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Doing the Rumba

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Must be summer -

May 12th 2005 11:03 am
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Cause Mummy bought me a soft ice today. Hurrah!


Happy May Day!

April 30th 2005 7:34 am
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It's Vappu today, also known as May Day or Labour Day. This morning Mum and Dad took me to this wonderful island where I could run around and play on the beach. I'm quite dirty again, but what the heck, I had tons of fun! My folks are thinking of getting us a holiday home there on the island, so keep your paws crossed, I would love it there!

This vappu business means the house is full of colorful decorations like balloons and serpentine. There's also some special food, which is always good news! But why oh why does Mum and Dad have to be vegetarians, I bet all the other dogs get frankfurters today! That's not fair, it's pure EVIL!

Well, I'm off to eat some donuts (at least I get to have something good), have a great Vappu and don't drink too much! (All you Finns out there will know what I mean)



April 11th 2005 11:16 am
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I hate it. Period.

I need to shower AGAIN? Holy moly. That little wrestling match was a very bad idea indeed. Okay okay, I'm coming... *sigh*


I'm back!

March 29th 2005 9:49 am
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Just got back from my winter hols.
I had a lovely winter break at Grandad's in the countryside. I was there for two and half weeks, and it was fab! Unlike Mum and Dad, Grandad doesn't go to work, so we can do all kinds of fun things all day. Mum says he's retired, that's why. Why won't Mum retire also?

We went ice fishing almost every day, and I helped Grandad a lot. I mean, someone needs to keep an eye on those fish, otherwise they might escape. Grandad was too busy lifting the little fishes up. Also, they have a kitten that needs a lot of tending, and my doggie friend Piku wasn't helping out at all, she says they are friends. Friends with a CAT!!! Thank gawd I was there to sort things out.

Mum and Dad came back yesterday, and even though I had a lovely time at Grandad's, it was great seeing them again. I wish they will soon retire and we can all live at Grandad's and do all this great stuff every day!


What a weekend!

February 27th 2005 11:05 am
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This weekend has been great! Actually I've been having fun almost nonstop since Thursday evening. My friend Bava and I then had our first walk on the ice - I mean the sea has now iced over and is safe to walk on. Mummy took us there for a lovely run quite late in the evening, and there was no-one else to be seen. It was also full moon, and Mummy kept on saying how beautiful it was - and it was kind of magical!

On Friday I was assisting Mum at her office, and in the evening I was invited to meet new friends of Dad's. They were really nice and had pizza, and that Juha guy was so great. Sometimes new people don't understand what a boxer needs, but he was clever enough to give me plenty of pizza! I think after meeting me he's going to get a boxer in no time!

Yesterday and today we've had lovely family walks around Helsinki archipelago. It's so great to have tons more space to run around! And guess who I met today!!! My very dear friend Umberto, a handsome fawn boxer boyfriend of mine I haven't seen IN A YEAR! It was absolutely fab seeing him again, and boy did we have a lot of fun! His head had mysteriously grown, though. Mum said it's completely normal when boys grow up, but don't you think that's WEIRD???


Shrove equals buns!

February 7th 2005 10:48 am
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All these winter carnivals are so much fun! On Saturday we celebrated the start of the shrovetide by going to meet my boyfriend Hubert at their new home in the country - and guess what we brought along! SHROVE BUNS!!! It's this most delicious sweet bun with some almond paste and whipped cream inside... *slurp* It's tasty beyond your wildest dreams! By the way, Hubert's place was awesome. There was so much snow everywhere, and we got to play outside all afternoon.That Hubert sure is a lucky fellow to live in a place like that! Maybe I get to stay over when Mum and Dad travel the next time.

Yesterday, it was Shrove Sunday with the snow carnival in the park. Someone had made a huge snowman even I couldn't knock over. I mean, that guy was big! But guess what - his nose, a carrot, fell down, and I ate it! Mum and Dad tried to catch me to put it back, but I was too clever for them, ha! Snowmen of the world, unite and donate noses!

Tomorrow it's Shrove Tuesday, and I hope we will go to the park and celebrate some more. First we will go sleigh riding, and afterwards the traditional food - green pea soup, barbecued sausages and pancakes will be served. Maybe I will even get to taste some more buns, keep your fingers crossed!


My new "winter coat"

January 22nd 2005 4:05 am
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Everyone keeps telling me I have such a beautiful new winter coat! By that they mean my new, thick fur. Mum says I got it because I'm in such good health at the moment, and I guess that's a bonus! This white, soft coat is very elegant, and it sure is easier for me to wrestle when I don't have to wear that red and black version all the time!


Merry Christmas, everyone!

December 24th 2004 1:45 am
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It's Christmas! Santa is coming in the evening, how exciting! When is he coming? Anytime soon? How many more hours? What about now? What's the time now? Did I just hear his sleigh? Must go!!!

Merry Christmas, all fellow Dogsterers!!!

Love, Rumba


Mummy's Little Helper here

December 19th 2004 2:35 pm
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Mum and I have been baking like mad today!
First of all, we made an English fruitcake. The dough had some rum in it, so I didn't get to eat a lot. After that, it got better; the second was a Christmas date cake. That was paw-lickin' good! I mean the dough. I haven't tasted the actual cake yet, Mummy tells me we need to store it as it gets more moist each day, and that makes it even better. If it tasted heavenly today, how good is it going to be in the end, I wonder!
Then we made some traditional Finnish Christmas pies that are shaped like a star. The latest, but not the leastest, was spicy gingerbread cookies. That dough will need to be chilled overnight, so the good news is there's going to be more baking on the cards tomorrow!
Mum said I'm the best helper there is because I was right by her side during the whole process. HELLO! I got to lick all the bowls, so where else could I be???


Happy Independence Day, Finland!

December 6th 2004 1:32 pm
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It's the Finnish Independence Day today! It's a public holiday so we got to sleep late and do all sorts of things we usually do on weekends.
Tonight, we will light up two candles for every window and then we celebrate. Mum has cooked me the best dinner ever - chicken risotto! I got to taste it and it was absolutely delicious! Mum and Dad are preparing a Southern Indian feast - do they think we are Indian? This is FINNISH independence day, for crying out loud! They are SO silly!

We will also play hide (the biscuit) and seek which is very exciting!
I'm happy that we're independent and get to celebrate like this every year!

All my independent doggies
Throw them paws up at me!

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