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Penny A Puppy with Lyme

14th March - I just don't understand it

March 14th 2013 5:49 am
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Hi everyone
All the rain yesterday has had a big effect on the snow. We now have tree stumps and a wall etc, and in places we have mud and puddles which are GREAT!
So yesterday Murphy and I were outside he was playing in the puddle, he likes to pounce on them, with his front feet, he has a large white ruff around his neck which is getting bigger as he is getting older (he will soon be 2) so all the dirt gets caught in it, oh he looked so funny....well I thought so anyway.
Well while he was doing this I was looking in the snow for all the things that I had buried out there this winter, I can't find any of them. I wanted to find my Kong Wubba monkey, but then I remembered I was playing tug with Mum and its face fell off, Mum was not happy as I had only had it 3 weeks, and I was very poorly for 10 days of this, so it went in the big bin. I guess the animal in the blue scarf has taken the rest of my homemade dog treats though. You see Mum made me some and I had to bury them or break my teeth, so now I am on the look out for an animal with a blue scarf and no teeth. Sorry Mum! I suppose it is good that Mum saw us with Dads keys the other day, but they would have been fun to hide. Although the animal in my Blue scarf with no teeth driving Dads truck is probably not so good.
Well there I was on top of my ever decreasing mountain when I remembered ........ I have a hiding place for me. Off I went to the edge of the deck and yes there it was the snow had gone from there so it was like a magic cave door way waiting for me. I got down into the position I would not do for Mum "the bow" position and wiggled. I could only get my head in, not even my shoulders, I came out and checked it over, no there were no obstructions, so I tried again. NO way I wiggled and wiggled and could not get my shoulders in. I know last year they had to take all the sides off to get me out, but its not as bad as when Murphy gets on the roof, NO they would never block it off. So I tried pulling and digging, its no use I can't get in. At this point I was aware that some one was watching me, I looked around and there was Mum looking out the window with a smile that seemed to be saying "Yes sweetie, your backside does look big in that" How very rude, so now I have to decide has the hole shrunk in the snow, or did the peeps block it off while I was asleep. I can think of no other explanation. I am now 7 Months old I should be able to work this out.
When we came in Mum gave Murphy a good wipe down with the towel as he was covered in mud and he looked real pleased, so while she wrestled him I ran around the house to clean my feet on the carpets so she would not have to do it.I am sure she appreciated it a lot because she has been playing new games with me inside, she was working on the old one "sit" and I have learnt new tricks like go left, and which hand is the treat in, that's not a tough one for me but it keeps them happy. I thought I may look for a book on how to train your Peeps later, but to be honest it seems to be instinctive so far so I will wait and see.
Any tips welcome, and has anyone else had the same problem with things shrinking in the snow?
Speak later


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Barked by: Flicka ~ CGC (Dogster Member)

March 14th 2013 at 7:43 am

Growing Girl....

A few other things will "shrink" too !
Barked by: Buddy (Dogster Member)

March 14th 2013 at 11:01 am

I am having the same problem, Penny! Don't understand why some of these things are "shrinking", but I am almost 1 year old, so I will figure this out. I blame mom for shrinking some things in our house. I used to be able to crawl under the futon and under the bed, and it was nice to go there and have a snooze. For some reason I got stuck trying to go under the bed the other day, and mom laughed so hard, I thought she would never stop! Rude!
Barked by: Penny (Dogster Member)

March 14th 2013 at 11:19 am

Hey Buddy my Buddie
These Peeps can be very Rude.
My Dad said with us for entrainment who needs TV.....he means the place flat people live on the wall! .......But I bet he still watches it tonight will I sleep!!!

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