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Two Sisters Who are Loved

We're home!

January 23rd 2013 1:41 pm
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Behati: I am taken into the arms of the most cuddly big weird looking god that walks on two paws, they call him Chino, he also talks in weird noises, not in whimpers or barks. He is the cuddliest person I have felt such far. He is warm, and loving, I can feel his energy. I am scared though. Where is my mommy and siblings? He puts me in this giant moving thing, and that is even scarier. Soon we arrive to a new place, different smells, but the energy is calming. I am put infront of another weird looking Dog with no fur. He is asleep. I lick him to see what he is like. He taste sweet. He opens his eyes and, our eyes met. I love him! I am still scared though, no siblings in sight. I am so tiny, i am only 6 weeks, where is my mommy, where are my siblings. I spend the day sleeping, and a bit confused with all the changes. I only know the measure of the day, based on the 6 weeks of life, I had had, today seems like a long long day. The big weird dog with no hair, is being called Alex, I sense the leader, but the other big dog who brought me here also seems like a leader, so I am confused, i think they are going to dual it out to see whom I will follow, otherwise, maybe I can be the leader. They pick me up again, and I am taking into this moving device, they keep saying "Car" "Going in car". Alex steps out and leaves me in the lap of this other weird dog he calls Grizzy. I am in her lap, cuddling myself, then a familiar sent. Alex hands over one of my sisters to grizy, I instantly feel happy, and just lay my head upon her as the car moves forward. Once we get "home" as they keep calling it, I jump around in excitement, my sister is here, my sister is here, another normal looking dog that is tall and talks on two legs. My sister goes into shy mode, I go to her and lick her and jump on her, telling her, we are ok, we are ok. She seems confused with all the new smells, we find a spot and we snuggle back to sleep. I sleep with the biggest smile to date. I am home, with some good people and my lovely sister.

Kalilah: I was sleeping and my grama picks me up and my sisters up and tells us,lets go see who is leaving. I am sad, the last time she did that, 3 of my littermates disappered. What will happen this time, I am the tiniest of them at only 2lbs. I see someone who introduces himself as Alex, his eyes meet mine, I feel safe in his arm, he says, "She is the one." He takes me into what they call "Car" and lays me on the lap of the girl they call Griz. She smells like "green" stuff. My sister is there!! She lays her head on me, and we fall asleep. We arrive to "Home" a new place, it smells differnt, but it is warm, and I can smell that my sister has been there. She is happy, jumping around, exciting me to play, but I am not sure what is going on. She seems to happy, but where is Mommy and the rest? I fall asleep in a safe warm corner, with my sister. When I wake up, I realize, this is a good place. I try to wake up my sister to tell her, I am ready to play. Lets have some fun! But she is sleepy. I realize, there is nothing to worry. Chilen (Chino and Alex) come over to pay us a visit, I can tell, they are going to take good care of us.


Shot...shot...shots...maybe not.

January 23rd 2013 1:48 pm
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Behati: So our responsible daddies, wanted to make sure we are healthy, and look up, its a mobile clinic that goes to Petco and offers discounted shots. They have a puppy package for $50 dollar. Which includes all 6 shots and de-wormer. We make our way to the place, realizing we had mis-read the time, and now we were running behind and trying to make it before they close. We arrive with time to be seen and wait. We are both sleeping in the basket, Kalilah says: "Hey we are puppies, give us a break". When the nurse comes to us, he tells us, we are too young for shots, we are only 6.5 weeks. Ooops!! Doh'. We have to come back. However, we are not too young for the worming food they put down our mouth. Kalilah: "How Rude". When it was time to pay for the deworming medicine, Daddy Chino did not have his wallet, because we were rushing! Double Oops! We asked if we could come back and pay, but they said, We close in 15 minutes, and we lived 15 minutes away. Daddy Alex realizes, Connie the allergic rommate, is home, maybe she could find your card, give you the numbers and do an electronic payment. Hooray, he saved the day. So we went back home to watch the Texans game, they lost, boo :-(/


Life is good

February 5th 2013 10:03 am
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Hi all.

I'm glad to report, that we are doing very well. We love our forever home and the fact that we are in each other company.

I know daddies did some research on littermate syndrome, and it became a concern. However, the focus wont be on how one of us might be smarter than the other, or dependent.

We are both unique, and have our own personalities. Our intelligence is also part of our personalities, we are both smart little girls, curious about the world around us.

Our potty training is coming along, we realized that when daddies take us outside, we are supposed to be, so everytime we go outside we pee and we ge praised, we love the praise.

However, sometimes daddy doesnt take us out, cause but he lays around these pads, so we potty on that. On a few occassions, we do have accidents, but daddy doesnt tell us anything unless he sees us doing it.

My sister and I have very different personalities. Myself (Behati) have very much puppy qualities, which is what daddy says. He notices that I am curious, always sniffing around, going under couches, jumping from place to place, i love to follow my daddies around, i love to jump on their bed and lay next to them, i am constantly running around, chasing after my sister, exciting her to play with me, I am super playful, if my sister is around, I will run into her like a bull, I sometimes let her beat me when we play but most of the time, I can pin her since I am 1.lbheavier.

Kalilah, is more cat personality, she is very prissy, she has moments of burst of energy, but mostly you will find her just laying down in her princess bed, she loves to play with water, so digs into the water bowl all the time, so if our water bowl is full, Kalila will make sure to empty it out with her paws. She also talks a lot more, especially when she wants attention, she will start gnarly. She also loves to sleep on her own, at the foot of daddies, or in her crate. Mostly, she is good with one good chew toy, but she always steals the new toys that Behati finds.


12 Weeks this Friday!

February 18th 2013 11:52 am
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So we will be officially 3 months old this Friday. Time for our second set of booster shots. We are lot bigger than daddy expected us to be, since our mommy is a toy poodle.

Behati is weighing in at 8lbs and Kalilah is weighing in at 6 lbs. A lot of research on the internet suggest that we will be twice our 12 week old weight, which means, Behati will be a chunky monkey at 16lbs and Kalilah will be a pudgy pudge at 12lbs. Will we still be considered toy breeds? Regardless, our daddies love us, especially, cause we are just big fluffy balls.

Daddy is going to start making more of an effort to train us with commands, currently, Behati can Sit, but Kalilah, will only sit if her sister is not around to distract her. Oh Oh, litermatesyndrome??

We did take our first trip to the dog park, i know, a lot of y'all think, we shouldnt have cause we dont have our booster shots, but this park is super clean, it is fenced in, and the dogs that go visit it have very responsible parents, plus daddies made sure we did not eat any poop, they just wanted us to start socializing and coming around more dogs, since we spend most of our days with each other and humans.

What we found is that, we definitely need to start hanging around with more dogs! We were a bit scared of dogs, but also a bit curious but mostly scared! But, when we saw a human, we jumped for joy and followed them.

Overall, not a bad experience at the dog park, and Im sure with more visits, especially after we are fully vaccinated, we will learn to play with other dogs, instead of being scared of them.

Our potty is as good as can be, yes, there are accidents inside, but the weather where we live has been crazy, one day is freezing, the next its beautiful, then its wet and rainy, that it hinders our potty training. The good thing is, that we know, that the best place for us to potty is definitely outside!

Life is good!! We hate being left alone, but are learning to trust, that daddies always come back.



March 7th 2013 10:49 am
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Hello all!

Life is food at 3 months old. We got our second round of shots, can't wait to get our final set so we can go meet more puppy pals.

So I wanted to share something scary but real. Puppy kidnapping. We are lucky enough to have a nice big fenced back yard, but we love to explore. so we found a way to get to the front yard. Luckily daddy figures this out m has blocked our escape. Our front neighbor told us to be very cautious in ensuring we don't get out of the back yard. He is a very vigilant man and has observed cara that drive around and pick up puppies up the street. Usually based on the type of dog they determine its fate. They use some to train pit bulls for fighting and others they breed to make more pitbull fighting tools. How scary,

We are going to keep an eye out and hopefully these tainted humans are caught we pray they have. Change of heart and stop this animal cruelty,


Cuban and French!

March 13th 2013 9:26 pm
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So for awhile daddy has been trying to figure out what type of breed we are. Obviously, most doggy parents know, before they adopt but others, end up with a mix breed. That is our case, our Mama is a Poodle, but who was our daddy? We never got a clear answer. But after much research and comparison, daddy feels we might be Cuban girls, Havenese...or more importantly...Havapoos.

We are both sisters, but we dont look alike. We are big balls of fluff, just waddling our way. When we get our baths, we are tiny.

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