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January 29th 2013 8:32 am
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today my baby girl has started to show her personality. Very happy little girl. she was running around playing a lot today. Shes starting to be more confident and coming off the couch and more roming the house with me. She has been doing great with the pee pads in case there is an accident, but shes doing great outside.

i take her out and she goes. seems the only time the pee pads are being used is if she has to go right away. she runs right to them and goes. Saves accidents on my floor.

The breeder has taught her very well so far and took great care of her. I'm amazed and pleazed. I waited for a long time and I think I did right and foudn the perfect memember to join my home and be part of my family. I love her so much. shes just so adorable..

oh and she just doesnt leave my side. its so cute.


not fully sure but might have a name

February 4th 2013 6:50 am
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so far we might be thinking of Kiara Starlight Moon as a name for the little girl. Husband not fully on it just yet but the rest of the family is LOL.

Her personality is starting to finally show and man does she want her way LOL. a true princess at heart. she is royalty all around LOL. Hahahaha.

she looks so cute when shes running its like she has a hard time holding her head up in full speed. you see her arms flying and shes running real high but this head is stuck all the way back like your head does when the car goes to fast all a sudden. ITS TEH CUTEST THING EVER...

house training is going great. thank goodness.

she doesnt like to be left alone tho, so thats hard when you have to go somewhere and she doesnt like to be in a room by herself. :( but what dog or person does... :)


baby girl is recovering from her spay

April 10th 2013 6:13 am
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baby girl has been spayed and has recovered very well. the girl didnt even act like she was spayed. the next day shes trying to jump off the couch, run around and chase the kids. i had to keep her confind, which she does not like very much just to let her heal. Shes like stiches, what stiches mommy. i know my belly itches see i'm gonna try and itch it. but stiches na, i'm bouncing like a rabbit see. nothing wrong with me. im strong as can be.

so saturday will be her 10th day, hopefully she will get eh okay and be able to run around in the yard and enjoy this beautiful sun rolling around and sprinting across the yard with her tongue hanging out.LOL..

and i bet she will be happy to have that cone off her head. :)

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