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Penny A Puppy with Lyme

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Friday 22 March - Whats the box?

March 22nd 2013 9:00 am
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Hi everyone
I am feeling a bit less sleepy today, thank you everyone for your concern. Mum & Dad are keep a watch on me.
So its a funny time of year as there is not that much other than the snow going on really.
We went walking and Mum had to get all the snow out her boots when we came home, but it is not really much to talk about, even with her funny boots. They have lots of flowers on them.
So last night I was thinking about the man with the best treats in the world (sorry mum, I am still waiting for your to soften in the snow) and the pointy things, now Ash tells me he is called "vet" but to be honest that seems to small a name for some one who is so cool. I was telling Murph and Ash how I think he is cool, and they said I was never to say that again. That it is not good to sit on the table and lick him or walk in and be good. What I am supposed to do it seems is this........
Once I see the box (what box?)I run and hide, if found I must attach myself with all my claws to any immovable item. This can take any length of time and may be repeated as often as necessary. If I get in the box (what box?) I have to make as much noise as I can, so they let me out as fast as possible.
If this won't work and I have to go in the car, then I can make more noise lay in a corner of the box (what box?) and if I think it needs to be done, let out something that smells so bad they need to open windows, that way if I get the chance to get out the box (what box?) I can escape the car as well.
Should all this fail and I end up getting to the vet I should make as much noise as I can, it seems if we are disruptive they don't keep us there. If all these things have failed and I end up on the table in the room, I have to cling and fight to stay in the box that I fought not to go in (WHAT BOX?). Once I am out and all the rest of the contents with me, they will pick up the box later and put the bedding etc back in, ALWAYS make sure your ears are back and I MUST let them know this is not acceptable. I asked about the treats HMMMMM lovely, and it seems we never eat them, we have to treat them with contempt, it seems we do allow them to put us back in the box and we then make a lot of noise. They also told me they have no idea why we do this as nothing ever happens anyway once your there. They think it is because they make it difficult, so the "VET" = man with pointy thing gives up and lets us go home.
I asked them about this "box" they talk about, and do you know what they said............."your to big, you won't get one, and your a dog" Huh that is where trouble starts if you ask me. Thats like me saying because your a cat you don't get frisbees and rubber balls and Marrow bones and chew sticks...............ahhh they don't. Maybe not such a good argument. But maybe I do come out of it best then and at least I don't have to worry about "the box"
Hope you all have a good weekend and do something special.


March 21st - Its Thursday. You will never guess what happened!

March 21st 2013 12:25 pm
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Hello there,
I have been very sleepy the past few days.
My Peeps don't know if its just boredom as we have not been out to much this week, or if I am having a relapse. They are watching me carefully and I know I will be down to the man with the treats and pointy things if they get worried. I am eating though and enjoy my walks so all will be well.
Murph and I were outside today and between just us, he gave me a kiss, yes he did really. He walked up to me and plonked his nose on mine, then rubbed his head against my legs, Yes Murphy did that, okay he had his eyes closed when he rubbed his head and steeped forward and ended up standing under my tummy, looking around when he opened his eyes as if to say "where has her head gone" but we got round that. He came out and saw Mum watching and swaggered off to play with the water dripping down from the roof. It will possibly never happen again and it could be a touch of sun stroke as the sun was out for about 15 mins. But you heard it here first. Mum tried to give him a kiss later but he gave her the cat "stink eye" and pulled her hair, so she gave up.
We all love Murph!
Once I have had a rest I am going with mum down for a short walk, then when we get back mum can tip all the snow out her boots, and do that ironing thing again.
Thank you everyone for your comments and the recipe for the foot balm. The peeps will get the items for that when they next get out.
The other day Mum was listening to the box of songs, and on it was a song from the musical Annie, the little girl in the box was told to call the dog she had found, and she did. As she had only just found the dog she did not know if it would work. Now in my first family the little girls called me Sandy, and the little girl called her dog Sandy. So when she was calling Sandy come here I did.............but the children did not come out the box, I don't know why people are not as well trained as I am, maybe I should have called to the children. Mum looked sad and made the ahhh sound peep do at times.
In the summer my peeps are hoping to meet with my first family and they can see how big, smart and beautiful I am, I will enjoy seeing them all.
But for now I need to take Mum for a walk.
Thank you everyone.
I send my Woof to you all.


March 20th - even more snow......sorry everyone but I like the snow!

March 20th 2013 9:47 am
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Hi everyone
It snowed again yesterday, I know this is not a popular thing, but I like the snow.
Yeah, its so not as in cold but as in wow.
I love to push my head deep into it when its fresh, (not so much fun when its hard) and snuffle around to see if there are any treasures left in there. I also love to bounce along in it, this is even more fun when I am heading toward a steep slope in the garden as when I get to the top I roll on my side and skid down the slope on my back waving my legs about with the excitement. Oh really all you need to try it, best make sure there is nothing you will hit on the way down though, that takes so much of the fun out of it.
The other thing I love about the snow is watching Murph and Ash dance, they take a step and shake a leg, then another and shake that leg, sometimes they stand on 3 legs and at times even on two. I have been trying to make up a song to go with the dance they do, but its not going to well. Between us I am not sure but I think they are making it up as they go along. Every time I think I have the tune it seems to change. I do love them though. Do all cats that go outside dance?
When I come in I am supposed to clear my feet etc of all the snow, Mum gets the towel and wipes my feet to make sure I don't get snow stuck and hurt my feet. I am supposed to be pulling the snow out of the toe areas, however it is so much more fun to be licking Mum all over, as she can not get out the way when she is on the floor...........YEESSS I love the snow! There must be other out there who like snow, isn't there?


March 19th 2013 10:47 am
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We so enjoyed writing our poems I thought we should do another next month. I thought spring would be a good topic as we are all hoping the snow will be gone by then and the flowers etc will be out.
Ash agreed and started staring into space with his eyes closed. Murph said if we make him do it, he will find words that go with "boing" and "slinky". When I explained we were thinking more of flowers he just said "prove it". We will have to work on this.
On a different note the other day Mum was working on my training, and the phone rang, while she was gone Murph jumped on the "get off the. Counter Murph" and knocked all my training teats on the floor. I thought it was training to see how many I could eat before the peeps came. The answer is all of them. I was just chewing the last on when in comes Mum, yeah a real oh oh moment, as she looked at me and said "how did you get those" Murph was sitting on the floor by now looking so innocent he looked guilty, she gave big sigh and said "oh Mur-ruph" it is funny how peeps make your name bigger when they are cross. She walked off and put the kettle on to make a drink so really everyone was a winner.
Muphy because he got to do what he does and likes best , that is anything he should not be doing.
Me because I got to eat all the treats, and did not have to do "things"
Mum because she got a drink, and took one to Dad and Ash because he got to give that look that says, "you two have got to learn so much". He is probably right but we don't have to learn it all at once now do we. There is a saying that its all to do with the journey as much as the destination, and this was really one of those moments.
Yeah Murphy! But he still will have to do the Spring poem!


Monday March 18th

March 18th 2013 7:33 am
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Hi everyone I have been musing, I thought I should get the sibs together and write something for my peeps as they have a celebration this week. Murph was not to keen but he did it anyway. I think Ash was in deep thoughts with his.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that the warmer weather is going to fill the gardens with fresh scents and wonderful colors.

Here are our Poems to you all, especially Mum and Dad.

These are for all you peeps who love your companions.

My life as a dog is a happy life
I run and jump and play
My life as a dog is a happy life
I can sleep the day away
My life as a dog is a happy life
I love each one all through
My life as a dog is a happy life
Because I share it with you.

I love you all

Murph wrote

I am a cat and that is that.
I get told what not to do.
I am a cat and that is that
NO! Now what you going to do.
I am a cat and that is that
what do I need to say
I am a cat, I think your okay
You can tell because I stay.

I am still here aren't I!

Ash wrote

When cutting Carrots
Cut carrots!

Be kind to each other and it will be returned.

He is very wise.

Be good every one


16th March - All is peaceful

March 16th 2013 4:02 am
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Hi there Happy weekend!
Well the peeps have forgiven Murph. Okay I am not sure they have or if they have decided for any one to get any peace they had best pretend to. Muph has gone back to being Murph and not "oh no Muph" ...................but that won't last.
Ash is being the Zen master as always. I am feeling good, Mum is cooking me my dinners and they are very tasty and I eat them up super fast in case Muph comes along to sample them.
We have not had any more snow, because I am so young I am not sure I can remember when there was ground. Yesterday there was a patch of dark stuff, so I dug a hole in it it filled with water so I could wash myself down, well I think I looked good even if no one else did. What is under the mud I don't remember, but I will keep digging till I find out. I did find one of my treat Mum made, it was still hard even after all that time in the snow it was hard. I guess even the creature in the scarf did not want to risk it, sorry Mum but maybe next time we can cook them for a little less time.
Mum is not very well so I must be nicer than normal, she has a bad throat and sound like the overweight mastiff down the road.
So she could not tell me off even if she wanted to.
All is for now at least peaceful.


March 15th 2013 7:05 am
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I ate all my food up this past two days so my peeps are very pleased, I have been playing and running a lot with toys outside. It is much warmer now and it has been nice to lay in the sunshine occasionally.
What news of Murphy well its like this, Murph was playing his usual game yesterday, see how far he can get with out touching the floor, he is very good at it. This time he was in the bathroom, and yes once again it went wrong. You see he stood on the toilet roll now I am younger than Murph but the word "roll" I think is a give away here. As he put more weight on it it did just that ....... rolled, and he lost his balance momentarily. Looking around to see who was watching, he decided to teach the roll a lesson and he tore it to tiny pieces, I am trying to decide if I should take the glue or duck tape in there and leave it for the peeps so they can fix it. Murph is not worried he is chasing bits of the soft white paper around the floor as we speak.
Yesterday when we went walking it was good to see so much the snow melted and hear the water running again down the dips and hollows, of course this now makes it slushy and you never know when you fall down a hole, bit that adds to the excitement really.
As we were walking or bouncing along I decided when I grow up I want to be a Goose, how cool are they.......woow I watch them flying over, I wonder how long a lead would I need to be a Goose. I won't leave my peeps they would not know what to do with out me and the boys. Also If I were a goose I could sweep down and get Murph off the roof when he gets up there, see perfecK! (Mum says its Perfect but I like my word betterester) I wonder if a goose could get in my hiding place.
The people at Kong told Mum they will send some vouchers for the broken Wubba Monkey. Mum said if they do she will get me an Indestructible toy, I am not sure what that means but it will be fun to find out. I will let you know what it is.


14th March - I just don't understand it

March 14th 2013 5:49 am
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Hi everyone
All the rain yesterday has had a big effect on the snow. We now have tree stumps and a wall etc, and in places we have mud and puddles which are GREAT!
So yesterday Murphy and I were outside he was playing in the puddle, he likes to pounce on them, with his front feet, he has a large white ruff around his neck which is getting bigger as he is getting older (he will soon be 2) so all the dirt gets caught in it, oh he looked so funny....well I thought so anyway.
Well while he was doing this I was looking in the snow for all the things that I had buried out there this winter, I can't find any of them. I wanted to find my Kong Wubba monkey, but then I remembered I was playing tug with Mum and its face fell off, Mum was not happy as I had only had it 3 weeks, and I was very poorly for 10 days of this, so it went in the big bin. I guess the animal in the blue scarf has taken the rest of my homemade dog treats though. You see Mum made me some and I had to bury them or break my teeth, so now I am on the look out for an animal with a blue scarf and no teeth. Sorry Mum! I suppose it is good that Mum saw us with Dads keys the other day, but they would have been fun to hide. Although the animal in my Blue scarf with no teeth driving Dads truck is probably not so good.
Well there I was on top of my ever decreasing mountain when I remembered ........ I have a hiding place for me. Off I went to the edge of the deck and yes there it was the snow had gone from there so it was like a magic cave door way waiting for me. I got down into the position I would not do for Mum "the bow" position and wiggled. I could only get my head in, not even my shoulders, I came out and checked it over, no there were no obstructions, so I tried again. NO way I wiggled and wiggled and could not get my shoulders in. I know last year they had to take all the sides off to get me out, but its not as bad as when Murphy gets on the roof, NO they would never block it off. So I tried pulling and digging, its no use I can't get in. At this point I was aware that some one was watching me, I looked around and there was Mum looking out the window with a smile that seemed to be saying "Yes sweetie, your backside does look big in that" How very rude, so now I have to decide has the hole shrunk in the snow, or did the peeps block it off while I was asleep. I can think of no other explanation. I am now 7 Months old I should be able to work this out.
When we came in Mum gave Murphy a good wipe down with the towel as he was covered in mud and he looked real pleased, so while she wrestled him I ran around the house to clean my feet on the carpets so she would not have to do it.I am sure she appreciated it a lot because she has been playing new games with me inside, she was working on the old one "sit" and I have learnt new tricks like go left, and which hand is the treat in, that's not a tough one for me but it keeps them happy. I thought I may look for a book on how to train your Peeps later, but to be honest it seems to be instinctive so far so I will wait and see.
Any tips welcome, and has anyone else had the same problem with things shrinking in the snow?
Speak later


March 13th - One wet day does not a soggy dog make!

March 13th 2013 6:21 am
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We were inside a lot yesterday as it was raining all day and the ground that was white is now MUD thick and wet just the way I like it. The cats don't and I don't think Mum does to much either but I would have been happy rolling around, digging and splashing.
Well in answer to what would my Peeps be. Mum would have to be a crystal ball, you see I decided that yesterday when laying thinking about it. Mum was doing that thing again where she irons creases out. I still see no point to that, because its like only pulling the top sheet on the bed, whats underneath is still rumpled. But there she was ironing I am thinking and then there came a crash, and without even looking up she said "oh No Murphy what have you done now" and I thought WOW she has some magic powers to know that. Anyway off she went straight to the room he was in. There he was sitting looking at her as if nothing had happened. She gave a big sigh and said "If you throw your food bowls in the bin how will you get fed" He gave her that "wasn't me look" and off she went. I think it was him though, but I am not telling him that.
So thats Mum sorted now what would Dad be.........


Tuesday 12th March

March 12th 2013 6:01 am
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Good day to you all
I hope everyone is well. Thank you very much for making me one of the Diary of the Day, who ever knew that "what Murphy, Ash and I did would be so interesting"
Things here on the mountain are fairly quiet, we had a good day. Mum took me for a walk part way into the day that was good, the snow is getting lower so she is getting faster. At least she is not falling over as much, which is not such a good thing as it means I don't get to jump on her and lick her, that makes her laugh a lot. In fact I don't know way she gets up at all seeing as we are both having such fun. She also found Dad's sunglasses, he lost them out his pocket when he walked me the other day. She found them because I had not hidden them, I know she thinks she will find that scarf, but she wont. Later Mum made me my ice cream so that is also very good I L O V E my ice cream hmmmmmmm yummmy! My paws get a little bit cold trying to control the cup but it is well worth it.
Murph was good, no really. Once he got over the first morning madness he was good. Ash as always was good, I don't know if he has ever done anything bad, he has a glow about him, which is different. If we are poorly it is Ash who looks after us, he brings toys and lays close, he will even bring the peeps if he thinks we need it. He had a very bad start in life and it makes him different from Murph and I, who to be fair so far have never seen a bad person. Ash would be a Zen master if he were a person, full of calmness and wisdom. I of course would be a model full of grace and beauty, and Murph would be a small boy with dirty knees and a frog in his pocket, probably he would have a bit of string in his other pocket and a twinkle in his eye also.
But what would my peeps be if they were animals.........I will have to give this some thought. Let me know if you have any ideas.
Speak later
Pen and the gang.

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