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They said I'm Crazy


April 28th 2013 2:04 pm
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I admit it.

Not all of my largeness is just fur. I'm actually pretty large, even under my coat. You can't really feel my ribs, and I weigh about, oh, well, more than I should. You know. Actually, mom's goal is for me to lose ten pounds. Wow. Embarrassing.

Mom has been bugging me about it. WHAT!? I'm sorry I wasn't born with the genetic makeup of a freaking sighthound. I can't help it Grandpa and Grandma give me so many treats. Pshhhh, whatever.

Mama has decided that we gotta do something about it. One of the great things about getting your parents on board with a weight loss plan is that they play with you more! We've been going on walks, playing fetch, chasing things, exploring... it is so much fun! I might not even miss the extra treats!


Tail Hairs

February 9th 2013 6:22 pm
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You may already know this, but I'm not really a *huge* fan of grooming.

You probably didn't know this, but I HATE having my tail messed with or touched or stepped on. I had it stepped on too many times as a pup, and to this day I'm very defensive of it.

Also, I am a Sheltie. I have really long, thick, hair. ESPECIALLY on my tail. My mom measured my tail hairs once and said that they were seven and eight inches long in some places. What!? And it's really course, tangly hair, much tanglier than my other hair.

Those facts all combine to make my tail upkeep the most difficult task known in the universe!

So, my mom cut my tail hair. She cut it it to about four inches long all around (it looks dumb in my humble opinion, but whatever), and brushed it out really thoroughly. Then, she put all the hair on it into a little ponytail. She did it as a joke, but since I didn't mind it, she left it on.

Mom said she has no plans of making this a permanent "thing" for me. I have to say, I'm pretty glad. It's not uncomfortable, but it's really ugly.


Lazy Days

February 7th 2013 6:28 pm
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Traditionally, one would write a Diary entry on a day when something fun or exciting happened. I have decided, for the love of writing, to break that tradition.

Today is Thursday. Thursday is one of the days that my Mom goes to school. She goes twice a week. These are my designated "Lazy Days". You see, on these days, my Mom's parents (they refuse to be called my grandparents...) are for the most part in charge of my care. They feed me, make sure I have water and... put me outside for the rest of the day until Mama gets home. Unless the weather is bad or something.

I'll snitch on Mom and tell you, she never walks me or even runs around the house with me on those days. But you know what? I have grown to love lazy days, if for nothing other than the fact that Mom's parents feed me as if I were a Saint Bernard. Well, that's kind of a stretch, but you get what I mean.

I'm sure Mom would have you believe that she's all ultra-fitness, healthy-diet, no-pain-no-gain, etc. but don't be fooled. She takes her fair share of days off!


What a great day!

February 3rd 2013 7:54 am
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I logged into Dogster today planning to write about how fantastic I'm feeling right now. And what do you know! I discover that I'm the diary of the day! And I just joined Dogster a few days ago! I feel so welcome, thank you guys so much! THANK YOU!

I've got a lot of things going for me right now. Yesterday, my Mom went dog-stuff-shopping. She came home with two five pound bags of dog food, Dogswell Nutrisca and Merrick ( and they were on sale... that made Mama happy for some reason...). I'm not a fan of the flavor of grainy foods like Merrick but I've been DESTROYING that Nutrisca! So good!

And, on the topic of food, I had lamb Primal raw this morning. Mom forgot we had any left, but she found it in the freezer yesterday! Also, she got me some cheesy treats yesterday!

Moving on, Mom also bought me an easy walk harness and some dog cologne. The main problem with these two things is that they're GIRL'S! Seriously, the harness is pink and the cologne is girly scented. Oh well, whatever. I don't care. I got food!

I've been having fun, too. Yesterday Mom and played hide and seek for a long time. She says I'm not good at it, but I'm just going easy on her so she doesn't feel bad. She said she's going to teach me a new trick soon! Ooooh, I wonder what it is?

So, yeah, I'm feeling pretty happy today. I hope you all feel the same way!


Matted fur...

February 1st 2013 3:07 pm
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I've heard people say that grooming is a good bonding exercise between parent and pet.

Now, don't get me wrong ( I love my Mom! ) but I don't think our grooming sessions really make either of us feel all warm and cuddly inside.
Maybe I would enjoy them more if they didn't involve nail cutting and ear cleaning.

Nonetheless, I'm glad for them.

I had some mats that Mom got out today. They were mostly behind my ears, and around where my harness sits. They weren't very painful to remove. Mom poked me with the scissors once accidentally, but that's as bad as it got.

I can't help but think about this little poodle that came to our house once. I hated it. But mom liked it. It was covered with mats and he looked really ugly, not to mention really sad and in pain.

So, doggies, especially Poodle doggies and other furry doggies, remember to not get mad when your parents try to comb you. At least they're not letting you be swallowed by your own knotty messes of hair.

And, parents? Be responsible. Letting a dog get matted to the point of being miserable is mean and dumb. Bye now ^_^



January 31st 2013 10:08 am
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I guess I joined at *just* the right time to experience a few hiccups in the system. You know, that problem with the photos not uploading properly? So I had no photos. It was kind of sad. I had a very complete, lovely page. Mama filled out all of my little quirks and personality traits, and I even wrote my first diary entry. She and I really had a lot of fun doing it!

But no pictures.

Until this morning! Yay!

Mom checked for me earlier, and she was really happy to see that the photos she'd uploaded were now appearing! Except she had uploaded them blind and accidentally posted one twice.

So, yes, I feel like my Dogster page is now presentable and I'm on my way to having a great stay here. Bye now, gotta post some pretty pictures of yours truly :P


Chubby Puppy's Dogster Debut

January 28th 2013 9:15 am
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Okay, I have to be honest with you guys. I had a Dogster account before. I deleted it a year or so ago.

I don't know why. I guess I was feeling blue. I lost the spark. I fell into a spell of apathy. In any case, I just wasn't feeling so much doggy joy.

I let myself go since my Dogster days, guys. I used to be somebody. I was fit, ripped, and athletic. I was filled with youthful energy, personality, and attractiveness. But as the years dragged on, I got a little chubby and lazy. I think my Mama was disappointed in me. More than that, she thought herself a bad dog mom. She blamed herself (as she probably should have).

And so, Mama gave me an ultimatum. Get back into the game and get fit and beautiful again, or she'll never let me have people food as a kibble topper again! What? So this crazy woman plans to starve me into submission? I say animal cruelty (Because kibble is not food. You know no dog wants to survive on that stuff. They eat it out of necessity!).

So, yes, it is of utmost importance that I get my attractive figure back. Exercise, smaller portions, and better food, and maybe I'll be able to lose weight and be fabulous again!

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