipped and went back up. We all knew it was bad then if he won't get treats he is in trouble. Dad hung out the upstairs dormers to see if that would help. Mum knee deep in snow calling (sometimes she called him different names, I never knew he had so many). Nothing he could not get down as he slipped, so he sat up on the ridge mewing in his soft sad little voice, looking all "oh please help me"
Well while all this was going on it was great. I was running around chasing snow balls that ran off the roof and sliding down the banks on my back and running back up again. It was great fun. Mum would throw snow balls for me and I would run up and down and up and down.
It all stopped in the end when the peeps started to get irritated and Dad went back inside to get the ladder he and Mum put it up and once more Dad climbed up and got Murph and fireman carried him almost to the bottom, Murph did not want to look like a sissy so just over half way down he jumped off Dads shoulder and gave a sound like "get off I could do it myself"
but he would still be there I am sure. Mum taking NO chances scooped him up like a bag and put him inside. He has not been out since, it won't be long though he will be out. Now they have to work out how he did it this time.
Anyway it was a great day well for me and Ash, Murph I don't think so and the peeps, well what would they be doing with out us to help them out?


March 6th

March 6th 2013 6:37 am
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Hello again my dogster buddies

Yesterday I took both my peeps for a walk. We went along the path where no one has been for a while, so the snow was deep. It was great fun although the peeps were slow, I don't know why, after all they only have 2 legs and the snow only came just over their knees. I on the other have 4 legs to control and bounced along, I told them bounce its more fun, but no slog, slog, slog through the wet snow. I had to keep stopping for them and I would sink I looked like a periscope just my head and tail (of course) sticking up over the top of the snow........Great fun!
Well Murph and Ash turned back and waited on the porch I don't blame them really, if we lost Ash in that we would have to wait till the thaw........although thinking about it we would probably hear him. And Murph would know Dad would probably not carry him while Mum was there, so they went back.
It was a fun bounce for me and I got to run in the slushy bits and bounce in the deep bits, I got to dig down to find the sounds under the snow that was great, I love to dig found nothing just tunnels.
Well when I looked around I saw it happen, Mum fell her leg caught in the snow she wobbled like a lightly hit skittle and down face first, it was such fun. I bounced to assist her and licked her ears, I am sure it helped as she got us quickly and we carried on. A while later they were talking she said something to Dad and he pushed her a little and ......yes down she went again, backwards this time, she falls very gracefully (she had lots of practice) so once more I ran to save her this time I jumped on her belly and laid on her so I could lick her face. I know she appreciated that a lot as she was laughing and trying to move but she was pretty well imbedded in the snow by now........ I guess that's what they mean by "captive audience"
She did say though there was no way she was going to the top of the hill, so once Dad and I had tracked some strange foot prints we came home and had treats.
What a great day.......
Oh for those following Murph's antics I watched him today walking across the snow in all areas no problem he walked and was looking around, I bet if the Peeps had been there he would have been shaking his feet and making noises. I tell that cat should get an Oscar........or would it be an Oscat.
Take care everyone catch you soon.


Tuesday 5th March

March 5th 2013 8:34 am
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Hello there
Today I made a discovery, it has left me with a big question, but I will ask that after I explain. You know how it is you know your way around by the smells, in the kitchen for example there is the meat smell where dad dropped the bit of Turkey on the floor, (I like that one) there is the smell where Murph walked in after being in the litter box (I don't like that one) there is the smell when Ash cat rolled in the cat nip and ran round the kitchen like a 6lb animated cat toy for Murph, (I am not sure about that) and the smell from when Mum was using the mixer and some mix shot over the top on the floor (Hmmmmm thats a good one)
Well the point of this is for some time now I have been thinking that I need to go to the Dr. you see I walk along with these familiar smells and all is good. I go outside to play and when I come in...........BANG! my nose is broken. They are all gone, no matter how much I sniff and snort..nothing even Murph's feet, all gone. I have been getting a little worried about this until today, and I would never have thought it but its Mum. No seriously it's MUM! I am not sure if we should do anything about it yet, but when I am out she gets a bucket and puts "stuff" in it wet smell killing "stuff" and then she rubs it all over the floor. All my great smells gone in the wipe if a wet stick....GONE.
Now I don't know why she is doing this, is it because I have been naughty, or is it because Murph is naughty, it would not be Ash. Why is she doing it? that is my question
I guess I will just have to start again, there are a couple of good points though
1) I know I don't have a broken nose.
2) I can always rely on Murph to add his own smells anytime now.
Oh oh whats he doing now...........must dash!
Speak soon


Its March 4th

March 4th 2013 6:31 am
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Hey there
Yesterday my Dad took us all for a walk (Mum works weekends) It had been snowing again of course. But Ash 2.5 years old cat all of 6Lb in a heavy rain, Murphy 18lb 2 Year old Coon Cat, Dad and I went for a walk, the cats like to come along with us. I think it is more they don't like to miss something than they like to walk in the snow. Well off we all went up the paths near us.
Ash called to every living creature in the 200 acre area, Dad asked him if he wanted to take out a TV advert so everyone knew we were around, he kept shaking his paws like he was making up some young persons dance, why he did not just run and bounce I don't know. Murph was doing okay to start with, he loves to walk with the peeps but he is not liking the snow at all, then he began mewing (between us he has a very tiny voice for a very big cat) he would stop call and shake his feet. Dad in the end carried him for a while and he rode in Dads arms while Dad tried to hold his feet to warm them, he had a smile that told Ash you need to learn to act my friend. I of course was very dignified I ran and bounced and rolled and jumped and chased leaves and ran and bounced. I dug in the snow and ran bounced and rolled, hey there were some great smells out there so I rolled in every one so I could bring it home with me and check it out later. Ohhhhhh they should bottle some of this for humans.
After a while Dad put Murph down and we started back, Ash still telling everyone we are there, me still being dignified, Murph still doing his cat dance. In the end he got a bit fed up and ran up Dads leg, so guess who got carried home.
When Dad told mum that night she looked at him, sighed, rolled her eyes and shook her head, Ash flicked his tail, I licked Ashes ears and Murph smiled!
I love my life!


Saturday- Reflecting

March 2nd 2013 3:41 am
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Well I have been very good. My appetite is poor but it will get better, today is my last day of tablets, although I don't know when I have them, but I like my little treats in the morning. My mum is learning my ways now so that's good, I will have her trained soon. Some weeks ago she slipped up a bit, she took me for our walk, it is up the path near here, its about 2 miles if we get to the top. This day we went up and down, (it was before I took poorly and before the snow) I went in the water, and up the banks.  We came home and   Mum threw the ball and she fetched it many times.  Between us I don't know why she does this but it keeps her busy. Anyway in the end she decided we should go in.  I was busy running around with the plant pot on my head, and was getting sleepy.  So in we came, once inside I recalled that I needed to go toilet, so I went on the new carpet.  Well she did not appreciate my thoughtfulness, and I had to go back outside, for a short time while she cleaned it up.  Well that was not fair of her was it, it would have been rude to have gone outside while we were playing together, and as I had done everything why did I need to go outside again.
I will keep working on training her, but still don't understand about this ball thing.


Itssss Friday

March 1st 2013 12:46 pm
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Hi everyone.
I feel better today, I have not eaten all my food but I have eaten some of it and it stayed down. So mum is pleased.
The snow outside is harder now and Murph and Ash can walk across the top of it, so they are happier. Well till they get to the bits I have dug up and they go down a hole. But they just give me the "Stare" and shake their paws and move on. Today I knew Murph was in a good mood as he kept saying "yesssssss" I think that's what he said anyway, I was so excited to have all of us out I may have miss heard him. To show my pleasure I patted him on the head, and he combed my fur with his claws, it was fun he even let me follow him around the garden, just stopping to say "yessssssssss" and comb my fur again. He jumped over the wall then so I could not follow him, maybe he will let me play with him again tomorrow.
I do love my life.
Take care everyone.


Thursday 28th Feb

February 28th 2013 1:49 pm
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Hello my friends
I am somewhat late today as I was poorly this morning. I did not feel well to start the day. Mum gave me my two treats (I am thinking she is slipping something in them) I did not eat my Breakfast just a tiny nibble and then well to be honest I did not mind if Murphy or Ash ate it all up. I went to lay down for a while and be quiet. Then I was sick and had to have a little sleep for a couple of hours. When I woke up I felt much better again, and went to find my favorite toys. I was playing well when mum said come on lets go and play in the snow. So we went for a bounce in the snow, can't call it a walk as my peeps spend much time falling over and I have to leap as the snow comes up over my shoulders. Its great I can stick my head right down in the snow and look about its "cool" in every sense of the word...........I can't see anything but its the experience that counts. I love my life!!
Thank you all for your support and I hope tomorrow to be fully better again.


Wednesday 27

February 27th 2013 8:44 am
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I Love my brother Murphy so much. No really I do.
You see I have these tablets I have to take with my food, but when I take them I don't want to eat. Anyway my Peeps got me some pigs ears, for in the evening as a treat for when they are watching the land where flat people live, I think its call TV, anyway when they watch I like to add music with my noisiest toys.
So Dad got me Pigs ears, last night I had one. Delicious I don't know why peeps don't eat them but I am glad they don't.
Well when the Peeps went to bed our Murph "one of the coolest of cats, he could be a dog" went on the "Murph get off counter" he likes to do this when they cant see, he sits on it and lays and rolls about. Well he found the bag of ears and carefully not touching it with his paws so he left no prints he chewed his way in to the bag, pulled out an ear he chewed a bit but the pulled a face and dropped it for ME! Whooo yes he loves me really, I took the ear to my blanket and ate it up so he would not get into trouble, you see I was hiding the evidence. Trouble is Dad came down and saw me, to late though there was not much left and Murph was back up stairs and laying on the bed so they can't prove it was him, and now I have eaten the ear they can't prove it was me either. Of course being seen is a clue but we will get round that. Also the bag having so many teeth marks in could be a problem. Nah they will never notice and I won't tell anyone ever.

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